Dual-Purpose: 1955 Chevrolet Pickup

1955 Chevy Pickup

A little car is great for the daily commute – it’s easy on fuel, comfortable, and sometimes even fun to drive. But when there’s junk to haul, you wish you had a truck. I daily drive my classic car right now, but sometime I think I should just get an econo-car and leave the classic at home. Then there’s the dilemma of what will I use to move furniture? How about a classic pickup? Then I kill two birds with one stone. I’d be able to make Home Depot runs and still have an old car to tinker with. Well, I think this Chevy I found here on eBay could fit the bill.

Worn In

It’s well-worn, but runs and is almost ready to work. The engine may turn, but the brakes don’t stop so you will want to go through those before going anyway. I’d leave the exterior alone, but treat as much of the rust underneath as possible. Let’s just hope the seller’s reserve is realistic because the price is getting up there. I mean, come on, this thing has gotta haul garbage to the dump on Saturdays! So, do any of you follow this dual-purpose classic mentality?


  1. Marty Member

    I’m a believer. Dual purpose works for me.

    Lots has been said and written about old cars with “patina”, and this truck sure has it. It’s really uniform and perfect.

  2. Frankie Paige

    Me too, fun to drive and ?
    Very nice truck, it’s up to $9000 and he reserve is not met, for a truck with no brakes the seller should have it ready to drive.

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    • Tyler

      That’s some long coin for this one, especially with no brakes, no pic of the usual rust spots and what looks like a disgustingly ratty seat! Makes me optimistic about selling my 59 next spring, though!

  3. MacVaugh

    Where is the link to the auction?

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Oops, sorry about that. The link has been added. Thanks for catching that!

  4. Lee H.

    Nice truck, I’d fix the brakes and drive it as is, but the price is out of my ball park.

  5. Steve

    Same color the 55 big window ive had since 1984. Mine STILL need restoring, but has at least been blasted and primed. Previous owner primed and bondoed ove original paint and rust. :(

  6. Steve

    No link to ad!

  7. jim s

    the link to Ebay is not working for me on this one but i found the truck. i like my trucks cheap, already dented, but new enought the have shoulder belts ( so a car seat can be used ). a wagon also works. but the best deal is a light duty, low cost trailer or two. then you can put a trailer hitch on whatever classic vehicle your driving. also works great for someone who changes vehicles a lot.

  8. Frode Willmann

    Best way to have a hobby vehicle. A trip hauling stuff one day ore “cruising” the next. Done it for years in my 72 F-100 in Norway :-)

    • Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

      Awesome looking 72 Ford you have there Frode!

      • Frode Willmann

        Thank you, it,s a “good practical every day truck” in the summertime! Had a 62 T-bird earlyer. Drove it mostly to carshows and such. Hardly used it… but with the F 100 I,m on the road all summer long.

  9. randy

    I do not get the “don’t ask my buy it now price” but has it listed locally with an obvious buy it now price. “I’ll tell this guy the price, but not you”.

    • Brakeservo

      I suspect that the bids are shilled. Obviously more is “bid” than it’s worth yet reserve still not met???? I suspect he may try to negotiate a sale off eBay. That protects a seller against bad feedback.

      • randy

        Sounds plausible.

  10. cory

    I like the thinking here. I always appreciate having a truck around, but not for a daily, and having a classic, so why not a classic truck. Put some modern brakes on it, and a few other fixes and put it to work. Any damage done just makes it better. I might even have a sign painter do some vintage logos on it.

  11. Warren
    • randy

      Thank you. Here’s my ’65 SWB

  12. Nessy

    Ah, it looks just great the way it is except remove that one non matching white wall tire. The patina is just right. Everything seems right on this one except that the price is not right. 10g to buy it now but the bidding stalled at 9g with the reserve not being met and the auction almost over? I would almost bet it’s not going to make that 10 mark. 5g to 6g sounds good but that is just my thoughts.

  13. Mark S

    Nice truck maybe a guy should buy this one and the mat black post car. After restoring them they could be painted to match. It would look pretty good on car night. Drive the truck and trailer the car behind it.

  14. Wayne

    Sold for $12700

    • Alan (Michigan)

      Eh… ?
      Same truck?

      The photos leave so much to be desired. Pretty much they depict the “patina”, but don’t show the “worn out” bits. And, what is the last photo, a supposed wood bed liner?

      It has been said before: Why do people offer items out for sale on a national or international basis, for REAL money, and expect top dollar….. Without showing all there needs to be known about the item, via many, many great photos? Makes no sense. Bidders beware, buying a “pig in a poke” with insufficient information.

      Also, I wonder what kind of guy posts his phone number on eBay, anyway? I’d not want to take the calls which could come in at all hours. If my 25 detailed photos don’t offer enough information, you can use eBay’s contact system for further inquiries.

      Dang, I must be getting grumpy in my old age….

      • randy

        I would certainly think that to bring that kind of money, the buyer was “local” and put his eyes on it, or had someone check it over for him / her.

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