Deluxe Barn Find: 1960 Cadillac Eldorado

Many of the late 50’s to early 60’s Cadillacs are quite memorable, and sought after machines. This 1960 Eldorado looks to have been cooped up in a barn for quite a while, but this Caddy does appear to be relatively complete. Offered for $10,000 you can find it here on AllCollectorCars out of San Diego, California.

The 390 V8 is a bit dusty, but the engine is quite complete. There is still a lot of blue paint remaining so I would guess at some point that this Cadillac was well taken care of. No information is listed with this car so the mileage and condition of this car and its components are unknown.

A bit dry, but appearing to be complete, the interior looks like it would be a good start for a restoration. Or perhaps this could be a parts interior for a nice Eldorado missing a few key details. The front bench is well dried as the leather has split, and the padding has broken down over time. If it wasn’t for that detail and the badly damaged center arm rest, the upholstery would look to be in reasonable condition for a 59 year old car. The headliner is still in place and looks quite nice. With a few minor flaws, the dash and steering wheel are in fair shape as well.

The state of the exterior is a bit of a mix as there appears to be a few small areas of original paint, many areas with primer and sanding marks, and the obvious surface rust. Much of the exterior trim has been removed, and even the grill has been pulled off. I would guess that someone was starting to make some moves on getting the body prepped for paint. There is rot along the top of the quarter under that would have been hidden by the trim. You will also find rot in the rear finish panels near the rear bumper/taillight area. The roof is a bit questionable as there are marks on the roof that are either from body filler, or perhaps adhesive remnants from a vinyl top? I am more inclined to believe it to be filler. In the trunk you will find the grill, and a quite a bit of exterior trim, so this Cadillac may actually be a very complete machine. Would you make a move on this Eldorado project?


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  1. JBP

    what is with that Roof? there is something at the rear window..

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    • Steve Dan

      It’s the ghost of your ten grand burning up in smoke for a $6500 overpriced caddy.

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      • Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

        My apologies to everyone at “BarnFinds”. I was thinking of the 59 Eldorado when I mentioned a thick chrome piece on the sides. In actuality, the 60 has thin chrome strips, basically outlining where the 59 chrome was. But still, I can’t find any holes on the side of this Cadillac which would indicate it’s an Eldorado.
        I’ve said my piece.

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    • JimmyinTEXAS

      Looks like it may have had a vinyl roof on it at one time. It also looks like something might have fallen on it on the driver’s side rear roof area!!! YIKES

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  2. Bob_S

    If that is an Eldorodo it should have three duces and not a 4 barrel carb, i.e. a Q code engine.


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  3. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    Also Bob, if it were an Eldorado, it would have the 1959 “button” grill between the trunk and bumper, not the smooth ribbed grill of the 60 de Ville. And the side molding trim would be a think chrome piece starting at the vent windows on the door down to the rear bottom taillights and across the bottom of the rear quarter and rocker panels.
    This car is no more an Eldorado than I am a Vegas showgirl!

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  4. pwtiger

    Even if you took it 30 miles south for a TJ restoration you would be under water quick…

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  5. Bob McK Member

    I do see the holes in the body where the Eldorado trim attached, but looking at the pictures, I am not assured that the pieces exist in the trunk. Finding them will be hard. The last set of used 60 Eldorado trim pieces were $15,000. I am not sure why they have included pictures of 1980’s Cadillac wire wheel covers. I know a fair amount about these 60 Cadillacs. Without a personal inspection and proof that this is an Eldorado, I would walk the other way.

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  6. Rob

    First time I’ve seen “Patina” as a color.

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  7. Andrew Franks

    I agree with many of the above remarks and would pass on the car as an El Dorado except for the interior, which is not production 60s Coupe DeVille. Yes, it could have been swapped at some point. In any event, it’s a $4500.00 car. You will be North of $50,000. to make it decent.

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  8. Oldog4tz Oldog4tz Member

    Not to mention the Mexican plates. Title issues anyone?

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    • Miguel

      That plate is a border plate. That means it was an American car driving in the Mexican border area.

      FRONT on the plate means Frontera.

  9. CCFisher

    Interesting find. A 1960 Eldorado Seville would have had a vinyl roof covering, which could explain the irregularities on the roof. Side trim would have been two thin strips running from the vent wing to the rear bumper. One strip blended into the bumper and rocker panel trim, the other circled back and ran along the rocker panel. The holes for this trim are visible on the driver’s side, and I believe some of the trim is still present on the passenger side.

    • Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

      Thanks, Bob McK, except, again, I’m viewing this on my smart phone (not so smart, really) and I do not have a “for sale” button.
      Look at the trunk, Bob. There ARE holes for the Cadillac Crest and “V”. The Eldorado did not have that. It had the word “Eldorado” spelled out on the chrome trim at the bottom of the trunk.
      I’m pretty well versed in Cadillacs. That’s why I’m the Cadillac Diva. So I’m telling you, from the pictures I have, this is not an Eldorado. At most, it is a $3000 Coupe de Ville that needs a lot of work.

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      • CCFisher

        Seems to me that the only point of contention is the trunk lid and rear trim. Perhaps the trunk lid was swapped out with a Coupe deVille item at some point?

  10. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    Ya’ll must be looking at these pictures on a large screen monitor. I’m not a member (yet) so I have limited photos and only on my phone. I did, however, enlarge the picture to look for the trim holes on the driver’s side and could not find any, hence my comments on the trim. ( In my original answer I misspelled thick….. it came out think). But I did see the holes for the Cadillac emblem on the trunk…… Which the Eldorado did not have. In it’s place was the word “Eldorado” on the chrome strip at the bottom of the trunk.
    I’m telling you this is not an Eldorado.

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    • Miguel

      Angel , look at both rear quarters.

      It does have the Eldorado wrap around trim.

      The VIN would put this debate to rest.

  11. Bob McK Member

    Angel, if you click on the for sale link, you will see the pictures they are talking about. That will help you a lot in the future.

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  12. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    yep…not an Eldo or it would be gone……..

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    • Miguel

      Not really. This car needs everything.

      I would shy away from this at that price.

      You would be better to find a complete running car for $20,000 or $25,000. You would be way ahead of the game.

  13. TimM

    I think from what I’m reading that there’s a squirrel selling a want a be eldorado!!!

  14. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member


    You’re right about that, Miguel. The VIN would definitely help this argument.
    Maybe the trim holes can be seen on a computer or laptop, but, as I’ve said before, right now all I have is my phone. :-(

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