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Driving the Duster

Ride along as we take our 1974 Plymouth Duster out for a spin. As you probably already know, we are selling this well-preserved car in order to focus on something that looks a little more like it came out of a barn. It has been exciting to own a real survivor car though and we are grateful that we had a chance to be part of its history. The Duster will be great investment for a collector, but the Volvo suits us just fine! Please let us know what you think of the video. If everyone likes the concept, we may create more albeit with some mics!


  1. Avatar photo Other Josh

    There was also the Plymouth Twister, which was kind of a sporty trim package, kind of like the Dodge Demon. Cool car, I love the condition. Can’t wait to see you guys fix up the Volvo!

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  2. Avatar photo Don Sicura

    I don’t know about the car, but the camera you are using certainly has a great picture quality.

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  3. Avatar photo fred

    I’m a pro videographer and agree the picture is great! To improve the sound using the camera mic, mount the camera on the window glass next to whoever is doing the most talking and it will pick up much more voice than road noise. Angle the cam so that driver and passenger can be seen. Would love to see more of these!

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    • Avatar photo Josh Staff

      Hey Fred! Thanks for the advice! I come from more of a photography background, so the video stuff is still new to me, but I’m learning! We are actually going to get lavalier mics so that we don’t have to depend on the internal mic. It will add a little extra work, but being able to hear both of us equally will be well worth it! If you have any more advice on how we can improve the videos, please let me know!

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  4. Avatar photo jim s

    it has been a while since i have driven or been in a vehicle with ” tighten up belts ” as we used to call them. i think there is a fix but can not remember what it was. cloths pins sometime worked, i think. car sounds great. good work with the video. thanks for taking us along for the drive.

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  5. Avatar photo Charlie L

    Cool car, bad video. Comon guys you can do better.

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    • Avatar photo Jesse Staff

      You’re right, we could do better. Gotta start somewhere though.

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  6. Avatar photo DT

    Im on dial-up, so my computer gets confused when there is a video

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  7. Avatar photo erikj

    I liked the video very well. That was great. I am very well versed in the duster as I have love them since my first 71 340duster back in high school in 1978. since than I’ve had dozens of them in various options. Even had a gold duster as yours. Watching the video sure brought back that car to me. Fast forward to now I have a Factory fc7 Purple 3spd twister( I think) Its factory bucket And has a 8 3/4 rear. love it and learned to love the purple. It will have the correct blacked out top including the black going up and around the drip rail like it should be. Hate it when I see cars painted with just the hood black. Wrong!!!!

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  8. Avatar photo John

    By all means keep the slant six as this survivor should be kept as original as possible. Beside what’s so bad about better gas mileage? Also I had forgotten what a pain the seatbelts were back in the 70’s. Loved the video, nice job.

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  9. Avatar photo Barry Thomas

    Good idea once you have those (very) minor bugs worked out. Like to see you wearing your seat belt, though. My brother had a similar Duster back in the day, but with a 318, 4 speed. I see that the bids are also adding up.
    Barry Thomas’ “Wheel to wheel” blog

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  10. Avatar photo Charlie

    Great idea, the video, do it again with the next car. But in CA you would have gotten two tickets, one for not putting on the seat belt, and one for rolling through a stop sign. And, those “head restraints” are there for a reason – you need to pull them up! Friend is quadriplegic with some use of arms and legs after being in a rear ender, stopped at a light, with back seat middle headrest way down and broken neck. Others in car, two adults in front, two kids in car seats, were just fine.

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    • Avatar photo Josh Staff

      We are planning on it Charlie and we are going to try to get all the kinks worked out before we do the next one! It’s a lot of work doing them and to be honest it is kind of intimidating, but it is definitely fun. As Jesse said, we got to start somewhere and now that we have a little experience doing them, they can only get better!
      Sorry to hear about your friend, but it is definitely a good reminder to be more diligent about proper use of safety equipment. It might even be good for us to do a story about how to properly add and use safety equipment in your classic car. Our Volvo has seat belts, but they probably should be replaced and the seats lack headrests, which is something we already plan to address. Many classics lack seat belts completely, I know my Fiat 124 needs a set, and we want everyone to enjoy their classics as safely as possible. Don’t be surprised if you see a post about how to install belts in a Fiat and one about adding seats with headrests to a Volvo!

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      • Avatar photo Fred

        I’m a stickler for safety- have a ’51 Kaiser Deluxe and added not just lap belts but 3 point retractable shoulder belts to mine, actually pretty easy in this particular car. View a few crash tests and you can tell quickly that the belts are doing 90% of the lifesaving, air bags just soften things up a bit.

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  11. Avatar photo Stuart

    I think the video is a cool idea…we aren’t looking for professional quality, even Jay Leno’s videos are a little rough around the edges. This car made me think of the Dodge Dart Swinger, approx. ’73 that a neighbor used to drive my sister and I to school in. It was embarrassing (purple) but beat walking to school in Upstate NY in the middle of winter. Hey, I have a Jeep Commando collection, and a barn, maybe you guys would be interested in those??!!

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  12. Avatar photo franck

    did anyone hear them say it was a 1874 Duster

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