Empty Rust Bucket: 1965 Porsche 912

right front

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This 912 is listed here on eBay in the Sacramento metro area. Bidding is just over $1,100 with almost 6 days left. It looks like this was a parts car as there’s no engine, but there appears to be a transaxle. Most of what’s left seems to be just wheels, tires, and rust.

There’s nothing much left inside but I don’t see parking lot through the floor. It appears to be pretty well picked clean though.

From a distance, the body looks OK. If the rust can be repaired, could it be restored if one had a wrecked car or perhaps one with even more rusted? There are undoubtfully lots of problem areas not visible, like below the A pillars, that could have rust issues.

There appears to be some structural issues. Can they be repaired? What would you do with this car? Is it worth repairing the rust and rebuilding from a donor car? Is there anything here besides rust and scrap? Perhaps one could replace the glass with black plastic, spray the thing red in order to convince your neighbors that you own a Porsche!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Tom Hall

    Compared to the blue 67 literal heap of scrap from a week or so ago, this one is concours

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  2. randy

    It does seem to have some good parts on it. It will be interesting to see how much money this one can squeeze out of a buyer.

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  3. Horse Radish

    There is an outfit on Ebay that COMPLETELY dismantles Porsches and (I think) Ferraris, down to the last bolt and screw AND THEN offer the carcass for thousands more on Ebay…..

    What a business model. In this world of mass consuming under educated sheoples, why not……

    Don’t know why THAT popped into my head at this very moment….hmmmm

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  4. brakeservo

    Will sanity ever return??

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  5. Keith

    Bidding is up to $6200.00 and the reserve is NOT met? Wow, let me fire up my crack pipe and see what this one ends up selling for!!!? Wow, these Porsche lovers are really stupid…….LOL!

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  6. rancho bella

    Another dolt that wants to write the history of Porsche in the ad. Why do they do that? If someone is looking at it to buy they darn well know what is involved and the history of Porsche.

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