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Dirty Pony Cars: 1977 Pinto Wagons

'77 Pinto wagon

We’ve found another stalled pony car project, but this one is a package deal. Listed here on craigslist in Appleton, Wisconsin, and parked in Chilton, Wisconsin is this package deal for two 1977 Pintos plus a 302 engine priced at $2,250.

'77 Pinto wagon int

As per the seller, you have a 100% rust free Arizona 1977 V6 wagon. The car was last driven in 2013. The front suspension was pulled, blasted and powder-coated and then the project stopped.

'77 Pinto wagon wheel well

This wagon is part of the “ran-when-parked fleet”.  Ryan the owner says the engine and transmission were in good order. This is a power steering car and he believes it has A/C(?).  The lucky purchaser will also receive a 302 out of a Mustang II, an automatic transmission, engine mounts, exhaust manifolds, the radiator, hoses and the fan shroud.

2nd pinto wagon

Also if you want, to get to have a 1977 Cruising Wagon which does not have a title. It does have those sweet port hole windows and a very Mad Max look.

2nd pinto wagon rear

It was fitted with a 302 V8, but sadly the engine is out. We aren’t sure if it’s the same engine that is being offered in the package or from another car. Hopefully the transmission is still there. The motor mounts are, so you might be able to just drop the 302 in and go!

2nd pinto wagon rear int.

This Cruiser is packed full of spare parts. The seller doesn’t list what all is in there, but it might have parts for both cars.

'77 Pinto wagon right side

The parts and parts car are not for sale without the purchase of the brown Pinto. You are asked to: “Please refrain from asking”. Again, both cars, the 302 V8 and all the parts for $2,250 and it’s Pony Time!



  1. Avatar photo randy

    Ug. A new project has arisen, getting all of the stuff off of said project. He needs to have someone come pick them up for scrap value. Putting a car together out of this mess will be way more difficult than buying a running unit for the same dollar amount.

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  2. Avatar photo Mike D

    while the bronze car is the main focus, I see hope for the cruiser wagon too it sounds like a lot of work has been done to the bronze car. the v/8 out of a M2 really isn’t anything to brag about , but might be worth tinkering with . once again ( and I know I am sounding like a broken record here) I look at the uniqueness of it . when was the last time you saw a Pinto wagon tooling down the boulevard? it would never win any races, but, it MAY blow the doors off some cars out there this car was not made for handling, but then again neither were the performance cars of yore seems like I remember Car Craft tinkering with a then new Pinto Wagon, and made it a real barn stormer … if I had the $$$ …

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  3. Avatar photo JW

    Actually I like that cruiser wagon with the porthole window better than the other just because. If he had left everything alone it might be worth looking at but in the shape these are in NOPE.

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  4. Avatar photo Cassidy

    looks like the ceiling threw up on wagon…. Good price, if you want a couple Pintos, but how would you move the one in the garage. Forklift could damage it if there was room in the garage to maneuver.. Would the owner allow you time to make it a roller?

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  5. Avatar photo Luke Fitzgerald

    If it’s not an air cleaner sitting on a front seat, it’s a hubcap

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    • Avatar photo Jason Houston

      Actually, that’s a full wheel cover.

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  6. Avatar photo Mark

    Ya right that one indoors was last driven in 2013, that dirt on there could be carbon dated.

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    • Avatar photo randy


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  7. Avatar photo Wayne Thomas

    Ecoboost swap for a deadly sleeper.

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    • Avatar photo randy

      You’d need to write a book, titled “How to Make a $10,000.00 Pinto”.

      If Ford had any sense, they’d build these engine by the hundreds of thousands, and develop a kit for high production car engine swaps. Hey, maybe we here at barnfinds can build our own kits, and get rich.

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  8. Avatar photo piper62j

    LOL.. these Pintos just keep comin on.. Not a bad project, but you’ll need to do some design research before dropping a v8 into a 4cyl chasis.. I think it’s doable and would be lots of fun to bring these two back..

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  9. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    Doncha just luv these motivated sellers who take pictures of cars and dirt that are reduced to crumbs? Why not just say, “Bring a broom, a dumpster and two grand and it’s all yours.”

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