Drive It Home: 1983 Ford Mustang GLX

While Fox Bodies are a dime a dozen, the early cars with their four square headlights are harder to find in presentable condition. This GLX-spec convertible features the 3.8L Essex V6 and is said to be a reliable driver despite its status as a storage bin in the seller’s garage. Find it here on eBay with an opening bid of $1,700 and no action yet. 

These are far from valuable, and the seller may be wise to cut this one loose before investing too heavily in it. The only major issues of note are a convertible top that needs replacing and evidence of a light front hit that affected the bumper and fender on the passenger side. These GLX trim cars were like the Ghia in that they were more focused on luxury and comfort than performance and looks.

The seller claims the 3.8L six-cylinder mill fires right up every time and that he wouldn’t hesitate to drive it anywhere. The automatic transmission was recently rebuilt and the motor has no known issues (aside from being short two cylinders.) The seller has recently rebuilt the carburetor, installed new fuel and air filters, flushed the cooling tank, and installed new wiper blades.

The interior was removed for a proper carpet cleaning. Unfortunately, despite being cleaned, the carpet hasn’t been re-installed, a somewhat tedious process that I’ve not enjoyed the two times I’ve done it. The seller says all that’s needed before taking this Mustang across the country is for the seats to be dropped back in, and of course, a new top if you expect to encounter rain on your road trip.

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  1. jw454

    I had one that was very similar. It had set for twenty years when I bought it. The original owner died shortly after she bought it and her husband just couldn’t sell it so it sat. Once he decided to let it go he offered it to me. It was a pretty good little car. I installed a new gas tank and after some other maintenance it was ready for the road.

    • jw454


      • jw454

        top down

  2. j liu

    What fun…some assembly required.
    Too many nice, read, “complete, assembled, driveable” vehicles out there to go for this.

  3. Kenneth Carney

    @JW454: Nice car man! Did yours have
    the V-6 mill in it or is it the 4-banger instead? And are the rims original to your
    car as well? Looking at yoir car gives me
    some confidence that this could be a
    nice uncle-neice project if bought cheaply
    enough. My neice is a car gal who isn’t
    afraid of getting dirty or breaking a nail
    doing it. She really loves Mustangs and
    building this one together will also teach
    her about how cars really work. Too bad
    their isn’t a new top included in the sale.
    That would sweeten the deal for me. I
    think I’ll have a look at the e-bay listing
    before I decide. Night all!

    • Jett

      Those wheels are off of a ‘91-93 GT or 5.0 LX. Lots of owners put them on older models, as it gives you more options for performance tires than the 14 or 15 inch wheels of the era.

      • jw454

        Jett is correct. I did some swapping around to get the wheels. I don’t remember what it had on it when got it but, it was some sort of a factory aluminum wheel that I didn’t care for. I ended up having about $1900.00 in the car after the wheels and other work it needed. That of course was 2005/2006 dollars. Mine had the V6 like the feature car. Eventually, something else came along and it went on down the road. It still had less than 25K miles on it when I sold it. It’s one I should have kept.

  4. Dan

    We have an 86 Mustang Convert with the V6/auto. Not the fastest car in my fleet (73 Mustang Convert/ 76 MGB) but it is the goto car for relaxing drives in the country or going shopping. This era of Mustang drives like a modern car with tight suspension, and modern feel. The old mustang has skinny steering wheel and drives like a 70’s car. That is not bad just not as relaxed.

  5. Joe werling

    I sold my 83 glx conv for 4900.00 7 months ago and mine was totally restored by me of course but my 3.8 v6 didn’t look like this one. Sorry but you have a 4 banger

  6. Wrong Way

    There is a reason these Mustangs are a dime a dozen! The square Mustangs, or Fox bodied are what I have always referred to as Mustang wanna bees! Sorry, Fox guys this is coming from a guy that now has 13 real horses stashed away! However, I don’t have one wanna be in the bunch! They just never represented the heritage of the Mustang at all! Just to be fair tho, all car companies during this era also butchered up their best sports cars! Just to keep the Feds happy!

    • grant

      Holy crap!!! That’s a lot of exclamation points!!!! Its ok to end sentences other ways!! And Fox chassis Mustangs are about as old as the originals were when the Fox’s were made!!! Huge aftermarket custom and performance parts market!!!! Absolute essence of what Mustang has always been!!! And if these “never represented what Mustang is about” what the hell about the “Mustang, too?!?!” Mustang has always been a sporty performance car for a relatively reasonable price with an available V8!! No they aren’t the same as they were in 65, but its NOT 1965 ANYMORE!!! Take it with a grain of salt, it’s all in good fun!!! Have a great day!!!

      • Wrong Way

        Apparently little boy! You have a lot of growing and learning to do! It’s all good it’s not English class it is a post however! Go troll yourself! Why do you think Ford came back to the older body style with a modern touch? You should know! You seem to think you know everything! Now go to bed little boy, it’s definitely past year nap time!

      • grant

        Hahahahaha don’t take yourself so seriously. I don’t need to troll anyone, you’ve done it beautifully. Peace.

    • M.C.S.

      Mr. Way, no offense, but you’re coming off as kind of nasty in the way that you’re treating grant over here.

      Everyone is entitled to their own automotive opinion (you included!), but that doesn’t give you the right to put others down like that. You seem to think that grant is being pretentious, all the while you appear to be the one acting as such to a far greater extent. (And grant definitely never implied that he or she “knows everything”, that was your own misinterpretation.)

      Also, “little boys” aren’t usually concerned with the proper use of punctuation, so that certainly let’s grant off the hook!

      I personally never cared that much for the first generation Mustangs, mainly due to my dislike of the aesthetics of their headlight/grille setup (though they’re still cool and worthy of appreciation). And I always liked the very early Fox bodied notch-backs because they just seemed unique and a bit different… and definitely under-appreciated. Another unpopular opinion of mine: I always thought that the square – bodied Ford Fairmonts looked awesome.

      But I love cars as old as your favorite Mustangs and far, far older (in fact, most of my all time favorite vehicles are in the latter category). And I’m sure grant likes them, too. Liking a wide diversity of cars goes to show just how appreciative of the automotive arts and culture a fan really is.


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