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Driver Wanted: 1977 Cadillac Fleetwood


There was a time when it seemed like old Cadillac limos were on practically every street corner, if not parked near the seedy joints in town. This 1977 Cadillac Fleetwood limo here on eBay is a bit of a survivor, with a clean interior and straight panels that could use a repaint. Is it just me, or are these venerable luxo-barges becoming fashionable again after years of being throwaway cars? 


These limos have made cameo appearances in almost any 80s movie about wealth or Wall Street; most recently, I can remember its role as the primary means of income for the hapless Jim Carrey in the original Dumb and Dumber movie. I doubt this car has any Hollywood ties in its history, but you never know. Its location in New Jersey may at least indicate it spent some time ferrying executives in the Big Apple.


This interior shot along with all the other photos reveals a livery vehicle free from any major messes or remnants of prom parties. That’s refreshing, considering most limos suffer the ills of increasingly cheaper riders as the cars grow older. Given the complexities of piping air conditioning and heat throughout a stretched vehicle, I’d want a clean bill of health on the HVAC system before taking the plunge.


And there’s the trunk that can swallow luggage, golf clubs, mortal enemies and bad drivers with ease. Of course, it likely just ate a lot of suitcases in its day, but you never know – it is in New Jersey. There’s a reserve with an opening bid of $2,500, which is a bit ambitious at the moment. Open the bidding at $1,000 and let’s see what happens. What would you pay for this vestige of power and wealth?


  1. Jim

    This car might not have many fans but it is a part of history and deserves to be maintained if not restored. I always liked the 1985-1987 Factory FWD Caddy limos too. They are very rare but I’m not sure if they have any real value.

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  2. Jose

    It’s you, Jeff. (smile)

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  3. piper62j

    These cars always remind me of being the second vehicle in a funeral procession.

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  4. ImpalaGuy

    Look, a “real” limo instead of the stretched sedan which seems much more common. Youngsters think it it the length of the vehicle that makes it a limousine, but in this case length does not matter. Here’s how to tell the difference; if you are sitting in the back seat and armrest you are using is attached to the door, sorry, you are in a “sedan” and it doesn’t matter how far away the driver is seated from you.

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  5. boxdin

    This is a real Fleetwood factory car, not some stretch. I drive limos for years and in 1986 or so I was assigned a fwd small limo stretched 48 inches and I really liked that car. It fit in my garage so I didn’t have to wash it all the time. I was told it was originally for the Chock Full of Nuts CEO & family. Once they are 2-3 yrs old limo values drop like crazy coz no one wants them w 100k miles on it.

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  6. Gerry

    These limos probably now will start to increase in value because of their uniqueness and scarcity.
    Interior looks good. Owner says “clear coat can be buffed out ” . Don’t believe clear coat can be buffed. Needs a re-paint.

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  7. Ceezy

    Now if only I had a driver, lol

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  8. Alan (Michigan)

    With the price of Premium fuel right about $2/gallon right now, these might even be driveable on more days of the week than Sunday.

    Agreed on the need for paint. One of the sad things which GM found out too late, is that some plastic compounds just disappear after exposure to a few years of sunlight.
    Witness the plastic bits which take up the space between the steel body, and the chrome bumper/taillight housings. Guaranteed that they are mostly putty. I have seen so many Caddies of this vintage which just have big gaps where the filler panels used to be.

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  9. Michael Jacobs

    Love the interior with glass divider…but to me still the best looking factory limo is the 1976 model….

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