Dual Quads: 1965 Buick Riviera Super Wildcat

Super Wildcat 1

“Land line – we are old people.” That’s the message to potential buyers of this very rare Riviera with the elusive Super Wildcat package. While we write about Rivieras every now and again, this is an unusual find given that not many Super Wildcat package cars found homes when new. You can find this one here on craigslist for $10,000 with partial trades considered.

Super Wildcat 3

Buick offered buyers the opportunity to step up to dual four-barrel carburetors which led to an output of 360 b.h.p. There was also a unique camshaft and distributor to further boost performance. In the case of our seller’s car, dual exhausts and a 12-bolt 355 positraction rear end round out the package. According to Hemmings, just 638 customers ordered the Super Wildcat package, with 366 in hardtop coupes.

Super Wildcat 4

The Riviera interior has always been one that looks like a nice place to spend time, especially with those gorgeous gauges and console. This particular car looks a bit rough inside, which the seller fully acknowledges as a weak spot. Still, given the sheer volume of Rivieras I see in junkyards, I’m sure you could pick up the parts fairly easily.

Super Wildcat 2

To me, this car is a perfect sleeper. It doesn’t have any outward sign of the pumped-up powerplant hiding under the hood and it looks every bit like your standard Riviera. The seller adds that this car is rarer still due to the color combination, but I have no way of easily verifying that – other than knowing the once-green Trans Am we recently featured was considered special for similar reasons. What are your thoughts – does the Super Wildcat package make this Riviera worth saving?


  1. Dominic

    That’s a very very cool car

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  2. Scotty G

    I never knew that this model existed, man, what a cool car! Although, after a $50,000 – $60,000 restoration; ouch.

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  3. Gary Fogg

    Great car, priced a bit high for condition, and what kind of IDIOT posts a pic with a strap OVER the car and pulled down ? How to damage panels 101 !! Doesn’t anyone teach these people how to bind down a rare car anymore or do we all just act like scrapper idiots when towing now ???

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    • MountainMan

      Not that I endorse the tie down method used in the pic but manufactures didn’t use much plastic in 1965

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      • Ramon Ribas

        2 come a longs and a chain, the strap was just to keep trunk from opening, i only went a few miles at 35mph, no damage

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  4. Robert White

    Way too much rust and not worth $10k. I have done a ground up restoration on a 66 Acadian Canso Sport Deluxe, and I would run for my life if I came across this Rivy. If the interior is completely shot, and rusting on all the chrome bits, it’s time to look for another vehicle. Bottom line is that this car is another huge money pit.

    • Mark S

      Hi Robert is that your Merc. In the pic very cool looking car.

      • Robert White

        No it’s not my Merc, Mark, but I wish it was. I’m just dreaming of the day that I actually own a Merc is all. My real car is a 1996 Monte Carlo with 230k. Frankly, I’m buying lottery tickets & dreaming BIG. Mercs fit the BIG part of my dreams, but the lottery Corporation does not seem to be dreaming of giving me a win, unfortunately. ;-)

        Here is another one I hope you like…

  5. hhaleblian

    What’s with all the Chinese? Anywho, although cool, this thing gives my checkbook a headache.

  6. randy

    This car will get saved, maybe just a little at a time. As each concurrent buyer bales out.

    I’d love to have this car, and like I’ve stated before, you could get in on the road for 1K at the most, if the engine will run. No need to drop 30-40K on a driver. Let a collector drop the big bucks if he has the need.

  7. Rick

    Back around ’82-’83 my brother-in-law had ’65 Skylark GS with the dual quad option, was all stock and original #2-3 car, red in color, black interior and a 4 speed. He let me drive it a couple of times, talk about a tire smoker. Think he offered it to me for like $2500 (which wasn’t a whole lot of money, but i didn’t have it) and I passed. Cars like that were not going for big money back then, but I bet it’s $40K plus now. One of many in the past to kick myself about . . .

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    • Mark E

      Yup…back in my hometown there was a ’72 or ’73 Skylark Sun Coupe in the back of the Toyota dealer’s used car lot. It disappeared and I wondered what happened to it. Years later I stopped at a rummage sale and the guy mentioned he had an old car he’d be willing to sell. Lo and behold it was the Sun Coupe! The owner worked at the local speed shop and swapped in the GS 455 engine and hood. He hopped it up and it was so fast that he ended up losing his license and the car sat in the garage since then. And yes, I could have bought it for $2500. Don’t know what a restored Sun Coupe goes for but he was going to throw in the original engine & hood…

    • Marty Parker

      No dual quad option listed for ’65 Skylark GS.

      • Jim S.

        It was a dealer installed/over the counter option. And yes, they did run like a raped ape!

      • Marty Parker

        Not saying this couldn’t be done but the factory dealer option was for the big cars only, not any A body.

  8. Gary

    My favorite year Buick Riviera and such a sad looking example, I wish had unlimited funds to buy this and bring it back from the dead. This is a rare Verde Green example, as I don’t think many were sold in this color. The 49447 model list’s 34,586 Riviera’s produced for 1965. Not sure how many were shipped with the Gran Sport pkg. I really like the 2 4bbl and Posi setup! This Rivi had all the bells and whistles for 1965. Hope this finds a new owner (with deep pockets) willing to bring it back to life. Nice find!

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  9. Clay Bryant

    Might just be my eyes but the speedometer looks like it’s had water in it…………..

    • Ramon Ribas

      no, it is just barn dirty, i have been cleaning it up now i have it home, more solid than it looks.

      • Mike

        Hey Ramon, Did you sell the Riviera? Thanks, Mike

  10. Chuck

    What is so rare about the color ? Looks to have been white/cream originally according to the missing chrome strips where the original color shows through.

  11. 64 bonneville

    A slight correction to the posting. The link to Hemmings is for the Buick Wildcat, not a Riveria or Riveria Gran Sport. What made me think deeper was the production numbers for a coupe of around 388 or there abouts. The Riveria only came as a Coupe, until the early 1980s’ when they brought out the Convertible. BTW the original convertibles were a Hess & Eisenhart conversion, before the factory started doing them, I’m thinking somewhere in the low 200 range, prior to the factory models.

    The Gran Sport Riveria was also available from the dealer as a dealer add on accessory, and could be retrofitted back to the 63 and 64 models.

    This particular car, being on the Kansas City CL, and also seeing the rust in the pictures, and very limited interior or engine bay shots is overpriced by about $5K. Just chrome work alone will set you back around 15K for a show quality job, if not more. I have to assume the pans and trunk pan will need some work, due to how low a vehicle sets to the ground. Even if the trailer is included, along with free delivery, IMHO I would be at my limit of $6K for the whole kit and caboodle.

  12. Dave at OldSchool Restorastions

    having owned a ’64 Super Wildcat, and the ’66 MZ Code Riviera GS pictured , I would need to see the 2 sets of STAMPED motor numbers before I would lay out 10 k for this car …or any other dual quad Buick

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    • Ramon Ribas

      i am gathering all the numbers on the car right now and will repost the listing when i have them all

    • LaOrange

      Hi Dave
      What part of the Country is your shop in ?

  13. Dave at OldSchool Restorastions

    .and Scotty is right.it will take at least $50k more, to get to this level, if it is even possible
    (sold it in 2013)

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    • Scotty G

      That’s a work of art, Dave; assuming that your shop did that one?

      • Dave at OldSchool Restorastions

        Thanks Scotty, yes, I cruz’d the car for a few years, then ‘freshened ‘ it a couple years ago before selling it.

        Eastwood paints in the engine compartment… They have the best OER look that there is…various PROPER glosses, satins, etc for the different underhood items.

        Also used correct code DuPont White over their white primer ( it makes a difference.)……. and tho’ the chrome was good, I had the bumpers rechromed as well, so they looked as good as the rest of the car. Interior is original and a 9+…
        Buick only ever built 179 of those factory dual quads ( MZ Code)..the rest of the dual quads are dealer installed or aftermarket.

    • randy

      I finally see how those headlights work! I knew how the clamshell lights worked, but had no idea how this years lights hid-away. I like this style more now. I wondered how the designer thought this was a better look. Thanks for all the info and pics. I could never drop 50K to restore a car. I drive’em.

    • Tundra/BMW Guy

      Wow! Beautiful! If I were in need of or had the money to do a resto, it looks like you would be the man to see!! That Riviera looks awesome but also looks “sleepy”! Bet there were more than a few people “woken up” after pulling up beside this one!

  14. Mark S

    I’m way more a fan of the boat tails Riv’s I just think they have way more character and styling. These early one look a little plain to me, of course it’s just a matter of taste right.

  15. Jim

    When I was a teenage kid one of these came into the detail shop I worked at. I somehow got a chance to drive the monster. That big old car was very powerful.

  16. The Chucker

    Can’t look at one of these without reminding me of the scene in Roadhouse when Dalton buys his ‘Riv’.

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  17. piper62j

    Wayyyy over priced.. Sorry..

  18. Tedd

    the 64-65 Buick Riviera GS has always been my “dream car” Looking at the body styles and dash panel makes it a classic car.In fact a friend of mine had one color identical to the one in the photo Sadly to say it got “trashed” by vandals and was sold

  19. Al

    LOL Robert White I’m pushing a 97 Monte Carlo with 190K and buying tickets with big dreams! A 51 Merc is in the top 5.

    • Robert White

      Actually, if I did win the lottery I would buy as many Mercs as I could get my hands on without going broke. You have heard of Cadillac Ranch, eh? I would start Merc Ranch, but I would keep the Mercs in a barn instead of putting them nose first into the ground.

      I love Mercs!

  20. Sukey

    Love the dual quad
    To bad the previous owner didn’t care for it enough to give it shelter

  21. dogwater

    These cars are cool painted one black dropped it on the ground.

  22. DENIS

    I love ’65 Rivs-esp GS. On my bucket list but would have to get a helluva lot cheaper for one in this condition…will cost a bundle to restore…wanted a bright red/black top GS when it was new…

  23. Chris A.

    When I think of the dual quad Rivieras, I have good memories of my Syracuse land lady who drove one as the family car after her husband passed away. It was the tow car for their polished Airstream trailer. The first series Rivieras were just so classy a design I still want one after all these years. If I had lottery winnings this would be in a restoration shop. The American version of a Bentley Continental “R” Mulliner Coupe. Restored and tuned, I wonder what a dual quad Riviera would do at the top end?

  24. Ramon Ribas

    1364704 is the block number of the 65 Buick dual quad car of mine seen here. It is in fact a 425 nailhead, very rare with dual quads.

    • Dave at OldSchool Restorations

      that number means nothing… it is the two stamped numbers that are important

  25. Norm Wrensch

    I know someone that had one of these with a four speed. He smashed it up and then put the engine and trans in a 38 Buick Opera coupe. and it is still in there in great condition. I have never had a ride in it but I’ll bet it goes like hell.

  26. dj

    I’m friends with a guy on Facebook who just pulled a 64 dual quad one out of a lean to. I thought this was it until I looked at his. His is black and had a lot less purchase price.

  27. russell plumley

    got to love the 65 riv’s clean lines and sporty look in a ‘personal luxury car’ was better than the competition… i had one a few years back but had too many projects to ever get to it so i sold it..:(

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