Dreamy Survivor: 1957 Cadillac Coupe De Ville

In the classic car world it seems like much of the terminology can be exaggerated, or blindly looked over. Although every once in a while you find a classic that just makes your heart skip a beat. That is exactly the reaction I had looking at this gorgeous 1957 Cadillac Coupe De Ville. Described as a completely original survivor, it would seem that is exactly what this Caddy is. With stunning styling, and in breathe taking condition, this 60,165 mile Cadillac is offered for the buy it now price of $19,800. Check out this stunner here on eBay out of Chicago, Illinois.

While I believe that much of this car is original and untouched, I am having a difficult time believing how clean the engine compartment is. The radiator support and air conditioning condenser is incredibly clean, making me curious if it has been touched up, or perhaps replaced. Who knows, that could very well be original paint. Dust is present in the bay, and there is some very minor surface rust to be seen, only after carefully searching for it. Equipped with factory air conditioning, it is clear that the system is not operable due to a missing belt. I also assume the missing belt to be code for the a/c system needing some work. Described as a smooth runner, the seller believes the carb needs to be serviced, and I would also plan on cleaning the tank and lines as well.

A Cadillac just isn’t a Cadillac if it lacks a stylish and luxurious interior which this beauty certainly has. With cream leather, and black and silver woven upholstery, the bench seat is in great condition considering its age. There is some cracking in the leather, and there are also a few shoe scuffs on the lower portion of the seat. Beyond the leather cracks, the interior appears without fault, much like this Caddy would have appeared 60 years ago. Even the door jamb section is impeccably clean with no apparent dirt or rust to be seen. Taking on the drivers view from the front seat and you are greeted by a most beautiful dash that awaits your every input. The chrome of the dash glistens wonderfully, while a lovely glow comes from the maroon paint. The only major condition issue I see is that the colored finish is well worn on the upper portion of the steering wheel. Restoring the wheel would likely “make” the interior, and I imagine it would not stand out from the rest of the original condition components.

It takes only a few seconds to fall in love with this two door delight. The aesthetics are incredibly pleasing to the eye, and the matte finish paint has a certain charm almost proving this cars originality and age. If the paint finish isn’t appealing to you, the paint could certainly be polished to offer a shine. The photos and the seller both describe that there are no rust issues when it comes to this finned survivor. From the underside view, there is only minor surface rust to be seen with undercoating and some dirt. The bright work is fantastic and all accounted for with no blatant damage or pitting to be seen. The body is absolutely charming with its styling lines, and its arrow straight body work. Mesmerizing and thrilling, many of us can only dream of finding a survivor this nice. Would you pay the buy it now price for this wonderful survivor?


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  1. Andre

    Stunning. Reasonable price too given the car in question and the right number of doors.

    … My lady would like a Caddy SRX SUV.. bet she’d be so much happier with this……

    • UpsetCaddyOwner

      Avoid the SRX, I own one and the CUE infotainment system is a joke. The cars are made in Mexico so don’t get any ideas that it’s an American made car. A BMW X5 is made in the US (Carolina… I think) and they hold resell value unlike the SRX.

      • Jimbot

        There are no “American” made cars – get over it, it’s not the 70’s anymore.

      • Sal

        But it depends on who you want to give your money to. A foreign company or an American Company?

  2. Alan Brase

    A 1957(and 1958, to some degree) Cadillac represent to me the high point of the previous 12 years of Cadillac styling evolution, before the excesses of 1959 and 60.
    I actually once owned a 1957 Sedan deVille, and loved it. It seems kind of a waste to have that huge back seat and no easy way onto it. But the coupe carries out the designer’s message the best.
    This car is a beauty. Great color and it seems pretty much all the same. Not totally sure it is original. I think the door jamb and lock plates show a respray. I think a 1957 should have an oil bath air cleaner, also. I don’t understand why it has an Audi battery instead of an old group 27. Maybe they had one?
    Is it worth $20k? Not in today’s market. But close. If you could buy it for $16k, it would be money well spent.
    Still needs some detailing, but that’s what God made Saturdays for.

    • whmracer99

      This is one of those I’d have to lay my hands on. On the cover it looks to be a great quality survivor as advertised and it’s a sweet ride overall. But, this kind of smells like a car that someone resprayed in a mat finish to create a faux faded finish with a clean engine compartment and interior. Just some clues like the way the exhaust was done and the inconsistencies in the engine compartment make me wonder if there aren’t some surprises lying under the paint and carpet. Am more than willing to defer to someone who knows more about these cars than me.

    • Shawn Fox Firth

      I agree , to me the 7th year of most decades seem to be a high point style wise

    • the one

      it is always easy to get in the back seat, with the right person, that is..
      Can you say ” Drive in movie?”

    • tim spann

      Yes, the 57-58 Cadillacs are it. I own (2) 58 coupes, but look forward to owning a 1957 as well in the future. The maroon paint is quite rare, and should look stunning if it was polished. I would have a serious debate as to repaint this particular vehicle, as it certainly has strong original patina. All in all, an appealing selection.

  3. Fred W.

    For once I can say “That’ll buff out…” and actually mean it!

  4. Anthony R from RI

    Not the original paint. The paint code on the body tag is 48 – 12. That translates to Dusty Rose with a White top. A nice combo. This car was likely repainted in the Sixties. Maroon was a very popular GM color in the mid sixties

  5. Rex Kahrs Member

    Looks like Dusty Rose on the firewall behind the brake booster.

  6. ACZ

    Nice car. Makes me miss my old 58 convert all the more.

  7. craig m bryda

    Wrong wheel covers .!

  8. Alan Brase

    I agree about the wheel covers. The coolest wheels you could get would be the original alloy Eldorado wheels in gold or silver. They would look great with black wall tires. Kind a of a muscular look, which would go well with this car.

  9. Loco Mikado

    The front view looks like a fancy ’57 Chevrolet with larger Dagmar’s which it mostly is. Like the front half of the car, the rear half not so much.

  10. Jonathan

    My father brought home a new 1958 but the fins extended back and the garage door wouldn’t close. So the next day he came home with a white 1957 convertible, but we lived in a cool climate and he decided against the convertible, so the next day he came home with a lavender ’57 Coupe de Ville with a white top. Most beautiful car ever made. Six months before I went off to college, he traded it in, perfect condition, 72,000 miles, got $500 for it. Probably not an ideal college car, but I would have babied it and worshipped it. I still think they are the most beautiful cars ever made.

  11. Rob M.

    Beautiful car. Wish it was mine.

  12. Steve in Charlotte

    Beautiful body style from the year of my birth. Check out this locally (near Charlotte, NC) owned ’57 pictured a few weeks ago at a local cruise-in. Note the license plate. :)

    • Alan Brase

      Sweet. That’s the long 4 door one. Fleetwood. I never figured out Caddy’s model number system, but think the Fleetwoods were 60 series and the devilles were 62 series.
      MPG is not THAT bad, I’d expect 12-16 mpg.

      • Steve in Charlotte

        I spoke with the couple who owns the car…nice folks. He got the license plate as a joke. It actually has disc brakes and a Chevrolet engine however I don’t remember which one.

    • Mountainwoodie

      Notice the back up lights in the trunk on the blue one .Whats up with that?

  13. Alan Brase

    Disc brakes- maybe, especially if you drove in the mountains a lot. Chevy engine- an answer to a question no one asked. What is the upside? Better fuel economy, perhaps. Longevity? Hard to convince me. More power, for sure, but the stock Caddy motor will cruise happily at 80. WHO would even drive an old car 80 for a long distance? So it saves you 100 gallons a year. $300 a year. Costs $10-15k? Do the math.

  14. Ben T. Spanner

    My high school friend’s Mother had a very light blue 1957 Coupe Deville. They lived 1/2 mile from their chicken restaurant. Each Spring, we would jack it up with a borrowed floor jack and stands and replace the exhaust sytem. We learned to use never seize on the bolts and to get the guarantee, (2 or 3 years from NAPA).

    We also waxed it with Blue Coral. Lots and lots of work.

    My Uncle would get the first available Coupe Deville each Fall. Always off- white with alternating brown or green interiors. No air. His last was a 1958. We always joked that the looks of the 1959 killed him. His widow learned to drive in 1965 and ordered an off-white Cadillac Coupe (Calais ?) with brown cloth and no air.

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