Economical Classic: 1962 Ford Falcon

1962 Ford Falcon

Big firebreathing V8s may be fun, but sometimes a clean simple classic like this 1962 Falcon are the way to go. The inline-six/automatic combo isn’t going to get you anywhere quick, but the journey will always be comfortable and economical. This particular Falcon does benefit from the optional 170 cubic inch six though so that should help a lot in the power department. If it really is as clean and original as it appears in the ad, this could be a really good buy. Dont even think about sticking a V8 in it though! The car is located in Adams, New York and is listed here on craigslist for $4,200. A special thanks goes to Darren R. for the submission!


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  1. jim s

    needs more photos/text but looks great in the 2 photos. this could be a great driver with the 6/auto or switch to manual. i too think it can do without the V8. if you need more power put a 200ci 6 in it. most of these were bought just for tranportation, used up and replaced. check it for rust and see if a tank armor plate from a mustang will fit over the gas tank hole. great find.

  2. Mike young

    Love it! The preference (for me)is the manual trans. (had one with three speed years ago)..
    Great car! The three speed conversion would be tough I’d imagine but may a four speed? With the aforementioned 200 six (I thought of that as well.But can’t deal with the automatic)

    • karl daigle

      I once converted a ’65 six-cylinder Mustang from auto to 3-speed stick. If you can find a donor car with the necessary hardware it is really easy–everything comes out and goes back in very easily.
      The older 170 Sixes had four main bearings. The later 170s and all the 200s and 250s had seven main bearings, so updating the engine, if necessary, would probably be a positive move. The 250, although the last member of the Falcon Six family, has a somewhat different block IIRC, so it might not be a drop-in like the others. I wish somebody would try it, but I’m probably the only nut to think of this.

  3. JW

    Decent looking car in the 2 pictures for an around town grocery getter it would be fine but put it on the interstate with that 6 banger and a automatic and you will be lucky to hold 55 without blowing it up. I’m not fond of this body style of the Falcons I prefer the later 65 models myself.

  4. kenzo

    this is way better than the 8 grand nova listed earlier and at 4200 you have $ to play with as well as a somewhat fun around town & saturday evening gathering vehicle. A way better deal as it has everything going for it. 2 door sedan, 6 cylinder, dog dish hubcaps, descent shade of green. even if it needed seat covers and a good wash and wax still a better deal.

  5. Woodie Man

    Tempus Fugit………man oh man..4200 for a thousand dollar (maybe)…..make that $750.00… stripper Falcon.

    Sheesh…………and no interior photos. GLWTS.

  6. garage3d

    I’ve owned a ’63 Falcon with a 170/automatic. Economical it is not. I’ve tried two different one barrel carbs, various timing settings, etc. and have never beat 15MPG.

  7. Rocco

    clean looking car.

  8. John

    I coulda had a V8!
    You have something against a 260?
    The first, and only, real Cobra I rode in did 0-60 in 4.2 with a 260. V8 doesn’t always mean a 429…

  9. zero250 jeff steindler

    a long time ago, I was told that falcons of this body style has GALVANIZED rocker panels…………….anybody know if this is true?………and if it is, I thought you couldn’t paint galvanized metal…………especially during that early period…….

  10. Rocco

    I remember my dad’s ’65 Mustang he bought new, had galvanized rockers, and the paint fell off. My dad took it back and the dealer painted the whole car under warranty. They had to sand the rockers galvanize off to get the paint to stick so they wouldn’t have to do it a second time under warranty.

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