Dual Personality: 1964 Chrysler New Yorker

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Besides the fact that this 1964 Chrysler New Yorker station wagon, also known as a Town & Country model, is not the standard fare of found wagons these days, it also harbors a dual personality – one outside and the other inside. El Monte, California is where this big Mopar calls home, and it’s intriguing enough to review in detail. If you’re interested, it’s available, here on craigslist for $12,500.

It appears that Chrysler offered two “Town & Country” station wagons in ’64, a six or nine-passenger Newport and a notch-up nine-passenger New Yorker such as our subject car. Both wagons feature “hardtop” styling with the lack of a B-pillar and it makes quite a styling statement on what some would consider to be a dowdy station wagon body. The exterior of today’s find is a bit rough with faded paint, dents, and rust. While the rust is mostly surface in nature, there is some evidence of perforation. Fortunately. most of the trim is in place though the passenger side tailgate bump stop is missing – it’s a small item but probably next to impossible to find.

OK, now that you’ve soaked up the exterior, get a load of the interior! The seller states, “interior has been redid“. Yessir, it sure been redid! The blue button and tufted vinyl seat upholstery and door panels are a thing of beauty! It also appears that the carpet got in on the act, and maybe the headliner too. Unfortunately, I can’t get a glimpse of the cargo area so there’s no telling what’s going on back there. This interior redo is a real surprise and probably an expensive one at that. It seems that most usually commence a restoration on the outside and then work indoors but that’s hardly the case here.

There is no description of what lies beneath the hood but we know from research that the ’64 New Yorker came equipped with a “FirePower 340” which is a 340 gross HP 413 CI V8 – in this case working through a TorqueFlite automatic transmission. The listing states, “Motor does run but needs carburetor“. The mileage is unlisted so how much remaining potential life the big V8 has going for it is unknown.

This one is definitely a head-scratcher but in a good way. The seller makes no mention if he redid the interior or if a previous owner undertook the task, perhaps with the intention of performing a full restoration. Whatever the case, this Chrysler has a nice head start toward total rejuvenation. And the fact that this is a seldomly seen Chrysler New Yorker station wagon makes it all that much more a special find, wouldn’t you agree?

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  1. Fahrvergnugen FahrvergnugenMember

    Wow. That’s one Tale of Two Seaties.

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  2. jjb

    You say $9800. I click and mine says $12500.?
    (Not able to attach a screenshot)

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    • Jim ODonnellAuthor

      Well, it does now, but it was $9,800 when I completed the post a few hours ago. I’ve changed it to match the seller’s stated price.


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      • Tman

        How old are those wide stripe whitewall tires?

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  3. Chunk

    It’s enough to make me wish I were a skilled body-and-paint man…

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  4. tiger66

    You could get a 6-passenger New Yorker wagon as well. Both the Newport and the New Yorker series offered 6- and 9-passenger Town & Country wagons.

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  5. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskeyMember

    Wow – O – Wow, In 1969 my dad and I went to the local Chrysler-Plymouth dealer here in Maryland, to find me a more modern car as I was going off to College, and my parents didn’t want me driving my “old Packard”.

    On the lot was this exact car [or it’s identical twin]. White with blue leather interior with the ultra-rare bucket seats & center armrest, and reclining right seat with adjustable headrest [not shown – may be hard to find]. That wagon had dual A/C as well. I cannot imagine that from a pretty low production number for 9-seat New Yorker T & C wagons, there would be 2 identical ones. As I recall, the car had under 20,000 miles on it, and it looked beautiful.

    I love station wagons, and the ’64 Wagon was in my price range of under $500 [it was $400]. I wanted it. However my dad yelled for me to come and see another car he found: A 1966 Plymouth Fury convertible, red with black interior & top, and a rare 440 V8. The plymouth had the very rare “Turbine” wheel covers too, and the car was damn near mint with only about 12,000 miles. Problem was the price was $900. The salesman quickly came down to $700 because it was the last week of August, and they didn’t want it to sit on the lot thru the winter. Dad really wanted me to get the Fury over the NY Wagon, so he offered to loan me the $200 difference, so I drove the Convertible home that afternoon.

    Last year I ran the Fury’s VIN thru an online database, and found it was for sale in Pennsylvania, about an hour away. But in looking at the photos, I realized the car had extreme amounts of body & frame rot, rough interior and top, and a more modern 383 V8. Nope, had to pass.

    Over the years I have wished I could have bought that wagon too, but that wasn’t possible. I wish I could buy this wagon now, but I’m on the other side of the country, I’m too old and I’ve got nowhere to work on it. So like the convertible, I have to pass on this one as well.

    As for the rubber bumper on the tailgate, ALL the Mopar 9-passenger wagons from 1957 to 1964 used those pads. So it should be fairly easy to find a good used one.

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  6. Billy

    Now you have found one of the best 60s Chryslers to leave Jefferson Avenue. I was born in Detroit and have Chrysler blood in me. The 63 and 64 New Yorker T/Cs were among the finest in their day. They were excellent tow vehicles to be sure. They were totally on their element with a 20 ft trailer hitched behind it, with plenty of cargo and passengers. It would easily flatten most grades the High Sierra Mountains could provide. The 64s were just recovering from the 62 design issue, that said, conservative as it looked, it was. But it really knew what to do no matter what the road conditions. Ours was white over the same light blue vinyl as this one has. Ours had the optionally available 383 cu. A 4 door hardtop, with the usual options, including Air Conditioning, which was becoming very common by then in southern California. It was mechanically always on it’s game. However the interior materials didn’t seem to hold up as well as the Fords of that era. It was comfortable, well handling, and had a lot of personality. The sound of it’s duel exhaust, the loving sound of the Highland Park Hummingbird starter, and of course the sounds of the push button drive buttons being depressed, and the first gear Tourqueflight, trans whinning out, were all Chrysler sounds we loved to hear. We miss that big powerful Chrysler and wish we still had one. We are greatful for having such great American car memories. I would recommend this Chrysler wagon to anyone. You wouldn’t regret it

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  7. RNR

    As soon as I saw the interior pics I lost my objection over the $12,500 ask. You you do a good paint job on this at and that price not be underwater on a striking car.

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    • Gary

      You’re forgetting the rust repairs and taking a big chance on the motor. If it “needs a carburetor,” it’s not running. And however rare, a station wagon does not pull good money whatever the condition. Unless one were a body-man with their own shop, or a skilled mechanic, I think it would be difficult to break even at the seller’s old price of $9,800.

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      • RNR

        The CL ad says it “does run, but needs a carburetor”. And I’m in Massachusetts; I’m not forgetting about rust, from where I sit I don’t see anything to be afraid of.

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      • Herman

        I know cars, and you would have to rebuild the car from the ground up. engine will have to be rebuild piston, rocket arms. Everything. Paint is the least of the problems. I would only give 2000.more than that, no way.

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  8. Joe Haska

    If you are a MOPAR guy this could be the holy grail. A 4- door hard top station wagon. How cool is that!

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  9. geezerglide 85

    I think Chrysler got it’s moneys worth out of this body (the wagon body) started as the 61 Plymouth and was used by Chrysler and Dodge 880 from ’62 to ’64. These were great looking cars and if that 413 is a runner you won’t be disappointed. Love that interior, that was not cheap.

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  10. HCMember

    Wow, this 64 Town and Country wagon sure has alot of presence, and after that interior is mostly done you’re way ahead of the game. Two tone colors on exterior paint would really pop. If the asking price is $12,500 is it’s asking price it will be gone soon. Great find.

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  11. Alessandra

    “Redid” ?? Does he mean “redone” !!! Good LORD..would people on here PLEASE learn the English language!!

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