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Designer Barn Find: 1979 Lincoln Mark V Bill Blass Edition

The seller of this snazzy two-tone Lincoln is playing coy with the facts (or maybe they simply don’t know), but I won’t: label snobs, we have ourselves a Bill Blass edition here! I’ve written about the Designer Series Marks before, but it’s always fun to revisit them and see the different variations that some of fashion’s biggest names could come up with on the Lincoln theme. This one wears the additional label of “barn find;” you can find it here on eBay out of Troy, New York with a $4,500 buy-it-now.

The Mark IV, V, and VI coupes were each offered in four Designer Editions: Cartier (which was transferred to the Town Car in 1982 and remained its top trim level until 2003), Bill Blass, Givenchy, and Pucci; the Bill Blass edition was popular enough to continue onto the Mark VII and remained available until 1992. The 1979 edition, representing the final year for the truly gargantuan Mark V—the Mark VI shaved fourteen inches and nearly 700 pounds off of its predecessor—capitalized on Blass’s nautical branding, its navy and white two tone bringing to mind a sailor’s striped togs.

The blue and white theme continued inside, with gold monograms visible on the seat buttons. In the case of this car, the white leather is showing its age (sorry, Elon, 25,000 miles isn’t that many—heck, this car only has 47,000—and white leather is tough to keep nice), although the rear seatback doesn’t look bad at all; it’s likely that the rear seat of this personal luxury cruiser was seldom, if ever, used. Like the exterior, the interior looks to be pictured in a pre-cleaning state, however, so some elbow grease could go a long way.

Propelling this tub is a 400 cubic inch V8, the only engine available in ’79 with the discontinuation of the previously optional 460. Horsepower was a measly 166, although 319 lb.-ft. and a torque curve as flat as Kansas made up for it somewhat. Although described as needing restoration, this Mark is a runner.

It’s a looker, too, one that cleans up okay. Still, the major non-Blass option noted, a sunroof, seems to involve a lot of tape, and that nasty spot peeking out below the opera window makes me wonder what other surprises might be lurking under the vinyl roof covering. The seller does note that the frame is “solid.” Knowing that it’s going to need some tailoring and alterations, what do you think—is $4,500 just the price of fashion for this slightly threadbare Mark?


  1. Avatar photo Miguel

    A dirty beat up luxury car is now worth $4500?

    It is a crazy world.

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  2. Avatar photo CanuckCarGuy

    Half the BIN would be too much money, in this condition. Today, most of the ones I see are driven by wanna-be gangsters… I don’t think the value will ever be there on these, which is a shame.

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  3. Avatar photo nrg8

    One shot of that crusty frame shows a crack on the left side of the picture.

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    • Avatar photo Andy

      But, but, but, he said the frame was solid!!!
      Solid what, he did not say…

      Judging by the background in the picture, I would say this looks to be in a part of town you have to be very cautious in during the daytime, and forget about going there after dark…

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  4. Avatar photo Mark S.

    We be pimpin’

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  5. Avatar photo Newport Pagnell Member

    Only if “Bill Blass”? signed the glovebox…

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  6. Avatar photo cyclemikey

    The sad truth is that at this point in time, this car isn’t really worth much of anything. These aren’t rare, and you can buy a pretty nice one with no real needs for not that much (in collector-car-value terms). So, as a collector car, there’s no market for one like this that would cost more to fix up than you could buy a nice one for.

    There’s obviously also no market for it as a driver, given the age and the gas mileage it’s capable of. So I’m afraid this is headed for parts-car status, or to be passed around indefinitely for minimal money and never really brought back from its current state of deterioration. The seller knows this, and is hoping to find some wide-eyed mark.

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  7. Avatar photo glenn woodley

    it looks like its been underwater

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  8. Avatar photo Neil

    A quick peruse just on ebay turned up this one – almost identical, blue interior not white and its in a LOT better condition for US $6,908 approx (Can $9,000)
    Got 36,000 on the clock, 11,000 less than this one. Only issue appears to be sealer or caulking around the base of the vinyl roof on the passenger side?


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  9. Avatar photo Win

    At this point in time, the price is too high. With the cracked frame, $950. Otherwise, $1500 running with back taxes paid up would be a better endpoint.

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  10. Avatar photo Joseph carr

    Several Mark V sold recently at Mecum Dallas for between $3500 and $5000, in incredible condition. Nope this time.

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  11. Avatar photo troy kasick

    Ah ya that’s a solid no and a parts car…. I own this very car with 13k on it and it was my grandmothers with ever receipt and build sheet. Never even in rain or spent a night outside. Id be hard pressed to get 15k$

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