Driving In A Bubble: 1955 Messerschmitt KR200

'55 Messerschmitt right side

The Messerschmitt KR-200 was produced between February 1955 and December 1966. The bubble canopy is the most distinctive feature of this three wheeler. Listed here on eBay and parked in Leawood, Kansas, this 1955 Messerchmitt KR-200 has a high bid of $9,106 and a rather unusual paint job.

'55 Messerschmitt drive train

The drive-train is pictured above. The engine is an air-cooled 199cc 1-cylinder, 2-stroke said to produce 10 bhp. The VIN is #55776 and the odometer shows 5,259 miles (could that be kilometers?). The owner states the “motor is free with good compression”. This Messerschmitt was purchased from the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum in 2005 by the previous owner, so at least some of the car’s history is known.

'55 Messerschmitt int.

This interior looks like something straight out of the Jetsons! It looks like it would be fun and quite interesting to drive!

'55 Messerschmitt seat

Parts that are included with this package include: rear seat frame assembly, blue tint dome shown in photo, glass windshield, Bing carburetor, air box, steel battery box, fiberglass rear fender, new dash lights, new ignition switch. Images of these and more are included in the ad.

'55 Messerschmitt rear right

What else is in these sheds? OK, back to the bubble, there are some missing pieces according to the owner: wiper motor & assembly, rear seat upholstery, side windows, original exhaust pipe, rubber trim, mirrors and the gear shift lever on the engine. If you have any questions there is a number provided to contact the seller. The micro-car bubble continues to expand, are you living in a bubble or do you want to drive/ride around in one?




  1. Matt Tritt

    I’ve gottta ask the question: What kind of person would inflict this cosmetic damage to a car that had the original, and great looking, red paint complete with factory logo? And then spraying the interior with Zolatone? Such a neat, rare car with such a terrible paint attack!

    • Robert Member

      Matt Tritt,

      The owner says that the car is now just in primer. The car has not been coated in a color yet.

  2. francisco

    I liked it better as an airplane.

  3. Rob

    Only will say one sentence: “They’re a ball to drive, ‘n light as a feather caught in a wind; ‘course when you’re drivin’ it, and you look out the window, all ya’ll see of the car next to you is his door handle, and to your passenger it can be a tad scary, ha.. ”

    This pic is of its predecessor, a ’53 KR 175.. kinda/sorta puts it all into perspective.

    • Walter Joy

      4 soldiers could lift an original Willys Jeep out of a ditch

      • z1rider

        Are you sure? That would work out to a little over 600 lbs apiece. If Wikipedia’s listing of 2453 lbs can be believed.

  4. Barry T

    10 hp? Good grief, you would need a push to get up a hill. Quite a little death trap.

  5. JW

    First attempt at a Smart Car, I’m not a fan of those either.

  6. RayT Member

    I really enjoyed driving a KR 200 some years ago. It takes a LOT of getting used to, of course, but for short runs in town it’s not quite as bothersome as you’d think. I’d guess experience as a WWII fighter pilot would help…. I drove a BMW Isetta the same day, and that felt like a normal car after the KR.

    I’m not sure there’s any legal way you could attract more attention!

  7. John K

    Good enough for Elvis, good enough for me.

  8. z1rider

    What’s the spring at the front of the seat for? If it were at the back, with the seat frame hinged at the front as it appears to be I wouldn’t be asking.

    • Matt Tritt

      The seat spring serves as a dampner for the bouncy rear passenger compartment, much like the old “hard tail” motorcycles. For some good Messerschmidt clips see the movie “Brasil”. Great movie!

      • MikeH

        Are you sure that’s the complete name? I looked on Netflix and couldn’t find it.

      • z1rider

        ??? HMM. Maybe its the angle of the picture but that spring looks to be attached to the middle of the front of the seat frame at the top, and attached to nothing at all at the bottom. If not then I could see where that spring is attached to the right side of the seat, but I would expect there would be another matching spring on the other side.

      • Matt Tritt

        Mike H – Netflix might not have it. Maybe try Brazil?

      • Matt Tritt

        Brazil, 1985…. It’s even available on youtube.

      • MikeH

        Brazil–got it! Don’t know why I didn’t think to use the English spelling. Thanks.

  9. Marty Member

    That’s not an “unusual paint job”, it’s called a “guide coat”. It’s deliberately light overspray applied on top of primer. When doing final sanding and preparation before paint, it will reveal low spots or other small imperfections in the surface, before the point of no return, that is before the expensive and shiny paint is applied.

    • Robert Member


      Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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