Double Your Fun: 1974 Subaru Bizarro


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Barn Finds reader Mark P. sent us the tip on this very strange and interesting push me-pull you Subaru. Or is it two Subarus? Come to think of it, before now I’ve never pondered exactly what the plural for Subaru even is. Is it Subarus? Subari? Anyone? This vehicle is up for sale here on craigslist in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, an outlying suburb of Nashville.


It looks like two 1400 models carefully fused together, but I’ll wait for our resident Barn Finds Subaru experts to chime in. Joining two cars together is a not-unheard of advertising gimmick, usually done by a body shop or a collision repair center. As usual, I’m hoping it wasn’t a customer’s vehicle to start with. “Thanks for bringing your car into our shop Mrs. Jones, and we’re real sorry you got rear-ended at the stoplight last week. We intended to fix your car correctly but couldn’t find the proper rear clip. We did however, have another Subaru here that was also hit in the back…”


But all humor aside, this car came along at the perfect time. The smoke had just recently cleared from last week’s Camaro cowl debate, so it seemed only apropos to fan the flames yet again with this hot little number. Yeah? Well how should this car be titled? Maybe both titles should be included and simply stapled together. That’d probably do it. “Honest, officer. I wasn’t even driving. In fact, this isn’t even my car. Well, that other half of it might be…”

The seller says only one end of this tandem Subaru is currently in running and driving condition. That doesn’t entirely make sense to me though. Shouldn’t this be twice as reliable as a normal Subaru? The asking price is $1,500, and seems like a good deal for “the person who has everything except one of these”, according to the seller. I couldn’t have said it better. He also says it was a Shriner’s clown car in it’s former life, and would be a “great advertising piece”. What would you do with a beautiful blue Subarusaurus Rex like this one?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Tommy

    I would just laugh at it,,,HaHa,,,He,,,He,,,What the???

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  2. fred

    Might be fun to put a driver on each end and see who can out pull…

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  3. Jim Mc

    “….or interesting trades. Other vehicles, AR or AK home defense….”

    Neat car, but trades for semi-auto longarms? In Mt. Juliet, TN? Thanks, I’ll pass. Not my kind of seller.

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  4. PaulG

    Perfect for the individual who doesn’t know if they’re coming or going…
    Actually the workmanship looks decent.
    Reminds me of the ’59 Impala that was spun around on it’s chassis,(I believe it was in S. California) and appeared to be driving in reverse.

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  5. CJay

    Paint like a taxi, then tell the drunks, Get in the back seat!

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    • Tommy

      OMG Thats was too funny!!! Thanks for the laugh! LMAO!

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  6. Jason Houston

    There’s a reason these are rare.

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  7. erikj

    That’s interesting lol!!! I love Subaru’s, but I prefer them going one way. Not confused as to which way should I go. and we call subarus subees. That would be fun to drive,looks like a good job on workmanship.

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  8. ydnar

    There was a white 40’s or 50’s GM car put together this way in Hot Springs Ar. for many years on the side of the road for advertising. It was an eye catcher for sure.

    He could easily buy and AR or AK for scrap value on that car. Guns aren’t scary, it’s the guys behind the gun you need to watch our for.

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  9. Mark S

    At this point now that the Shriners are done with it, it is time to scrap this POS. Before it brakes in half on the highway and kills someone.

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    • Jason Houston

      … and multiplies.

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  10. Chebby

    It’s the Subarurabus!

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    • Chebby

      And, why would you NOT buy this?

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      • grant

        Because you liked your money…

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  11. Barzini

    I have always been impressed with the creativity that drives someone to create these kinds of custom cars.

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  12. Steve

    Guaranteed entry in LeMons

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    • Alan (Michigan)

      There’s an idea.

      When one drivetrain gets tired, just turn the car around and use the other one!

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  13. John

    It needs to be parked about eight feet closer to the dumpster!

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    • Jason Houston

      Sure… that’s why God invented fork lifts.

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