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Diff Shields Included: 1991 Chevy S10 Baja

Today, you can walk into a Chevrolet dealer and order up a new Colorado pickup with the ZR2 package, which adds some serious offroad hardware. You could make a similar move in 1991, by checking the “Baja” box on the S10 options list. This low-mileage 1991 Baja edition S10 here on craigslist is a rarity, as most of these have lost their unique trim and hardware by now. Find it in Scranton, PA with only 25,000 original miles. 

Though somewhat over-the-top, these Baja-optioned pickups certainly looked the part, with a roll bar and the spare tire mounted in the bed. Tubular bumpers, special “Baja” embroidered seats, unique graphics, underbody shields and an upgraded suspension all were part of the package. This example retains sharp graphics along the sides of the bed as well as the original Chevrolet bow tie windshield banner.

Inside, you got the custom seats but this was otherwise a standard S10 interior. Thanks to the low mileage, this one remains in excellent condition with an uncracked dash, mint steering wheel and tidy carpets. Not mentioned earlier is that these came with special aluminum “Outlaw” wheels, yet another trick feature Baja buyers got. Though it’s hard to quantify if this S10 is a collector’s item, it’s not hard to agree that finding one this nice would be a challenge.

Unfortunately, the Baja really did amount to mostly a cosmetics upgrade. Power remained unchanged, and although some suspension tweaks were made, it likely didn’t dramatically increase the S10’s capabilities off-road. The new ZR2 is a beast on any surface, which gives it more credibility than the Baja ever had. But one area where this original S10 has the Colorado beat is in the style department, and nothing will ever be as sweet as an in-bed rollbar.


  1. Rod444

    I will give him credit, it’s exceptionally clean.

    But rare does not equal valuable on this one. It is just a prettied up S10 after all, and as the former owner of a not quite as mint Shelby Dodge Dakota that actually had some punch under the hood, I can attest to the fact that pretty graphics AND a good motor AND the Shelby name do not necessarily excite the masses when the girl under all that makeup turns out to be your grandma.

    I sold for $4500. I think he’ll be hard pressed to get more than that.

    • JD

      An ’89 Shelby Dakota just sold for $36,000 at Barrett Jackson.

    • john baker

      but a dodge Shelby Dakota is still a dodge —- still a trailer park vehicle.

  2. Ed Cardiello

    Back in the 90’s we used to go to a junkyard about 40mi south of Scranton. One time we saw they bought about 25 S-10’s with mini garage packers from a city. They were beat…but then in the coming months they started to refurbish them into “Baja” edition trucks! So be aware on what your buying & check it’s history….

    • JD

      This one just sold for $36K.

  3. Rustytech Member

    I had an 86 S10 4×4 long bed. It was equipped with a 2.8l V6 and 4speed. It wasn’t fast, it wasn’t designed to be. But off road it proved to be very capable. I used it for years for trips to hunting/fishing camp, hauling firewood out of the woods, and plowing snow. It had over 220k miles on it when tin worm killed it. This is a very nice truck, $13k seems a little high but it will make a nice addition to someone’s collection. I don’t think it will ever see heavy use though, as any added miles or wear is only going to kill what value it has now.

  4. Giediprime

    I had a black standard cab back in the 90s. It was cool back then but no more than a foot note now. Had they used the turbo version of this engine as they did for the Syclone, then I’d be at his door with cash on hand.

  5. Hendo

    My uncle had a blue 1992 or 1993 S10 Blazer 2 door 4×4 with the 200hp tuned port injected “octopus” intake manifold 4.3 V6 with those “outlaw” wheels and the spare on the back outside on a swing out frame. It was a nice little truck. Had decent power, decent mileage, lasted a number of years. Unfortunately the upstate NY weather rotted it out.

  6. Greg Humphrey

    I just found a 1991 S-10 Blazer with 52,604 mileson it. Its a 4dr blazer with spare fold out rack on back. It was stolen and parked at thiefs realatives barn, then he got sent to prison. The relative kept it and some other stolen cars in that barn til his death. So 15yrs vehicle sat in barn. Its two tone white and grey ext. And blue interior, although it was dirty as heck. It looks new seats are perfect carpet shows no signs of wear. Only spot that has bubble up is R lower 1/4 panel. Not rusted through but bubbled.. frame had a bit of surface rust, so i wire wheeled it and repainted wheel wells and frame semi gloss black. Oh yeah 1000.00 A/C blows cold. Put serpentine belt and starter on it and been driving it all over. It has oversized mickey thompsons on it, a lil dry, but runs down hiway 80mph.

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