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Drag Pack: 1970 Ford Torino 429 SCJ


Some occupations are perfectly suitable for car hunters – delivery men, meter readers, electricians and the like all know where a few gems are stashed. For example, this 1970 Ford Torino was found while doing some electrical work. It hadn’t been registered since 1991, but the owner was not interested in selling. They did say that they would call if they ever changed their mind though. Well, they called about a month ago. A deal was obviously made and it is already listed for sale again online. It’s a shame that the new owner didn’t do more with it before moving on, but I’m still excited for the next owner when they are finally able to fire this beast up! Find it here on eBay in Canastota, New York.


The auction description is a head-scratcher. They mention that the car has been stored away in barn for 44 years, but that it was last registered in 1991. I’m guessing that just means that the last owner’s garage was a barn and that it has actually been parked in there for 23 years? The seller also recounts the story of how they found and purchased the car, but then says that they are selling it for their cousin? That makes me a little leery, but the specifications of this particular car do make it worth some further investigation. The seller claims that this Torino is fitted with the drag pack and that means there is a 375 horsepower 429 Super Cobra Jet under the hood!


They also claim that is a 100% original one-owner car that has only 49k miles on the odometer! Some pretty lofty claims there, but I hope that every one of them is true. This was a serious muscle car when released in 1970. The orange paint, air ram shaker hood, and pins showed everyone that you meant business. There was substance underneath to back up those flashy additions though. Besides that high-performance big block, there was a four-speed, oil cooler, limited slip differential, and many other small tweaks that took this Torino from sedate sedan to fire-breathing drag racer!


As exciting as this all is, you will want to do more research before placing a bid on this one. The confusion in the listing and the quick flip makes me question things a bit. That doesn’t mean that the car is not legit though. It is just good to be cautious when dealing with people online. A quick phone call and some better photos could clear up a few doubts here. A personal inspection would also be highly recommended considering the current bid amount. With 4 days left and bidding already up to $15,000, it should be interesting to see where this one ends up.

Now, I wonder if UPS is hiring…


  1. Mike A

    A quick flip is an understatement, I bet the title work isn’t even done yet, and his wife has already spent the money on a new mini van….Holy crap !

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  2. Brian

    Better to be the flipper than the flippee! I bet if it gets no further bids, he’ll double his money, but there is a reserve so he’s holding out for more!

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  3. RollerD

    Just awesome. Would be a great display at the MCACN Barn Finds display in Chicago in November. Always makes me happy to see cars like this surface.

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  4. Dolphin Member

    Car has 49,500 miles, or maybe 149,500, rust around the edges and underside, and the flipper says the “Car has never seen snow or rain”.

    In upstate New York just East of a giant lake.

    Yep, I believe it.

    Car is worth saving, but personally, I would have real trouble dealing with this flipper.

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  5. Mark E

    Everyone loves the king of the sea…

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  6. Mark L

    I know of one with a bench and automatic just sitting in a garage with stuff all over it and in it. Not for sale and the owner claims it will be restored some day. I think after he is dead!

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  7. stanley stalvey

    Back in the 70’s and 80’s you could hardly give these cars away. Maybe you’d get $2500 hundren dollars if it was in perfect condition and less than $500 if not. Now it’s worth a fortune.

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  8. tom999p

    There goes another old man that got ripped off selling the car to an “enthusiast” for a couple thousand dollars. I feel bad for the people on the selling end of these deals….

    A couple years ago a lady sold a 1957 corvette for $3500. The buyer had it on ebay before he even go it to his home. The ebay pictures were of it being loaded up on the trailer. The bidding went up to $28k before he pulled the listing…

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    • Thomas S. Bean

      Quite a few scumbags take advantage of elderly people. They show up unannounced and uninvited where their is no sign posted inviting people on the property to engage in selfish rip offs known as “making a lowball offer”. Pickers, vultures, idolaters……..lowlifes driven mad and evil by an illusion known as being a car enthusiast (at someone else’s expense).
      Welcome to stupidland….where anything goes. See you all in hell.

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  9. dj

    I bet the only way the flipper was able to buy it was to promise the owner he’d restore it. And he lied his butt off saying he was a car nut and blah blah blah. I hate flippers like this. They take advantage of old folks. If you were gonna restore it and then sell it, it would be different.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Well, we don’t know what was said or what their intentions were. Perhaps they just realized that it was too big a project for their skill and financial levels? We don’t really know, but at least they didn’t pull a bunch of parts off and start sanding.

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  10. Jeffry

    I have a little trouble with the line of thinking that is going into the story you wrote related to the 44 years and last registered in 91. the listing seems to simply say it was last registered in 1991, but has been in the barn for 44 year, which you are making it sound questionable. i kept my old 64 mustang convertible registered while it sat under an oak for 10 years until i pulled it out and returned it to the road.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      True, but that would mean it has been parked since new (2014 – 1970 = 44). It’s possible that all the mileage was put on the car in the first year, but seems unlikely. It was their math that threw me off.

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  11. jim s

    is the oil cooler bolted in front of the radiator for the power steering or transmission and is it stock? a lot of interest and money for a car that is going to take a lot more time/money to get back on the road. nice find

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  12. stanley stalvey

    In many states a car has to be currently registered by law even if it’s not running or driveable.. Nuff said..

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  13. Shilo

    I love it!!!!

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  14. Ted

    I had a friend who had one it would run fast One Sunday afternoon me and my brother and him got out riding around and squaulling tires in another small town. We were all feeling “good that day all Ill say about that now.Next day the guys goes back to that town by his self and the”cops pull him over” had complaints a black Torino was squalling tires all over town.the day before Last account I knew of the car it was setting in a junkyard outside the city limits here.a few months later probably scrapped or crushed by now this was 34 yrs ago

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  15. geomechs geomechs Member

    I wish that there was a law against flippers. I see this time and again. I lost out on a couple of deals myself because I wasn’t quick enough. In both cases the car (and a truck) was flipped to some buyer in CA within 24 hours of buying it.

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  16. Thomas S. Bean

    There are laws prohibiting taking financial advantage of elderly, infirm, or disabled adults. “American Pickers” (a pathetic annoying cable show) promotes selfishness, trespassing, and lowball offers by vultures who know the market better than retired people.

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    • Brian

      I’m sure those guys on TV get chased off alot more than they are invited in to “shop”, but that footage goes onto the cutting room floor! If you do the math, there is no way that show is “reality” – they drive half way across the country on a “picking trip”, end up at 4-5 location, buying 5-10 items per location (most of which are not big ticket). In reality, they’d go broke doing that. The real tragedy is that this show, just like Antiques Roadshow, has everybody now believing that any item older than 1970 is a valuable antique. I do love that they always over pay for the classic cars they buy! Sorry -off topic!

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      • stanleystalvey

        You are absolutely right, Brian. Any pawn shop will tell you that being old does not make an item valuable. Worldwide auction, such as EBay, is an excellent way to advertise but is no guarantee for success. Something that is easy to find cheap in America is not so easy or cheap in another country.. Somebody, somewhere will want your item, eventually..

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  17. John A

    Flippers make me sick! We need an open season on them! They know nothing of the car collecting culture and make us look bad in the process!

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    • Brian

      Two things I fail miserably at are flipping cars and foster caring for dogs, neither ever leave my care!

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  18. PaulG

    Auction ended at $22,322 and reserve not met…makes you wonder where this guy’s head is at??

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    • stanley stalvey

      Oh well, to each his own. I would be happy for the man who got that much money. The ones I’ve seen in full restore trim are absolutely beautiful. A burgundy sort of red looks real nice on that body style.. The 429 Super Cobra Jet engine was of the finest technology of it’s time and stands alone in it’s class. If only I had one right now. I’d be grinnin’ like a mule eatin’ briars. hehe……

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  19. Mike_B_SVT

    Oh man, that would be a sweet find! I’m about a week behind on my “car porn”, so I missed this when it was fresh :-/

    Fairly rare car, but I agree about checking the extent of rustiness. A Marti Report pulled on the VIN for a mere $15 will answer all questions about original content.
    That said: if a true SCJ then yes, it should have an oil cooler located in front of the radiator on the driver’s side.

    $25k for a relatively-unmolested SCJ / 4speed Cobra is probably about right. Nice CJ (i.e. non-SCJ) cars can be found for around $35k online. $25k would mean you could put money into cleaning it up and probably break even in the end (a noble goal for all car guys, LOL!). Anyways, if the reserve is not met then that means a deal can still be made on it.

    Regarding flippers ~ very uncool to take advantage of any seller regardless of age. But it is very hard for most people to turn down the opportunity to make a big chunk of change! Ask yourself – what if you found that car (or a rare part) at a swap meet for sale at a fraction of it’s market value? Would you tell the seller “hey, I’ll give you more than your asking price, just to be fair”?

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    i have a torino 429 scj i need new oil cooler lines anyone know where i can i buy new ones

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    • Mike_B_SVT

      Gary, used ones come up fairly regularly on eBay. You also might try posting on the Torino / Cobra forum – I’m sure someone there has a spare set.

      The hoses for the 428SCJ, Boss 302 and Boss 429 for the mustang & cougar are reproduced, but I believe the 429SCJ lines for a Torino are different.
      Mustangs Unlimited and SEMO Mustang carry the repro 428/B2/B9 lines, but I’m not sure about the 429SCJ lines.

      I hope that helps!

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