Dusty Grand Tourer: 1985 Porsche 928S4

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A few days ago, we profiled a stock Porsche 911S with sport seats that was being cleared out of a Texas estate. It looked like there were more cars hiding in the background, and we were right: this 1985 Porsche 928S4 comes from the same family of vehicles, and has similarly been stationary – but stored carefully – for quite some time. Find this stock 928 here one eBay where bidding is just over $2K.

The 928 looks very solid, as these cars tend to degrade quickly when not maintained. The body looks very crisp with no obvious signs of accident damage. It wears the correct wheels for an “S” model and thankfully hasn’t been left outside in the harsh Texas sun. Lenses and glass all appear intact, and this 928 seems to be a similar case of a stillborn project like the 911. The paint was re-done but the next phase of new upholstery never happened.

Truthfully, the interior doesn’t look that bad but you can see the tell-tale signs of missing trim likely removed in anticipation of the project’s next phase. The seller is the son of the deceased owner and seemingly knows the cars well; there’s a total of three 911s and what looks to be like a fair amount of track-day equipment. He’s also listed a pristine VW Double Cab pickup with impressively low miles. The automatic is a bummer but these cars work well with the ‘box.

The tricky part here is the potential maintenance costs. 928s don’t take kindly to long periods of stagnation, and although the seller claims it drove happily to where it is parked, I don’t think it will be as simple as a tank clean-out and tune-up to drive this one any great distance. Still, a car that’s been kept out of the elements and in S4 configuration will always be desirable, but the reserve will determine the bidders’ appetite for risk.

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  1. SAM61

    Here goes with the sacrilege….

    These were always bad ass cars IMHO.

    LS3 transplant, modest IMSA flared fenders, wider tires, bbs wheels, medium gunmetal grey, new black leather, stupid loud subwoofer…

    Perfect boy-racer, midlife crisis “streetable” car.

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  2. Bill

    Are interior parts readily available? This one needs a lot of them.

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    • Bruce

      YES, there is a guy that is an expert at doing complete interiors for 928’s and other cars. You can go with almost any material you wish and I have seen a couple of the cars he has done and they look as good or better than factory interiors.

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  3. Steve R

    I’m surprised someone didn’t scribe “wash me” on the rear window.

    His 911 that is also currently listed on eBay was featured here a few days ago, but you missed their VW split window double cab pickup. That is much more interesting than this 928.

    Steve R

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  4. Jeff Gendron

    Sorry to be picky, but how is this an S4- its an 85… Nice find though. I have an 86- parts are pretty available although the Blue might be harder to find. Thats through experience, mine interior in maroon and not as common.

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  5. JD

    This appears to be an S model, or S2 if it was sold in the UK. The S4 variant didn’t come out until 1987.

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    • RayT

      The intake plenums have “32V” cast into them. I’m quite certain the non-S4 models had only 16 valves.

      No one who has ever driven an S4 would want to drop in an LS engine, or any replacement. The original is a wonderful unit, free-revving and plenty powerful. Great sound, too. I drove several back in the day, and despite what seemed a claustrophobic cabin and the more recent knowledge that they are spendy propositions when it comes to service and spares, I’d love to have one today.

      I thought they were ideal Grand Tourers back then, as capable on back roads as they were on the Interstates. I still think that.

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      • Steven D Visek

        Earlier S cars were 16 valve 4.7, then upgraded to 32 valve 5.0 for 1985. All S4 cars were 32 valve and were the successor to the 32 valve S.

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  6. Bruce

    The biggest problem in bringing one of these back to life is the electrical relays, switches go bad and the fuel system needs cleaning out. That is a pain but is critical. The transmissions are almost bullet proof Mercedes units adapted for this car and almost never cause problems. Mine sat for about 6 years while I recovered from being poisoned from eating polluted sea food. About 60 hours of me not working at full speed got it going again.

    This car looks very salvageable as an excellent driver. IF you must have more power I believe the 500 HP Porsche engines from their 4wheel drive SUV’s will fit right in. I would not do that for the value is in a grand touring car that has excellent balance. There are far easier cars to turn into a point and squirt toy.

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  7. Billy Bob

    Money pit but, Kool car.

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  8. Mr. TKD

    I love it. It’d probably drive me to the poorhouse, but I love it.

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  9. The Chucker

    Looks like a paint booth in the background. If it’s sitting in a body shop, probably wouldn’t take all that long to get that dusty.

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  10. David Miraglia

    Bad ass yes, but like the 924,944 and 928. Not my cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong I love Porsche’s as much as Ferrari’s. Just never cared much for the 928.

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  11. Glen

    To me, it kind of looks like a sporty Pacer, but built by Porsche! I’m sure some will wish the thumbs down were back, for me saying that.

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  12. Ron Bunting

    A 170MPH car in their day. but a bit of advice from experience .NEVER try and start one that has sat for any length of time without either soaking each cylinder with 50/50 Acetone and trans fluid (or brake fluid) or removing the heads and cleaning the nikasil bores and soaking the pistons. Hook a battery to this car and you WILL destroy the bore surfaces and the rings WILL grab . The engines are real sweet hearts and dead easy to remove and rebuild (the trans is in the back and is a Mercedes 722.xxx ). I have seen some with as little as 35,000 miles with shocking knocking sounds after the engines were started after being parked as little as 3 years. Cheaper to take it slowly when reawakening these.

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  13. Jonathan Q Higgins

    Gimme gimme gimme

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  14. Rustytech RustytechMember

    I like these but the auto transmission just kills it. It defeats the entire reason for building building it!

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  15. Derek

    Never a fan of these boring cars when new but compared to today’s ugly cheap looking plastic bubbles they are beautiful. Funny how time makes something more appealing.

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  16. Fran

    I had a collection of 7 928’s. Absolute nightmare cars! Even super maintained there was still something wrong. I bailed out and my friend who also had a collection of them kept a S4. Lol it’s been over 10 years and he may have totally driven it 10 miles, yes 1 mile a year for a total of 10 different problems! LOL

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  17. Dea

    Risky Business trying to restore one of these, IMHO

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    • Steven D Visek

      Indeed you can get underwater so fast with one of these you almost feel like a U-boat commander.

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  18. JimmyJ

    All the negativity i still love em must be from risky business when i was a kid I obviously can’t afford to keep one running but man if i could..

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  19. PD McCripe

    This is most surely an “S” model, but not an “S4”.

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  20. UK Paul

    I had an identical car in UK. It was an 85.5 same colour/interior but it didn’t have the S4 engine like this one.
    I think US had the engine earlier in the S2 model from memory? (Compared to Europe) something to do with emissions perhaps?

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