Dennis’s Find Of The Week: 1962 Jaguar XKE

1962 Jaguar E-Type

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It seems like E-Type barn finds have been coming out of the woodwork, or would that be barnwork? That’s alright with me though because I absolutely love the looks of these cars! This one was just recently found by Dennis Collins after being in storage for the past 36 years! It has some issues, like a stuck engine, but it is complete and looks to be very solid. You can have a closer look at this beauty here on eBay in Wylie, Texas with a BIN of $79,800.

1962 Jaguar E-Type Interior

So according to Dennis, this car was given a new paint job in 1980. It wasn’t the best job, but it was done in the original color. While it isn’t show quality now, it doesn’t look to bad, at least in photos. Whoever decided to repaint it also had the seats redone and somehow managed to loose the seat tracks in the process. Rather than find a new set, they just parked the car and left it as an unfinished project.

1962 Jaguar E-Type Engine

Once the car was pulled out of storage, new seat tracks were found and the seats were put back in after being out of the car for nearly 40 years. The interior has some issues, some might call it patina, but could be used as is! The biggest issue I see is the engine, but you might be able to get it running without a full rebuild (Marvel Mystery Oil anyone?). Hopefully it can be made to run, as it is the original numbers matching engine.

1962 Jaguar E-Type Barn Find

At $80k it isn’t cheap for a none running Jag, but this car is in pretty nice shape throughout and would likely clean up extremely well! Plus, Dennis told me that they are looking for offers and will take far less than the asking. So do you think the engine could be freed without tearing it apart or will a full rebuild be in order?

Auctions Ending Soon



    I could have that rascal running before you could say “crumpet”

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  2. Rick

    I passed on a ’66 XKE Coupe back in ’89 for $3.000, it needed paint and interior work and had a tiny bit of rust under the back bumper, but the engine would start up and run rough. Guys from the Jag club came and looked at it, wouldn’t buy it for $3500.

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  3. Jeff

    The heck with Marvel mystery oil, KROIL…. Done.! Thee end

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    • Alan (Michigan )

      Kano Labs make the best stuff!

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  4. TriPowerVette

    Gee… a NEW 3lt Corvette convertible, w/460H.P. and a 7-speed manual transmission, A/C, Bose, etc… or a 50+ year old, 4-speed (no synchro on 1st) 6-cyl coupe (admittedly, stunningly beautiful, but the new Corvette is no bag of rocks, either) with a stuck engine, mediocre paint and so-so interior… decisions, decisions…

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    • Alan (Michigan)

      Hello, C7 !

      Jag what?


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  5. YellowjaxMember

    Or you could buy 4 perfect triumph GT 6’s. Or 7 good ones in different colors for everyday of the week.

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  6. Bob-S

    Well it doesn’t look bad but the price is high for a late 62 coupe. Now if it was a flat floor then it might be worth it. As for e-type or a c7 corvette it all depends on what you want….. A depreciating asset or an appreciating asset. The Jaguar would be my choice.😀

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  7. van

    You have to pick and choose corvettes from 1955 – 1967 to find great cars.
    Every jaguar SS-1-90-100, XK-120-140-150-C-D-E, are special. Jaguars don’t require testosterone, you don’t need to know what engine, color, production number.
    What you know is it’s beautiful, it drives as good as the best cars of the time.
    50 years from now these jags will still run, and the electronics on the Vetts will be long dead.

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    • RayT

      It’s hardly worth comparing the two, Van. For me, almost any Jag pushes my buttons, visually and dynamically. I have never driven one I didn’t enjoy (and that includes every postwar model except the C-Type), have never seen one I didn’t want in my collection.

      A first-series E-Type? No-brainer: I want it.

      There’s no doubt the current Corvette is a wonderful car. Faster and more reliable than the E, too. But it doesn’t have anything like the pure visceral, emotional appeal of the Jag for me. So I know which way I’d go!

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  8. Leroy

    Is this Dennis Collins the one from Gas Monkey Garage show?

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    • Harold Wood

      He might be, as if he is he would not be far from where the car was located, its about 25 miles from the Gas Monkey Garage/Bar and Grill to Wylie Tx where the car was at before it sold. I’m about 50 miles from Both Places.

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  9. DolphinMember

    Trying to look beyond those thick black rubber floor mats, which the seller should have removed, this looks like a flat floor ’62. These are now are up to a median paid price at auction of about $126K, with the highest price paid being $346K. With the unrusty underside, that makes this an OK buy at under $80K, maybe much under $80K if the seller takes a lower offer through the Ebay listing.

    Given the amount of rust and neglect and bad treatment so many of these received over the decades, I think you couldn’t want a better car out of long term storage than one like this, especially since there is probably enough room to avoid going under water even after paint, engine work, and other things it needs. Values will likely just keep going up, especially for these early 3-carb cars that are very special to drive.

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  10. Van

    Rule Britannia
    I own a C6 and we baught a D-type with major fire damage. The Jag is minimum 2 years from completion but, if I had to I’d sell the vett first.

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  11. Bob-S

    This is not a flat floor e-type. It is a late 62 3.8 l. So the price is high.

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  12. Doug Kennedy

    This is not an early car with flat floors and the welded in bonnet louvers, let alone the outside latches which command the highest values. My Series 1 FHC preceeds this example’s Car Number (~ VIN) about 90 and the Body Number is close to 90 off as well. The engine, also used in the larger Jaguar sedans, is 240 behind and the Moss transmission is actually about 300 lower number than mine for some reason. My FHC is a May 1962 build. Flat floor versions ended in about February ’62 (FHC Car Number 885503). You can also see in the under car shots near the center resonators that it’s not a flat floor car.

    While it looks pretty solid, I’d be a little surprised if this received near $80K given the amount of recommissioning work required. In some ways I’d be happy (wrt the value of mine) but in others not so much as the investor class starts to snap these up (like 911’s, 930’s, M30’s, etc., etc.) with relatively little interest in seeing them on the road, community, etc.

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  13. Casey

    Flat floors make great garage queens, I’m kinda glad this isn’t one. However you won’t find me dropping 80 large on a non-running coupe, particularly since you could get a nice xk140/150 driver coupe for that. I know they are different cars, but the sex appeal is largely the same and the older cars are built like tanks.

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