Dukes! Them Dukes! Rosco P. Coltrane’s Patrol Car


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I’m gonna GIT them Duke boys! Where’s Enos? Located in central Illinois and offered for sale here on craigslist in St. Louis, is this 1978 Dodge Monaco sedan. Done up to look like Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane’s cruiser, it’s interesting, and is probably a lot of fun at car shows. There are quite a few photos missing from what would be a good ad, but the seller makes up for some of it with his description. He tells us he started with a low mileage Arizona car with “zero rust”, that it has the ol’ reliable 318 in it, and an Arodynic lightbar, which he says is correct to the show. In the photo below we see the lightbar in action, as he has the General pulled over on a street, probably right there in downtown Hazzard.


Along with the lightbar, this vehicle is also decked out with a siren and an electronic horn that plays “Dixie” and other tunes. The glovebox door has been autographed by more than a few of the show’s original cast members, but as per his description, may apparently still be missing actor David Soul’s signature.


One other obvious omission is the spotlight, but that wouldn’t be difficult or expensive to locate. It’s also missing pictures of the interior, the engine, and more. The seller says this car is a real head-turner and conversation starter, which sounds about right. He also says he’s willing to trade for a shop truck, other older running and driving cars, and reminds us that he, like 99.98% of other sellers, doesn’t want our junk or non-running projects. The $11,000 price is firm. For a turn key car ready to have fun with, he may not be too far off the mark. And if you roll it over while pursuing the Duke boys, it would be quite a bit less expensive to replace than a Dodge Charger!

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  1. Kenny

    Why would David Soul autograph a Dukes of Hazzard car?

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      Because Cooter Drove A Ford Torino That Was Also Used In Starsky & Hutch Tv Show.

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  2. Rick

    Is it because David Soul played Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane’s half-witted half brother Ebeneezer Coltrane?

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  3. mark

    11,000 bucks for a 78 Dodge Monaco that someone decorated to look like the one on a TV show? Not even

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    • Mike D

      I have never seen a purpose for period correct cop car with a Hazzard county logo on it , if you have one of them, sell it as one.. as much as I loved the show, roscoe was a buffoon.. why would I want to drive a cop car with Hazard county on it ? the same with mid 60s Full sized Fords ” Like Barney Fife” another buffoon I would take pride in either cop cars ( the real deal) and make it look like an unmarked car .. eh well

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  4. JW

    I wouldn’t mind owning this along with a General Lee, I loved watching that show with my boys in the 80’s and with my grandkids until the politically correct aXXes had it taken off.

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  5. MartyAuthor

    Kenny, Wow! That is super embarrassing! Apparently John Schneider wouldn’t be the only one to wonder why David Soul would autograph a Dukes of Hazzard car.

    Maybe there was (or should have been) a crossover episode, when Starsky and Hutch visit Hazzard County, you know, kind of like when the “Emergency” guys showed up on “Adam-12”? Anyone?

    Oh hell, I’m just making it worse.

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    • Big Mike

      yes you are!!!!!!

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  6. Rob

    I like how he simply taped the light bar wiring to the roof/windshield. Quality work there… let me count out my $11k now as I’m sure that the rest of the car was built with such care. 😂

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    • Mark E

      Agreed! Also kind of wonder about why, after sourcing cop wheels & hubcaps and a light bar why he didn’t install spotlights? Maybe the spotlights (like the light bar wiring) is too tough for him to install?? ^_^

      Finally, this rig would be illegal to drive on the roads in Minnesota thanks to the lights. Doesn’t any other state have such a rule?!??

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  7. piper62j

    Not a Mopar fan, but that’s a sharp car.. A lot of guys out there are making clones and that’s ok if enjoy it..
    Best of luck to the seller.

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  8. MartyAuthor

    The seller’s ad states that he has included a cover for the light bar to make the car street legal in Illinois.

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  9. Rob

    I recently saw an in-service police car with the light bar wiring done the same way. I think it was at Chicago O-Hare airport. It looked “wrong” as well.

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  10. Mark

    Wow, not a lot of Dukes fans on here! I agree to an extent with some, making a car look like a Dukes of Hazzard police car is not for everyone but I grew up watching the show and it was always something I wanted to do. As far as spotlights, yes, I can install one but the Dukes of Hazzard police cars did not have them! This car started as a very nice rust free Monaco Brougham and the lightbar mounting was simply to avoid drilling holes in the roof at the time. Not the greatest look I agree but It can always be changed. The asking price is simply that, an asking price. It’s a car that another “Bafoon” such as myself will buy and appreciate and enjoy everyone having their picture with it and sharing their memories, just as I have. It’s well worth what “that person” is willing to pay. Thanks Marty for featuring my car!

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