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Drag Pack Equipped: 1969 Torino Cobra SCJ


When the original owner of this Torino bought it, he set out with a simple goal. All he wanted was to show people that Ford could build a fast car that could compete at the drag strip. So he ordered his Torino Cobra with the 428 Super Cobra Jet V8, the C6 automatic and the Drag Pack with the 3.91 rear end. Well after racing for a few seasons, he achieved his goal of having the fastest car around, well at least that’s what the original owner claims. In ’72 they parked the Torino in their garage and that’s where it has remained until just recently. You can find this once fast Ford here on eBay in Belleville, Michigan with a current bid of $2,500.


This is one of those cars that we actually know why it was parked. The owner let a friend drive it, who managed to over rev it and blow the engine. A replacement short block was picked up for it from the local Ford dealer, but they never got around to installing it. Over the years, parts have been scattered and lost, so there are some missing bits that will need to be replaced. All the major components are still here though, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get the 428 back in the car and running again!


Besides needing mechanical work, it also has some rust that need to be addressed, the interior could use a good cleaning, oh and there is some major body damage to the driver’s side! I would try to find replacement panels rather than worrying about fixing all this damage. If this weren’t a Cobra Jet car I’m not sure I would invest the time and money into fixing it, but if you can get it for the right price, I think it would be worth repairing. What do you think?


  1. Steve O

    Was a Chevy guy growing up. Who didn’t like the first gen Camaro’s? Ever since I got a 95 Mustang GT Vert in a trade recently I’ve really been soaking Ford history up! I’m doing tasteful hot rod mods for speed and actually using V6 body parts to replace the Fast and Furious body kit that was on it. Sleeper unless you hear it. Haha. Anyway, my mom had a 73 Torino 302 I think when I was in high school. Four doors for all your friends! Was fun! This is an awesome car!

  2. MorganW Morgan Winter

    Not a “Torino Cobra”, still would be a fun car to restore and drive!

  3. JW

    I agree that this would be a worth while project for the right price BUT you better have some body work and or mechanical skills as your going to need them to keep the cost down to a reasonable amount. I wish I could do it as I like this body style and the SCJ is icing on the cake.

    • Rocco Member

      I see all the Drag-Pac parts, but I don’t see it mentioned on the Marti report. You could get a 3.91 traction-lock without it being a Drag-Pac. This was a great car at one time, but to get it back to it’s glory days, will require time and money. I don’t have either anymore.

  4. DAN

    The car has not been out of the garage since 1972!!

    if true, how did the underside get so rusty?????????????

    parked on dirt floor garage or outside

    • G.P. Member

      Last summer I replaced all the brake lines, backing plates, brake hose lines on a 2002 truck with 80,000 miles. It is rusting from the bottom up because it sits in a garage with a concrete floor and no air flow to keep things dry. The rest of it looks like new.

  5. z28th1s

    This is not a Torino. The Cobra in ’69 was a Fairlane Cobra.

    Body is very rough for a car that was parked when it was just 3 years old. The term ‘Rode hard and put up wet.’ comes to mind.

    • CJ

      Correct. 1969 Cobras are fairlane VIN’d.

  6. Todd

    The car is one of 705 Super Cobra Jet Cars. It’s Rare !

  7. James

    Lots of details left out in the listing and NO good pics of the engine or engine compartment. I know I just sold an identical aircleaner assembly for $1,500 alone. The SCJ parts are expensive but you can’t tell from the listing if they are there or not. Example: If it has the SCJ drag pack trans cooler, that’s an easy $1,000. No underhood photos to show if it’s there. No close up to see if the cast iron tailshaft of the special C6 is there. No part numbers for the 428CJ heads or exhaust manifolds Both being worth about least $500 each

    • Rocco Member

      The pic of the trans, shows that it’s a CAST IRON tail housing. That’s the first thing that I noticed.

  8. Chebby

    Man they beat the hell out of that car in three years. Story seems a little optimistic.

  9. Biggyinn

    Story seems more than optimistic it seems complete BS
    Theres no pictures as i bet theres a ton of the most valuable parts missing

  10. KeithK

    Did this guy not know the rule ? There are two things you never lend your buddy. Your girl and your car. He could throw a rod in either one. ( Groans ensue)

    • JW

      roflmao !!!

    • Oingo

      You have my vote for the win.

  11. Luke Fitzgerald

    Possible I guess – what goes on in people’s heads to do stupid lazy s$&@ like this……

  12. Philip

    Blew the Motor, maybe free reving it to 7K and side stepping the clutch, but the Cobra Jet motors were tough as nails and this one is an automatic…. I’m not sure I’m buying that. More likely it car was in an accident with damage to the radiator and it kept overheating until it blew up. It’s always easier to lie and blame some imaginary friend. Then again this one has led no charmed life. Trac-Loc is available without the Drag-Pack on these, seems like such a strange rare car would have more photos and documents to back it up..I’m skeptical something isn’t right. The car looks like it was not drag raced but in the demolition derbys. How much more hidden damage is lurking?

  13. DENIS

    I’m a GM guy and I’d still like to have it…raced against a lot of ’em-could be fun again…..project #7 :-(

  14. Ty

    Better check the replacement short block for the SCJ Lemans Rods and correct balancer and counterweight for the SCJ option. Also Crank is different in a SCJ as indicated by a 1UA cast into a counterweight, regular CJ has 1U or 1UB. Difference in a CJ and SCJ mostly in short block to increase durability, heavier rods required different balancing and external counterweight behind the balance, All 3.91 and 4.30 gear equipped cars received SCJ motor and external oil cooler in 69.Top end of engine same as CJ. Rare to see this option in formal roof car. These were classified as Cobras instead of Torinos even though they shared the same bodies. Torino name is nowhere on it.

  15. RJ

    I call bs that it was put away in 72. More like put away 25 years ago after several family members and or friends had a go at it. Driver side damage looks like it met up with a tree or a couple trees in a ditch.

    • Rocco Member

      That’s what I was thinking.

  16. Jim

    As of 6:30pm 11/18 it’s up to $7,000. For the general condition, sheet metal, rust, searching for some needed parts and if the A pillar was tweaked in the accident that caused the door and fender damage, that’s about all its worth. To go higher you’d have to go over the casting numbers of the engine ect, if the scj was replaced with a regular 428(which happened cause people didn’t want to wait for a scj to be available), also all the unique parts to a Cobra(oil and trans coolers, ram air filter asm, staggered shocks). I know from restoring my own ’69 fastback Torino GT how hard it us to get some of those parts. Sheet metal is available but SCJ and Drag Pack parts cost plenty when you find them, it ain’t like restoring a mustang, credit card and build a car. I’ve enjoyed the search for parts and I have the luxury of time, not everyone does. Very cool car however but a big job.

  17. erikj

    To keithk, That is the most awesome comment ever on b/f. I vote you in as comedian of the year. LOL

  18. Steven Visek

    Just sold for $7K. Wasn’t for me but someone picked up a great project. Hope to see it in one of the musclecar mags when completed.

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  19. Steven Visek

    Well, it was sold but then relisted, now at $4,900 and bid currently at $1,025 with “Reserve not met.”

    According to the listing: “I am relisting this car due to a NON-PAYING BIDDER!! AND HAVE ALSO DECIDED TO KEEP THE MOTOR. The decision to keep the motor was made because it was a service block and did not match the car and can be used for one of our other projects! EVERYTHING ELSE WILL GO IN THE AUCTION–The oil cooler, the numbers matching C-6 Cast-iron tailshaft “R” servo transmission! I will also be keeping the ram air as well…..”

    Still a neat project, but without the engine not sure it’s worth much.

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    • Jason

      That later auction ended at $2,025, reserve not met.

  20. Philip

    Without the engine, service block or not, the project is worth a lot less. taking the motor removes the resto-mod-able. Non matching number removes matching number restoration. Now you have 2 ways to go, maybe a Coyote powered street car, or all out racer. The shell as a roller is worth considerably less because it need so much work and is a low option car, besides the Trac-Loc differential.

    IMO, you’ll be lucky to get 4900.00$ for it unless the buyer is a rube, or doesn’t car about owing a car worth 20K$ when done with 40K$ invested. Its better to just find one numbers matching and completed for 25-35K$, let someone else take the hit and do the (leg) work putting it together.

    I wouldn’t pay more that 4K for that body, and only that because of the Marti report description.

  21. Albert Cantu

    I know this thread is a few years old. I just purchased car and all parts from a fellow in Midland, Texas. Does anyone have any contact information to the original owner that posted this on eBay a few years ago ?? Thanks in advance for any help.

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