Eddie Bauer Edition: 1988 Ford Bronco II

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Bidding is surprisingly active for this tidy 1988 Ford Bronco II, which is made even more desirable for being a rare Eddie Bauer edition, which was Ford’s designer line at the time. The Bronco II has been enjoying a mild resurgence as of late, being recognized as an icon of the 1980s that had by and large been forgotten about, sitting in the shadow of its own sibling and never being as cool as other compact SUVs like the Suzuki Samurai and the Isuzu Trooper. The Bronco still isn’t worth a whole lot, but good examples like this one are sure to find a home in the hot-for-the-80s market.

Of course, the Trooper and Samurai were not its primary competition; no, the Bronco II was going head-to-head with two-door truck offerings like the Chevy Blazer and the Jeep Cherokee, both of which seemed to handily out-sell the compact Ford. The Bronco II was based on the Ford Ranger pickup of the same vintage, which you can readily see in the side profile. Engine-wise, the Cologne V6 was the most popular choice, though a low-selling Mitsubishi diesel variant was offered – a model I’ve never actually seen in the flesh. This Bronco looks sharp with its two-tone paint that was standard on the Eddie Bauers, along with American Racing wheels and white-letter tires.

Image courtesy of eBay

What’s ironic about the Bronco II is that Ford actively marketed it as the anti-SUV; meaning, it was positioned as being more comfortable than a traditional 4×4, and was the obvious choice if you wished to be swaddled when the road turned rough. Of course, the irony is the Bronco II is more of a truck that many of the SUVs sold today. The seller clearly uses some sort of AI-generated text about the features of the Eddie Bauer, but it’s all true, especially the emphasis on high-quality cloth seating surfaces, Eddie Bauer logos, and switches for the electronic transfer case in the headliner-mounted console. Overall, very few of these two-door trucks were preserved, and this one looks like it deserves all the money. Find it here on eBay where bids sit at just under $2,500.

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  1. Todd Zuercher

    This one does look to be a good example of the breed and the ’88 is one of my favorite years.

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  2. Fox owner

    I like it but it almost looks like a pickup truck with a cap on it. Those rear windows look fixed. For a few grand it would be worth it.

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  3. CadmanlsMember

    In agreement with the author, more of an SUV than many on the market today. That six if taken care of is a good little engine. Should make a decent ride for the new owner.

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  4. Matt H.Member

    Really nice and clean little 80s 4×4 SUV. Still baffling how someone can advertise a vehicle for sale and not have at least one interior picture.

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  5. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    I had an 85 Bronco II, Eddie Bauer, dark blue/tan just like this one. It was a sharp little rig, and I liked it. I do remember it struggling when tasked with driving against the often-brutal Wyoming wind.

    I don’t know which I like less: the cold “AI-generated text”; few people have the skill and knowledge to generate something like this. Or, the more prevalent paucity of text and info. How about old-fashioned text written by the owner, which includes features, history, and condition. We can wish, I guess.

    Thank you Jeff.

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  6. Cam W.

    Wife had one of these in dark blue. She bought it used when it was 2 years old, and had it over a year. Was a good little truck…… then it burst into flames at the mall. She had been complaining of “electrical smell” coming from the engine. I told her it was fine…. The insurance company tried to settle for below value. She worked at a Ford dealer, who gave it a much higher appraisal value, and she eventually got what it was worth. She drove dealer “demonstrators” for over 25 years after that.

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  7. Rbig18

    Funny, my dad bought a new 85 Jimmy (the small one s-15) and my best friends dad bought the Bronco II an 86. In a year or so later his parents were coming out of their anniversary dinner the Bronco burst in flames. Something electrical. Insurance fixed it and we drove it for years.

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  8. Robert West

    This one looks solid! I can’t believe that there’s no reserve. Bidding is only at around $2500. This might end up being a big win for the buyer.

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  9. Keith Hagerty

    My mom had an 89 blue and tan Eddie Bauer Bronco ll. It was loaded up (even had the twist up sunroof). It was a great lil suv. My mom loved it and it was a beat in the snow. I was a big fan of it as well. If memory serves my dad traded it in for a 93 Taurus SHO in emerald green with tan leather. Mom loved the SHO too.

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  10. HoA HoAMember

    I liked the Bronco ll, for a changing time, people, like me, had their fill of single digit fuel mileage of the full size jobs, it was clear with up and coming imports, a smaller version was needed. The farm in N. Wis. the guy had one as his “around the farm 4×4”, and as such, its condition was understandingly deplorable, yet, when he needed it, hauled a battery out of the shed, and it worked, a true testament to any vehicle. Never cared for the V6, or any V6 for that matter, except the Dodge or 4.3 GM V6s, and I feel should have had the 2.3. Not my favorite either, but surely stood the test of time.
    These were costly. I read, an Eddie Bauer was almost $15grand new, almost $5grand more than a base Bronco ll, and a Jeep YJ, at around $10g’s. Typically Ford sold about 100,000 Bronco lls a year. I can’t find how many were Eddie Bauer s however. One thing was clear, it had plenty of competition.

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  11. TorinoSCJ69

    Miles, options ?

    Did I miss that in the flood of verbiage that does not describe this particular vehicle in any detail ?

    Almost no pics.

    Looks nice but need some real information.

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  12. Big C

    Around 10 years ago? Nobody wanted these Bronco II’s. Most were scrapped in the “Cash For Clunkers” boondoggle. The owner can thank the popularity of the original Bronco, if he gets more than the current bid.

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  13. ablediver

    I’m glad that there are a lot of people that admire and miss this vehicle. In the suburban or ‘farm-beater’ world, these Bronco II’s were welcome. Unfortunately, a reality of the Bronco II’s, is they had significant instability on off – ramps resulting in roll – overs. Additionally, when, invariably, owners would go to larger tires, that was increased. Also, the insufficient driveshafts had an early failure rate when matched with anything larger than a 31×10.50 R15 tire. Lastly, the rear hatch idea was a very good design, and after owning two (2) 4th & 5th Gen’ Broncos, I have no idea why it wasn’t carried over. Best of luck on the sale

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  14. Billyray

    We had an ’87, but not the Eddie Bauer one, the XLT. We pulled a 16′ Shasta trailer the first year, then we got a brand new ’88 Marathon 18′ trailer. We hauled our trailers from NE Ohio to the Adirondacks, annually, where we camped at Whispering Woods in Long Lake. Our fi V6 did pretty well pulling in the mountains. By 1993 we had to trade it in due to the engine not running right, it wouldn’t run smooth. I think we pooped it out.. It was stellar In the snow! I had to put running boards on ours so the wife could get in, but she loved the drive height! Back then mostly little malaise-mobiles were buzzing around.

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  15. chrlsful

    I believe it was the Essex bent6 that came 1st asa v4 in SAAB (replaced 3 cyl 2 stroke) & some brit vehicles. It grew to 3.8 in fox ltd, taurus, etc. Here they had the 4cyl Lima cross-flow like the pinto (may B even the weber 32/36 progressive carb? or were carbs gone by BII time?). Best? the later 2.5 head w/“D” ports from the ranger could B put on this. Also really liked the Perkins 4.123 diesel (non-puter controlled) sold thru Mazda (not Muitsu). At any rate

    this vehicle would B a nice way to get into the ‘classics’ (I have another definition of classic but I use the term colloquially here). Some 1 could have a “truck’ and still be small, ‘classic’, easy to wrk on, etc.

    Decade or 2 ago fella here chopped the top, had the sides that bent over into the bed. Looked like a mini Ranger of same era. Extensive off rd mods but kept the “170” or 2.8 motor. I laughed as it was the same sz displacement as my i6 ’70 bronco (at the time). Used local crawl trail (rocks) we have visitors from 8 or 9 states (we’re small back east) test on. Thing usta go straight up. Gear ratios U can walk faster than…

    The 2 wheel drive is same as 4W. They just canned the 3rd member’s internals. It’s still there! Just go to junk yrd’n get the internals! (or aftr mrkt lower set). At these prices I should buy it. Lift gate would work for work. Sell off the diff’n use it like a station wagon, even drop it on bags? aahahahaa, fun “playin w/cars”.

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