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Do Cheap Ferraris Really Exist?

1985 Ferrari 308 GTB

Every little boy dreams of owning a Ferrari. Unfortunately, few will ever achieve that dream. Money doesn’t grow on trees you know! But, what if you could start with something affordable and fix it up? That might be doable, right? Well, if you are a big dreamer, here’s one for you! This 1985 Ferrari 308 GTB has been battered, bruised, and burnt, but anything is possible, right? Find it here on eBay where the seller is asking a seemingly affordable $5,900 with the option to place a bid.

Toasted Interior

Now, I’m not endorsing this sort of irrational thinking. We are all guilty of it though. When we want something we really can’t afford, we like to dream that it might be possible if we could just start with something that needs a little fix’n up. Think of all the people who buy rundown houses with the faith that after throwing some new carpet on the floor and some paint on the walls, they will have a nice pad. Then they find out that there’s a crack in the foundation and the wiring needs redone. Then things get real expensive, real fast.

Missing Panels

Cars work the same way, especially Ferraris. This 308 is a Quattrovalvole and that is a very good thing. Well, it would be if there were an engine in the car. Quattrovalvole meant four valves and more power. That’s exciting and all, but where are you going to get a new engine? And what about the interior? Oh, and those side panels need a little sprucing up! See, things will get real expensive, real fast here too. I’m all for saving forgotten classics, but this is probably one of those cases where you should save your pennies and buy something a little more complete. What do you think – will this dream car become someone’s worst nightmare?


  1. Avatar photo Jamie Staff

    If you look closely, I think this is the one Jeff wrote up in January: http://barnfinds.com/magnum-connection-1985-ferrari-308/

    Perhaps the new owner didn’t like what they found when they looked the car over? I notice it’s in Arizona now rather than Florida…

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    • Avatar photo Jesse Staff

      I think you are right Jamie. Good catch!

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  2. Avatar photo Joe

    It looks like it went through an F5 tornado.

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  3. Avatar photo MH

    That car is nothing but trouble.

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  4. Avatar photo Bobsmyuncle

    The motor being missing will actually save you money.

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  5. Avatar photo Jim

    That’s not a “cheap” Ferrari. It will cost substantially more to bring that thing back than buying one already on the road. They’re not like Camaros or Mustangs where you can find parts on other cars from the era at your local junk yard.

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  6. Avatar photo van

    This car is a total right off in parts alone.
    If you can fabricate this would be a candidate for a total custom
    LS3, porsche transaxle
    288 GTO body
    Done well you will only be upside down your own labor.
    Holly Shisnit, a 288 GTO is worth how much?
    And I have similar performance with C6 corvette mantenane cost.
    For less than a condition 2, 308 Ferrari.
    O sole mio, it’s now or never, you drive a me nuts

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  7. Avatar photo St. Ramone de V8

    I think you said it perfectly , Jesse. “Someone’s worst nightmare “

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  8. Avatar photo Charles Gould

    Seriously? This is totally worthless. It would be nearly impossible to revive this useless carcass, and even if it was possible, it would cost many times what it would be worth completed.
    This is not just an ambitious project, but an impossible task. This car will never see the light of day again as an original Ferrari, and with significant modifications, any residual “Ferrari value” would be completely eroded by the bastardization.
    This has already been picked over for any valuable bits, and what is left is the worthless corpse. Anyone who spends $5,900 for this, just because it once wore a prancing horse badge, should have their head examined.

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  9. Avatar photo Sukey


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  10. Avatar photo van

    Just a title to hang on the wall
    Or hang the front end in the man cave
    Look at my intertainmen center
    Gaming desk
    Oh yeah, let’s see your Ferrari

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  11. Avatar photo Paul R.

    Playground Equipment.

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  12. Avatar photo John K

    Could make an interesting piece of wall art if you have the space.

    $5,900 won’t get you much in the contemporary art market, that’s for sure.

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    • Avatar photo van

      Vanilla Ice could use it in a flip in Palm Beach

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  13. Avatar photo ClassicCarFan

    “there’s nothing quite as expensive as a cheap Ferrari…:
    OK, I’m paraphrasing a bit, that maxim is usually associated with a “cheap E-type” but it applies just the same.

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  14. Avatar photo OA5599

    What a bottomless hole in your wallet looks like.

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  15. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    “has some of it wiring, some parts, two original Ferrari wheels, and its seats”

    Right. And those seat frames look real comfy.

    From Item specifics:
    “Vehicle title: clear.
    “Transmission: manual”

    From the description:
    “I do not have a title for it.”

    From the photos:
    there is no transmission.

    And all that for $5,900. Sorry to say, what this zero-feedback Ebay seller doesn’t know about the game he’s trying to play would fill a book.

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  16. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    “Every little boy dreams of owning a Ferrari”? Not this little boy. I grew out of this crap before I got old enough grow into it.

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    • Avatar photo Jesse Staff

      What do you like Jason? We are all still trying to figure that out…

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  17. Avatar photo B and A

    Rear axle developed by Ferrari?? :-)

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  18. Avatar photo skibum2

    Bought a 250 GTE in ’78 for $4500.. with nothing wrong with it, but it did teach me a lesson.. I am older now and my BS meter works just fine.. enjoy

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  19. Avatar photo Doug Towsley

    I would say he was selling it for the VIN numbers and title, but he doesnt even have a title. Without the rest of the car, here in my area you couldnt even APPLY for a title since the car is missing everything.
    (YOU have to assy the vehicle into something resembling what it is, does not have to run, but should at least have the major parts in place) So, I am at loss to what you are even purchasing.

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  20. Avatar photo AMCFAN

    A cheap Ferrari? How about a Machiavelli. I saw a 1986 308 replica made from a Pontiac Firebird. This was not a kit car as is the many Fiero kits you see. It was a factory built car out of Florida using actual authentic parts. The Firebird was a Trans Am WS6 TPI V8 and has custom leather interior. The car was so close it the real Prancing Horse that production was halted. Hey it was the Eighties.

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  21. Avatar photo junrai

    do it a favor and crush it! Im usually all for saving the unsaveable with the right skills but this car is nothing but scrap metal.
    give it a new life with a mattress between the tail lights and the headlights. make it a kids bed. or throw a glass top over the front end and cdall it a table.build a frame for the tail piece and stick it on the wall in a man cave or hot rod shop as if the front end drove through the wall. make a book shelf out of the front end but DONT CALL IT A CAR.
    maybe it could be used as a prop for MADD they could put that on a trailer and say “my kid was killed by a drunk driver in this car” it would work in the up scale areas

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  22. Avatar photo Mr. Bond

    If you had a drivers door, you could cut about a foot off the entire side and hang it on your garage wall! Have it so the door opens to get to your fridge, or ???

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  23. Avatar photo erikj

    350/4sp chev make it drive. call it a rat rod ferrari

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  24. Avatar photo Chris

    Stuff a 1971 Oldsmobile Toronado drive train in it wide body kit vinyl top with opera lights…. Oldsmobile esque interior and quad rectangular halogen headlights…..paint it mustard over beige….put Olds rocket badges on it and call it the Oldsmorarri 455 GT Brougham. 🤣🤣🤣

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