Has The 914 Ridden The Porsche Wave?


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Full disclosure: I used to want a Porsche 914 before I discovered Triumphs, so I’m not as prejudiced against them as a “real Porsche” as some are, despite them being a “VW-Porsche” everywhere else in the world. This particular car is one of the nicest I’ve seen, but I don’t know if it’s worth the asking price. It’s advertised here on craigslist and is located in Satellite Beach, Florida.


If you like the basic 914 shape, and can get past the late model rubber bumpers (I actually prefer them, but I’m in the minority), this is as pretty a 914 as you will see. It’s been repainted once in the original color, and it certainly looks like a quality job from the pictures. I had to look hard to find something I didn’t like, but I would like to have seen the “C” replaced on the rear deck lid. Considering the condition of the rest of the car I’m surprised that wasn’t done. I found the whole set here new, but I’m guessing you could find just the one letter from a Porsche salvage yard.


Here’s a picture of the current seller buying the car from the original owner’s daughter. Apparently it has been kept nicely for a long time. The car comes with a lot of receipts from new, the original window sticker and the owner’s manual. It’s also declared to be “rust free.” I realize that technically with new paint this isn’t a “survivor”, but the provenance is nice to have.


Underside pictures are quite impressive, although I do see surface rust in seams. That being said, is a car ever truly rust free? Ever? I think even the ones I’ve stripped to bare metal started to rust before I got them out of the paint booth. Regardless, this car looks pretty nice, and kudos to the seller for including better pictures than the average craigslist ad.


Naturally, the inside looks as nice as the outside. I think that is original seat upholstery, but I’m sure a P-car lover can tell us for sure.


One of the major knocks on the 914 is engine accessibility, or more precisely, the lack of it. Which makes it good that this car has been the benefit of an engine and transmission rebuild. Wait a minute…why do you need to rebuild the engine on a car that’s been cherished from new? And the transmission? Now I’m wondering, and those two obviously hacked wires in this picture aren’t helping. The factory fuel injection is included, but the car is currently running downdraft Webers. Again, I’d like some questions answered. Also, the car has the rare air conditioning option, but there’s no mention of whether it is functional or not.

Now, the big question remains: have 914’s reached this level of price yet (i.e. have they been carried along by the P-car wave)? Weigh in, please, and let me know!

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  1. JeffStaff

    What bothers me more is how he probably told the daughter the story of the century: “Oh yes, I’ve wanted one all of my life, I’m sorry I can’t afford to pay you more than $5,000 but you know I’ll love it forever.” And not 24 hours later, up on CL for $10K more.

    I’m a bit of cynic, yes, but his ear-to-ear grin and the NY dealer plates just leaves me suspicious.

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    • Scotty GStaff

      I’m with you, sir. Reality TV may have wreaked more havoc on the collector car market (which is now the car-flipper market) than we even realize.

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      • Horse Radish

        I am glad others are starting to see it that way now.

        I would never buy a car from a clown like that, but obviously there are too many fools out there

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    • Jamie Palmer JamieAuthor

      I had similar thoughts, Jeff.

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    • Woodie Man

      It’s the sunglasses on the head that says it all for me. The New Yawk-Flarida axis . Sends shivers up my cultural spine, stiff as it is.

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  2. Joe

    Post deleted. I own a 73 1.7. This 2.0 was priced cheap.

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  3. Van

    I’m told a 914-6 is the bomb.
    Never driven one though.

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  4. William H

    Never really been a big Porsche fan and the 914 is probably my least favorite body style but this one looks really clean and the yellow/black with tan interior is nice. If I were given a choice, I’d have to go with the 944. For some reason the 944 body style is the one that jumps out at me.

    I haven’t had much experience with Porsches other than nearly getting stomped by a VW bug with a hopped up Porsche transplant. Certainly wasn’t expecting what that guy was able to lay down.

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  5. Bill

    I almost bought one in the mid 70’s. The 2.0 version. Bright green. Extraordinarily noisy on the inside and rode like a buckboard. Bought a 240Z instead.

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  6. DrinkinGasoline

    ICK ! I think I just had a “Verp”….need to go brush My teeth….eeww.

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  7. DolphinMember

    People who like a skateboard ride—their words, not mine—like these. A bit to minimal and low for me. I would want a car with more visibility for driving these days, but I can imagine that these are great track day cars.

    In Europe these were marketed as, and actually called, VW-Porsches. Over here they left out the VW part.

    Looks like it sold already. These got so cheap years back that they often were seriously neglected. This one looks better than a lot of them.

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    • Lieven Beirnaert

      There were actually two models: a four-cylinder VW engine, and a 2 liter six-cylinder 911 engine. The first was marketed as VW-Porsche, at least in Europe.

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  8. jim s

    the prices are so high on most of the P-cars that people are now starting in on the 914. once 914 prices get too high the front engined porsches will be next. looks like a nice find.

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  9. Bobsmyuncle

    Ad is gone what was the asking price?

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    • Jamie Palmer JamieAuthor

      15,500 if I remember correctly….

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      • Bobsmyuncle

        Wow, that IS big money.

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  10. DrinkinGasoline

    IMnotsohumbleO, anything over $5k would be way too much given that it was simply a body on a VW pan with decent seats. I didn’t see a year mentioned in this article. Gotta love those “Bridge Abutment” bumpers. I looked for the water fill caps on the top but didn’t see them….I had the misfortune of driving one similar…Remember those scooters that kids would build out of metal roller skate wheels and an old wooden crate ? Yea…kinda like those. My 66 Type 1 seemed like a boat in comparison.

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  11. Mike

    The 928 is looking like the smarter Porsche buy on every passing day.

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    • Nessy

      That is why I still have my first year 1978 928 Euro 5 speed, with the crazy checkerboard opt art interior, stored inside undercover Mike. The 928’s time is coming. No question about it.

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      I can’t help but laugh at those of you having fits over the Porsche legitimacy of the 914.

      First, you DO recall that the original 356 was a direct decendant of the Beetle right?

      And the 924 had an Audi/VW engine/tranny.

      Funny how the RS2 or the 500E is lauded for its connection to Porsche and then others take the 914 connection as some personal affront.

      I recently read a great article about guys like you and ways to redirect your silly missives. I’ll try to post it, its well written and a good laugh.

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  12. DirtyHarry

    I cringe when people call these a Porsche. The 914-6 was a Porsche, but when you take away most of the Porsche parts, as in the case of 4 banger model, you are left with a VW.

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  13. RoughDiamond

    I’m sorry, I just don’t have much use for “flippers.” On the flip side, I’m sure the feeling is mutual.

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  14. OhU8one2

    914-6 is top’s for out in out dollar investment.Next is a 73 2.0 litre. I’ve had two of these. Both 73’s,and 2.0 litre’s. Now one was stock with fuel injection. The other was punched out to 2.4 running dual 44 Weber’s. This car was so fast that first gear was a joke. Motor would rev so fast. Now I like both,for different reason’s. But my choice today would go with one converted to a 3.2 litre 6cyl from late 80’s era. Install 911 brakes,switch to five lug wheel’s,916 fender flares. Car is reliable,fast,handles great,stop’s on a dime. If done correctly,there the bomb. Now they’re not cheap. But avoid any of the V-8 conversion’s.

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  15. Francisco

    Lest you forget this is a Porsche, you have those great big PORSCHE decals on both sides of the vehicle. Let the whole world know. It’s Volkswagen denial syndrome.

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  16. Doug M. (West Coast)Member

    I liked 914’s when they were still cheap! A nice clean example is a really welcome sight to see.

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  17. DW

    Good lord, a 914 for over $15k?! I think I’ll keep my VW dune buggy in mint shape and hope the insanity of the Porsche wave spills so far inland it splashes onto my VW too. Should be worth at LEAST 25k by then… lol.

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  18. moosie Craig

    I worked in the parts dept. of a V.W. dealer in ’71/’72. Foreign Cars of Rockland in West Nyack ran by Bob Grossman. The shop forman was a young German guy, Uwe something or other and when the first shipmentt of 914’s was delivered some of the guys were ohhh ing & ahhh ing but Uwe says in his thick German accent, ” Nothing but a Volkswagen, look at the data plate” !I liked them then and still do today, but thats just me.

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  19. Jim

    Aren’t ALL Porsches really VW Porsches?

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  20. Greg Stegall

    Let’s not forget the loftily 914-6. With a bigger engine and wide Body flares it has always commanded a premium.

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  21. Andrew

    They were called ‘lady-porsches’ in the Netherlands in their day. It’s more a Karmann Ghia than a Porsche.

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