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El Caballero, Brush Buggy, Ocelot…

El Cabellero front

Sand Chariots of Fullerton, California produced dune buggies from 1967 till 1970. They produced a rare cat called the Ocelot in several different forms. Listed here on craigslist in New Hampshire is a rare Ocelot Truck Dune Buggy priced at $10K. Yes, you read that right, it’s a truck buggy! Just think, it will fill both your sand buggy and junk hauling needs at the same time!

El Cabellero VW pan

This is a frame up restoration with a 1600 Type 3 engine and disk brakes. The work looks to have been well done and we would assume this little rig will be a hoot to drive!

El Cabellero bed

According to Sand Chariots’ assembly instructions this model is the “El Cabellero” and did come with a tailgate and a roof. The owner states that about six were produced and has only found two other examples on the net.

Ocelot dash

The owner says everything is new from the front to the back on this restoration project. It really does look great.

El Cabellero right side

There is still some final set up to be done with this project. The shift linkage needs adjustment and the wheels need to be aligned. The owner is open to offers. There are some images of other El Caballero out there with the tailgate. Hopefully they will provide enough inspiration to fabricate a replacement for this one! There are some that refer to this model as the “Brush Buggy” as well. It doesn’t really matter what you call it, it is a rare cat.




  1. Paul R

    Ugly front end.
    I will take an old Manx body kit over it any day.

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  2. randy


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  3. JW

    Just because it’s rare doesn’t always make it worth big money, it’s cute but not as haul ready as you might think.. Also if it only needs adjustments to finish why doesn’t the seller finish it as it could be test drivin then I’m sure he could get closer to his asking price in that case.

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  4. hhaleblian


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  5. jim s

    looks like too much rear overhang on a vehicle that all ready has to much weight on the rear. not sure how putting more weight in the bed would help. i too wonder why the seller did not do the needed adjustments. interesting find.

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  6. Mark S

    If this were mine I’d loose that ugly box off the back or at least shorten it. The payload back there would be next to nothing anyway, also I’m sure you could fit a bakini top on that. And lastly I agree why not finish it when your that close.

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  7. francisco

    I will not “waist” sic his time.

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  8. Tundra/BMW Guy

    I always thought that a truck bed mated with any kind of front body would look good!! My favorite is the Jeep Scrambler. Would love to own one!! But in this instance, I stand corrected. That thing is um, very “unique”?! The “still needs a few minor adjustments” throws up a huge red flag!!!!!!! Why, why, why, would he not take the last minor step to finish it off?!?! I mean, I would fully understand if he has a personal problem that has forced him to stop right there. I.E. job loss, financial issue, ect ect ect. But if that’s the case, put a generic note in the description so potential buyers will understand and overlook the Red Flag.
    Just my 1¢ worth.

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  9. Mark E

    I tend to agree with everyone else but still…I’d love to see the faces when I pull up to the loading area of Home Depot in this! ^_^

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  10. Jasper

    If I’m looking for a buggy with a bed, I’ll have to hold out for an Empi Truckster.

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  11. RBTempe

    “I did some research and about 6 were made before sand chariots went out of buisness” ..and we are all glad they did.

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