Dusty Chevrolet Duo: 1958 Nomad and 1923 Superior

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Sitting in a dusty old warehouse in Petersburg, Ohio lie two vintage Chevrolets looking for a second chance. One is a 1958 Chevy Nomad station wagon and the other is a 1923 Chevy Superior pickup. Both look to have been resting for a very long time and their respective condition is unknown besides being quite dirty. With few details provided, either could be an interesting restoration project for the right party and are tips from Barn Finder “Ted”.

1958 Chevrolet Nomad

The Nomad nameplate is best known as the sport wagon variant of the Chevy Bel Air built from 1955 to 1957. That iteration is iconic with collectors and these wagons command big bucks today. But few remember that Chevy kept the nameplate for a time after the Tri-Fives and applied it to more ordinary 4-door wagons. Such is the case in 1958 when it was used as the top-of-the-line wagon above the Yeoman and Brookwood editions. In ’58, the Nomad only came with seating for six passengers.

What may make the seller’s 1958 Nomad stand out is its engine. The 348 cubic inch “Turbo-Thrust” V8 debuted that year and the seller’s wagon seems to have one. In most of these transports, you’ll find the more pedestrian small-block 283. This Nomad may be nice under the layers of dirt, but we can’t tell. There is no immediate evidence of rust and we don’t know what the interior looks like. The seller lists it as a ’57 Nomad, but that’s in error.

1923 Chevrolet Superior

The second vehicle the seller has should be rare simply because of its age. It has already passed the Century level mark and still stands (or rolls). It’s the pickup version of the Chevy Superior Series which was in production from 1923 to 1926. The 1923 versions were called the Series B and the letter designation would change each year for whatever reason. While a 4-cylinder engine was standard fare, the powerplant in the seller’s truck has eight spark plugs, suggesting the motor comes from a different time and place.

From the old-time lettering on the door, this vintage truck was in service in Pennsylvania at one time. And there’s a stack of old tires in the bed that we assume do not come with the sale. These two interesting finds are available here on Facebook Marketplace where no asking price is shown but offers will be accepted. And the sale of one or both may already be pending.

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  1. Terrry

    The ’58 Yeoman wagon was a 3-door, and is even rarer(?), I remember a neighbor had one, silver with a white roof that they had as a second car. Also five will get you ten that’s a Buick motor in the Chevy Superior. It’s the only OHV inline 8 that I can think of from the 50s back.

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  2. Derek

    That car with the smashed headlight in the headline photo isn’t a Buick, is it? Possible case of engine photo mix-up.

    Like 6
    • Jim

      The vehicles have been SOLD according to the FB listing. That was fast!!

      Like 1
  3. Duaney

    The straight engine pictured is a Buick

    Like 3
  4. 427Turbojet 427TurbojetMember

    Pretty mixed up ad. Older pictures are mostly of a Buick. Looking at the marketplace ad of the truck show it to be more 29 – 32 (commercial) Chevy. I really like the Chevy truck but have way too many projects for the years I have left. Fun to look and dream though, right?

    Like 4
  5. William R Hall

    The motor in the 23 might be a Hall Scott industrial Motor that someone stuffed in.
    I know Hall Scott sixes well. They were used in fire equipment and other big trucks and industrial equipment from the thirties to the sixties. I have not come across a four but it looks like a Hall Scott.

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