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Dirt Cheap: 1953 Ford F100 For $500


I’m gonna guess this would end up being a parts truck rather than a project, but I’ve proven wrong and been proven wrong before. The attraction here is the super-dirt-cheap price of $500. It’s offered for sale here on craigslist in St. Louis, Missouri. While rust is the rule rather than the exception, at least it appears to be intact, including a Y-block V8. I’m looking forward to our knowledgeable readers enlightening us on exactly which one this is. It looks to be all there, air cleaner, carburetor, radiator and so on.


The seller doesn’t provide us much in the way of information, and I’ll take a lazy guess and speculate that it’s because he probably doesn’t have a lot of information to provide. He doesn’t say whether it runs, because he probably didn’t try and start it. He does tell us one thing, that it’s sold “as is”, and that should clear up any doubt in the minds of anyone who might have thought this truck was going to come with a warranty or something, or that maybe he intended to do anything additional other than help the buyer get it off the trailer. I’m sure glad he cleared that up for us. The “truck” license plate on the back is an early 1990s Missouri vintage, and I can tell you that this is one black plate that very few people care about.


As anyone who has parted out a vehicle before can attest, even the roughest of them can provide some great parts. Filling the rafters with them is always a win, as it provides parts for both current and future projects. Of course, depending on what the stuff is, there’s always opportunity for parts re-sale which can often recoup the original investment and then some.


This one is already loaded on the flipper’s (or maybe scrap metal buyer’s) trailer. Do you want him to go ahead and bring it on over to your place so you can get started taking it apart right away? Or do you think there’s anything worth saving?


  1. Avatar photo z1rider

    A 53 should have a flathead. Either it’s not a 53 or it’s had an engine swap.

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  2. Avatar photo JW454

    The engine in this truck is from a mid to late sixties Pontiac IE: 326, 389 Cu. In. ect.

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    • Avatar photo z1rider

      Good catch.

      When I saw it wasn’t a flathead I looked no further. Had I done so I would have realized it was not a y-block, but I couldn’t have identified it as a Pontiac.

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  3. Avatar photo Woodie Man

    That bed looks like a 3/4 ton bed to me. Great write up by the way, had me chuckling.

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  4. Avatar photo RON

    it is definitely a 53, can tell from the grille. The 54 and 55 had slight difference in grille. It should have been last year flathead or inline 6. Can’t read the series on the side of the hood. It is long wheelbase but can’t tell if it is 3/4 or 1 ton .which would be 250 or 350. The rear end appears it is probably 1/2 ton by the smaller size. surprisingly solid considering it’s home

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    • Avatar photo Al8apex

      Back then the designation was a single number
      F1=1/2 ton
      F2=3/4 ton, etc

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      • Avatar photo z1rider

        That’s true for 48-52. In 53 Ford changed it to f-100, 250, etc

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  5. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Somebody had a little hot rod at one time. Bet this thing went pretty good with the Poncho motor. Since it’s already somewhat resto-modded, I suppose I’d keep it as is, just rebuild it. Hate to say it, but here’s your “flipper” for ya’. Early 50’s pickup trucks ( any kind) are hot right now, and this is definitely worth saving. I’d bet there are many people, me included, who would want a truck like this, but have no idea where to get one. Do a light resto on it, get the title squared away, maybe get it running, and ask $5g’s for it.

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  6. Avatar photo Leon

    I’ve had 3 1953 F-1’s and after restoring one out of the three, I found out 52 was the last of the flat glass windshields. 53 started the wrap around effect. Also note the tail gate has ford in printed letter instead of Ford cursif signature.

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