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Discount Dodge: 1966 Dodge Coronet 440

1966 Dodge Coronet 383 Front Corner

Admittedly the Coronet isn’t known as the most sought after Mopar, but this 1966 Coronet 440 barn find has a great look to it and should be a bargain. The seller doesn’t know much about the history of the car, but it’s obvious that this car wasn’t ever messed with. This unmolested Coronet can be found on eBay with a current bid of $3,000 or at the seller’s restoration shop MidSouthern Restorations in Cookeville, TN.

1966 Dodge Coronet 383 Front

The Coronet was Dodge’s “Car of many hats” and as such came in many configurations throughout its 20 year life span. The Coronet could be had as anything from a four door family hauler to a two door dragster. This Coronet 440 was just short of being a real dragster, as it came with the 383 instead of the 426 Hemi, but was still a formidable street machine.

1966 Dodge Coronet 383 Interior

While this car is original, it has definitely seen better days. The interior is rough and the driver’s seat looks as if it got in a fight with a bear, and we think we know who won that fight. The exterior of the car could probably be left in its current condition, if the rust is properly treated. But the interior is going to need some work to even be useable. Thankfully the Coronet was one of the most popular cars in the Dodge lineup in ’65 and ’66, so parts are plentiful and relatively cheap.

1966 Dodge Coronet 440 Engine

The best part of this car is the 383 V8, which was rated from the factory at 270 hp. Sadly the seller doesn’t know whether the engine runs or not, but if it does this car could be a fun runner. The 383 was one step down from the big street Hemi and while it doesn’t produce nearly as much power as the Hemi, it was still a potent engine for the Coronet.

1966 Dodge Coronet 383 Rear Corner

This Coronet is going to take some work to get it looking a running great again, but the Coronet is a much more affordable alternative to a Charger or Challenger and is nearly as potent. We like the way this car looks right now, but the rust is going to need something done to it, which will likely ruin the original patina in the process. If this car doesn’t go up much more, it will be a great bargain and a fun project.


  1. Dave

    Take close look at the engine photo. Thats a ford motor not mopar. The 383 had an external oil pump so the distributor was at an angle from the pass side to drivers not vertical.

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  2. Chris H.

    Good eye Dave, that is actually a FoMoCo power-plant, and quite the odd pairing at that.

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  3. Mike J

    nice but thats a ford small block in the picture :(

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  4. gp

    The motor doesn’t seem to be the same motor pictured on ebay.

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  5. Michael

    The pics I found of the 383 look exactly like this engine!http://www.allpar.com/mopar/383.html

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  6. Dan

    I am Ford guy but why anyone would put a Ford engine in a Mopar is beyond me.

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  7. steve

    your showing a pic of a ford engine bay……..?

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  8. Butch

    That is a Ford BB, but if ya go to the Ebay ad it is the 383, someone got the wrong pic in here…..

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  9. Bob Ford (no, really!)

    at least the motor from an one Merc would run better and rebuild easier than a factory 383. That Windsor iron has high nickel content, which makes Ford blocks more robust when rebored.

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  10. Barn Finds

    Looks like the seller updated the photos on eBay and we have updated this page accordingly. Good eye everyone, you caught this quick and someone must have let the seller know.

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  11. foxxy

    That is for sure a mopar 383. I had a few. It doesn’t look anything like a ford big block. the external oil pump is down below the power steering pump. and barn finds stated that the 383 was just a step down from the hemi. what about the 426 max wedge, or the 440’s??/ they were more then just steps, some believed that a tuned 440+6 would get by a street hemi in the same car. I love this page for sure, but if it is put wrong on here the history is corrupted.

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  12. Jack B

    What are you guys smoking? It’s a 383! Look closer!

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  13. Bob Ford

    That’s now a 383, but the last photo I saw had a Ford blue air cleaner, valve covers and block. This pic was changed, so anyone who did see a Ford engine, you are NOT going crazy.

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  14. Barn Finds

    You’re right, we mentioned above that the seller changed the photos after listing the car and we updated the page accordingly to avoid any more confusion.

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  15. rand brown

    1965 was last year for 426 wedge. 440 ci 67 cor R.T. and later

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  16. tat2ncountry

    you say they came with 383’s,they also came with 440’s.I purchased one with a 440 a few years ago,and it was original right down to the water pump.The first 440’s where made in 65 and as they say the factory let a few 66 coronets slip out the factory with 440’s…lynch rd.factory…that year,and that factory make them a rare find,also the numbers cant be matched up like other mopars….can be documented tho…

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  17. Larry

    This is definitely a 383 mopar engine. I have a 1966 dodge coronet 400 myself and it is a beautiful car.

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    • Foxxy

      Larry, you should read all comments before commenting yourself. This argument was settled a year ago. there was a mix-up with the pics and a ford eng posted by mistake at the beginning.

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  18. Big Block

    For you ford guys who think you know what engine is in this car, it’s a 361 big block! Mopar all the way!

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