Dining Room Find: 1958 Chevrolet Truck


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We’ve seen cars stored in some interesting places, but this seems like one of the more interesting spots to store your project truck! That’s right, this ’58 Chevy appears to be in the seller’s dining or living room. Listed here on ebay and located in Bedford, New Hampshire with a starting price of $12K, reserve not met, no bids and a BIN of $20K. This project is a Chevrolet 3200 Standard Cab Pickup and is powered by a 283 V8.

s-l1600 a

There is very little information included in this ad.  There are images of what is listed as NOS Cameo and pick-up parts included in this package.

s-l1600 b

There isn’t an inventory and/or list of what you will get, so what you see is what you get.

s-l1600 d

There doesn’t appear to be any rust and the problem areas were fixed by a “master metal worker”.

s-l1600 e

Here is part of the collection of spare parts. And either this really is the inside of the seller’s home or they have one nicely built garage.

s-l1600 c

A phone number is included in the ad, so all those questions you have can be answered. We are wondering what will take the place of the ’58 and how they get away with keeping their projects in the house?


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  1. Mark E

    My theory? It’s a bachelor’s house and he’s going to sell it (the house) or he’s planning on getting married. Either life change would require removal of the truck from the living area of the home. Definitely.

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  2. RayT

    I get the impression from the ad that he’s claiming this is a Cameo (not Camaro, Robert), though I don’t see the unique rear fender/bed parts or know enough to be sure this is anything other than a regular pick-’em-up. No decent photos beyond the overall shot; just a bunch of what look like random GM pieces.

    Could be fun, IF it’s all there. If I were serious about having this, a personal inspection and a check of the VIN would be essential.

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    • RobertAuthor


      We and I am sorry for the mistake if one was made. Thanks for view and comment.


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    • JoshStaff

      That was my bad! While editing Robert’s post, I miss read it and thought he meant Camaro parts. I’ve since edited the post back to the way Robert originally wrote it! Sorry guys!

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  3. Healeydays

    It’s in my town and if it’s the barn I think it is, he’s no bachelor and he’s got quite the collection of toys…

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    • SoCal Car Guy

      Whatever it is, it’s a helluva mancave!

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      • Healeydays

        If it’s the garage/barn I think it is, collection of cars in basement consists of an 1958 AC Ace-Bristol, 1959 AC Aceca-Bristol, 1939 AC 16-80 Sport, 1953 MG TF, 1959 Austin Healey 3000, and a couple other cars. Upstairs is the workshop.

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    • PRA4SNW

      I think I know the house too, well, the fancy barn at least.

      Two Barn Finds listings by the same seller on the same day (he is also selling that teardrop trailer) must be some sort of record.

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  4. bob

    3200 cameo carrier ? I don’t think there ever was such a thing from chev.
    The cameo carriers were badged 3124 from G.M.

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  5. DolphinMember

    Not much to go on, but if it really is a Cameo it’s a great design, with some ’58 Chevy touches.

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  6. Duffy

    Dolphin, now that’s a truck. It’s a beauty.

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  7. Carl W French

    Healeydays, I wondered that for a bit but it really does not look like his second floor from my recollection. He just does not seem like a pickup kind of guy. I drool every time I have been there. That 39 AC is incredible.

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  8. geomechs geomechsMember

    It looks like a pair of outer box shells there, making it either a Cameo or into one. Whatever, I’d sure like to have a Cameo for myself; it’s one of those bucket list trucks that always seems so elusive. I sure hope this guy gets what he wants…

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