Desirable Series One: 1970 Datsun 240Z Barn Find

Over the years, I’ve learned a thing or two about Datsun Z cars, and one thing is clear: folks love the early model Series 1 cars. You can’t blame them – virtually every first-run of a production vehicle carries a higher price tag – and given how hard a genuine Series 1 is to find, it’s not surprising to see such a following for the earliest versions of the 240Z. This example has been hidden away for several decades, belonging to the seller’s grandfather who socked it away for reasons unknown. While the paint is in sad shape, other details – like the interior with its crack-free dash – are encouraging. Find it here on Facebook Marketplace for $18,500 or best offer.

The seller notes that his grandfather stored the Datsun for the long haul beginning 30 years ago. The motivation behind the long-term hibernation aren’t disclosed, but given it’s located in Oregon, I wouldn’t fret too much about the outdoor arrangement. Vintage cars like these seem to survive at an incredibly high rate in the Pacific Northwest, so if it was going to be left outside anywhere other than the desert, I’d pick the PNW. I believe you can just make out the vents in the hatch lid which are a major clue that this is a genuine Series 1 car. The listing notes it was last started some 25 years ago.

The interior is another bright spot as it looks very intact with no signs of rampant exposure to the sun or moisture. One of the hardest to find parts when restoring a Z car of this vintage is a crack-free dash – they are next to impossible to find. This example features a crack-free dash, a testament to its many years under cover and to living in a climate known for its rainy seasons. The pictures show an interior without any obvious flaws, other than not being able to see what’s under the seat covers and a non-factory radio in the center stack. The shift knob and steering wheel remain original equipment.

The engine appears complete, and the listing doesn’t mention any mechanical faults as the reason for the Datsun being parked. The seller notes that it was his grandfather’s commuter vehicle prior to being parked, and that he drove ten miles per day to work. The Datsun comes with an original set of 240Z hubcaps – brand new – along with all other components described as being original. To me, the price seems fair given what unrestored Series 1 cars are going for, if not a bit of a steal at the current price. If the bulk of the car can be preserved outside of a repaint, it seems like a great example to pick up for a mild restoration project.


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  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    I remember the night, you went huntin’ for possom

    You said you would get one, and it wouldn’t take long…

    That’s 10 years ago, I’m sittin’ here waitin’

    I can’t help but wonder, if something went wrong….


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  2. 370zpp

    ……You met another and _________ you was gone..

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  3. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    I’m guessing Grandpa had some fun with this car over the years. The price seems a little high to me, but the car does appear to be in decent shape considering that it has spent decades under a lean-to.

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    • Dickie F.

      Luv the T shirt

  4. XMA0891

    For the better part of 53 years, not one, but four of these, in conditions similar to this one, sat strewn about the yard of a tired house in the next town over from mine. One day recently, nothing was left of any of them but the tire indentations in the ground. At $18,500 I guess I know why – No idea these were that popular!

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  5. sparkster

    Too many “ones” in the price, date / build tag would’ve been a good pic.

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  6. OhU8one2

    I always liked these in Butterscotch and lime green colors. This car should bring really good money in to the seller.

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  7. Gaspumpchas

    I’d be worried about the underneath, these rotted around the rear strut rod anchor point and they were toast. Very good car and desirable, not many good examples left here in the NE.. If its clean underneath might be worth the coin. Bad pics and the guy couldn’t pull it out of the jungle>> Good luck and stay safe.

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  8. Sandy McInnes

    I’m sorry, but how does anyone figure that’s the proper way to store a car?? It looks like it’s surrounded by weeds which likely means it’s been sitting on vegetation or dirt, two things that are terrible for a car to sit on for an extended period of time. The car is filthy and looks completely weathered from the elements. I think they’ve misplaced the decimal point cause$1,850 would make more sense price wise.

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    • 19sixty5 Member

      It’s hard to beat up on people for proper storage. In 1970 when this car came out, very, very few knew that these would be highly collectible in the future. Most of these were parked because the trade in was too low “I’ll sell it myself before I’ll take that for it”, it could have had a minor mechanical issue, could be a family or financial issue, or life just gets in the way and you tell yourself you will get to it one day. Happens all the time.

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    • Jerry Member

      First year Zs are worth some dough if it runs and isnt teal rusty.
      Need to take it ti California and sell it….I had 2 of these when I lived there from 86 to last year. A 77 auto and a 78 280 Z 4 speed.
      A few years ago for their anniversary NISSAN was buying the 70 240s back and restoring them and re selling them!

  9. KEVIN

    If you want to sell a car, post better pictures

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  10. TimM

    I agree with Kevin!!!! Pull the car out of its long slumber and take a hose to it!!! This way you can see the rockers and pull the carpet up in the hatchback to see the floor along with other places known to rust!!! Really nice find but the price is unreasonable for the amount of pictures!!!

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  11. YankeeTR5

    It’d be interesting to wash off the car and see what the paint looks like underneath. I didn’t see an major bumps or major chunks missing or the like so if the “damaged paint” is just the moss/algae….well, it might just buff out well enough to keep. It won’t be perfect but its only original once. Eugene is pretty good country to park a car like this one was, even on dirt (can’t really tell on the pics).
    As to price…maybe if they had taken the time to get it running at least. Its an early, original car, but lots of unknowns that, potentially anyway, when addressed will end up moving it far past original.

  12. socaljoe

    If this were anywhere near me, I’d be all over it. Nicest original dash I’ve seen in one of these for a long time. No signs of the obvious rust areas. And if its a 1970 it’s a good one.

  13. Craig

    I’m not so sure that paint is bad. I think it’s covered in moss.

  14. Tom

    Grandpa is a bubblehead! Sporting submarine dolphins on his hat this guy could tell some stories. Respect✊

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    • don

      I’m thinking the “grandpa” is the flippers friend or dad , who goes along for the ride when his son buys cars , and then gets his picture taken in front of the car to make it look like hes the owner and was saying goodbye to his old ride . Too many flipper cars always include a picture of an elderly person standing near it to give you the impression it was a never abused old man car.

  15. Paolo

    Looks like you’re going to have to fight Poppa if you want to take that car. He’s a badass, armed with a sword-cane, bottle and a bad attitude and learned hand to hand in the Marine Corps. But yeah, feel free to make an offer.

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  16. Frank

    Having lived where this car was stored, and stored my own cars outside For about one year in a far more substantial but still open-ended shed while waiting for my garage to be built, I would say this thing almost certainly has moisture damage on the interior and more distressingly rodent damage unless specific measures were taken and maintained over the 30 years it was stored there.

  17. Bob Mck Member


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