Dirt Cheap Pickup: 1969 Ford F-250 For $475

1969 Ford Truck

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Super dirt cheap Ford pickup for $475, is located in Washington, Missouri, about an hour west of St. Louis. It appears here on Craigslist. The seller says it’s a 1969, but the grille looks like 1972 to me, but possibly has been replaced. The location of the side marker lights in the rear, and the steering wheel indicate 1970 or earlier.


At first glance, it looks like a great deal. At least it does in the only three photos that are shown. But don’t put down the dinner fork and reach for the phone just yet. Although it is apparently in running condition, the seller has a number of things to say about it that sound pretty scary. The body looks very original and easily do-able, but he says the body mounts have rusted and caused the cab to lean forward and damage the steering column. The only exterior photo doesn’t suggest it could be nearly that bad, but I’m willing to take the seller at his word on this one.


He also says the engine knocks when it warms up, so clearly, it needs a rebuild. It’s an unspecified V8, with a floor-shifted manual transmission.  It would be useful for lots of parts for a more solid truck of course, but the aftermarket support on these is good enough that if someone wanted to buy patch panels, it might be worth considering keeping this truck whole. The seller says it has been in his family for 35 years. On the outside, it certainly looks to be worth saving. But the seller seems to think otherwise. What’s your opinion of it?

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  1. sparkster

    Easy truck to sell if you didn’t like it, I think it’s worth it

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  2. Pat Housel

    It’s not a F250, it a F100/150…. The wheels look like 15″

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    • mark

      Not an F-250. On these older trucks the center of the rear wheel hub was different.

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    • Jason Houston

      They are indeed 15″.

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  3. Mr. Bond

    Funny the difference in price between the Ford and the Chev! Ford looks to be in better shape too.

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  4. Oldschool

    I would buy it at that price if I needed a truck. But if I wanted a nice truck I would keep looking. By the time you made this truck nice you would have a couple grand in it and still not be done.

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  5. Jason Houston

    For $475, I expected to see this already sold. Then I read the listing and found out why it’s still posted. The arrogant seller has one of those all-too-typically-craigslist snotty attitudes!

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  6. Todd Zuercher

    It’s deleted now.

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  7. Mark

    Cab drop was a very common occurrence with these trucks. You would have to remove the cab and replace the mounts, provided that there is enough metal to mount them to. Add the likely engine rebuild and this could turn into a costly restoration with little or no profit margin. The price reflects the gamble you’d have to take. You won’t know what you have until the cab is off.

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