ENDING SOON! 1967 Morris Minor 1000

We auctioned this Morris Minor for Nathan G a while back, but the winning bidder had some health issues come up and couldn’t follow through with buying it. They put this one on hold as a result, but Nathan has asked us to relist it for them, in hopes of finding a new buyer. This time, they are going with a much lower reserve, so we think this one will find a good home this time. If you’d love to have it, take a closer look, and don’t forget to bid!

FROM 12/12/2019 – Reader Nathan G and his family are looking for new homes for their late father’s car collection, we’ve already featured their Volvo and BMW, so be sure to check those out as well. This Morris might look downright tiny, but it’s actually more spacious inside than you’d expect and even has a full-sized back seat. Alright, so it really is tiny, but these are fun cars to zip around in. You can find it in Breckenridge, Minnesota and you can bid on it below!

The Minors history dates back all the way to 1948, but by the time this one was built, it was on its fifth revision. The early cars were powered by a 918 cc engine producing just 27 horsepower, but by ’67 they had a 1,098 cc A-series engine with 48 horsepower. It’s still not a lot of power, but this is the same engine that’s found in the Mini and MG Midget, which means there are a lot of performance upgrades for it.

Nathan had a mechanic check this one out and while the engine turns by hand, they believe it needs a new starter and fresh fuel. Given the mileage, chances are it’s going to need a refresh soon, but I’m sure you should be able to get it running with minimal work. Personally, I’d get it running so that I can drive it to see if there are other issues that need to be addressed. After that, I’d find a 1275 to build and install in it. If you had even just 60 horsepower in this lightweight, you’d have one fun little driver!

It’s too bad that Nathan’s father didn’t leave them with more information on his cars. This one looks to be in decent shape overall. The interior needs some work but it looks like you could use it with nothing more than some new seat batting and a good cleaning. The body is straight with no signs of serious rust. So it makes you wonder what the story is behind it. I don’t see signs of previous restoration. Could it be an all-original survivor? It might be an old, but well-done restoration that has held up. The history is a total unknown, but at the end of the day, it looks like a good little car.

Nathan has made sure to provide lots of photos so that you can get a good idea of the car’s overall condition, so be sure to take a closer look at it. If you have any questions about it, please leave them in the comments, and Nathan will get back to you. So, if you end up winning this one, what route will you take it? Will you restore it back to its original condition or will you upgrade with a hotter engine and some speed parts? Whatever you do, don’t let this one get away!

  • Location: Breckenridge, MN 56520
  • Mileage: 62,492
  • Title: Clean
  • Transmission: Manual

Bid On This Auction

Sold for: $1,525
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Ended: May 20, 2020 9:05am MDT
Winner: beardog99
  • beardog99
    bid $1,525.00  2020-05-20 14:59:09
  • Jydresto bid $1,425.00  2020-05-20 14:54:37
  • beardog99 bid $1,225.00  2020-05-19 14:02:43
  • viper
    bid $1,050.00  2020-05-16 04:30:56
  • nadodave bid $950.00  2020-05-14 10:07:42
  • oilngas bid $500.00  2020-05-14 08:19:12
  • viper
    bid $275.00  2020-05-14 07:48:18

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  1. Gord

    any underside pictures… these unibodies can rot! cute little car though, like the old uncle to the mini

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    • Nathan

      Hi Gord, we just submitted some underside pictures. Hope that helps! Thanks -Nathan

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  2. nlpnt

    All-red taillights and all-white front signals (even though amber ones were legal in front since ’63…) mark this as an original US-spec car. Minors were offered in the US in 1967 after a 4- or 5-year hiatus, for one year only and then dropped again.

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  3. Del

    I am very interested in this car. I wonder if the seller could help arrangiing shipping to Alberta , Canada ?

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  4. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972Member

    Saw a lot of these as a lad working at a petrol station after school in Dublin. Very popular back then, more than 1.3 million Morris Minors were produced between 1948 and 1972. The same basic body shell was used through the whole 24 years they were made which is pretty amazing to us Americans used to a complete re-style every couple of years. It looks like a nice solid car that would be a fun car to putter around in.

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  5. bobhess bobhessMember

    You can pull 90 hp out of a 1275 street engine and still have street drivability but you can put bigger valves, a different cam, and the dual carbs off the Spridget engines and have satisfactory power out of the 1098. Do suggest the front disc brace conversion though.

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  6. bobhess bobhessMember

    No edit feature today. Try brake vs. brace. Too early. Only one cup so far….

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    • Little_Cars

      If changing to discs up front, does one source Spridget units to bolt right in or some other component from a different car? IIRC the Minors came with 14 inch wheels(?). I may be taking delivery of one as part of a package deal sometime this month.

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    • Solosolo UK ken tilly UKMember

      @bobhess. The edit feature disappeared a while back, then returned for a couple of days before disappearing again. No idea why?

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  7. canadainmarkseh

    That’s just down right cute but with that engine it can’t be to fast. Maybe that not a bad thing though you wouldn’t want to crash at any kind of speed in that car. I noticed that it looks quite shabby under the hood which for me raises some concerns about the underside of the car too.

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  8. Steven Gray

    My family had a Morris Minor 1000 – same color combo – from 1960-1963. During that time, my dad used it as his daily – and the four of us (and a dog) took it from Los Angeles to Atlanta (and back) twice. And we were still speaking when it was all said and done. Dad replaced it with a “slightly used” ’61 Lincoln Continental in 1963. Talk about “moving up!” Great memories…

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  9. Freakinutz

    Fun cars, straightforward and easy to work on. My cousin in Europe has a fully restored model that has been in the family for decades. I believe my uncle may have been the original owner. I’d jump on this but I have 68 Cortina Mk 2 I’m working on, as well as tearing apart another Mk2 GT for parts/bits. So two stalls in the garage taken, the 3rd going the wife. The WRX has to sit outside. Anyway, this really looks like an easy and probably inexpensive project, although much depends on the rust situation. Hell…it’s all there!

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  10. Alan

    Great memories of our Moggies, if anyone buys it, keep an eye on the numerous suspension grease nipples, they are there for a reason!

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  11. Dom Colucci

    I remember a Teacher that was not well liked had one of these,it got carried up hill and put between two oak trees LOL…

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  12. Jydresto

    I take it the vehicle has a title?

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    • Nathan

      Yes it has a title.

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  13. Kelly Breen

    If anyone thinks a Morris does not have sprightly performance watch the video of a stolen one getting away from police in the UK. It’s on You Tube.

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  14. MikeH

    These Morii are very popular in the UK and parts for these are VERY easy to get.

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  15. Daymo

    Easy to repair and update. Pop in a 1800 engine from a Morris Marina if you can find one. All spares available from RIMMER Bros here in the UK

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    • CJinSD

      They were called Austin Marinas in the US, where they succeeded the Austin America which was a 1.3 liter version of the MG1100 that it replaced. It seems odd that BL decided to replace their front wheel drive cars with the rudimentary Marina just as Honda was launching the Civic, but there you go. I’ve only ever seen two Marinas in the US, but is there any reason an MGB engine wouldn’t work?

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      • NStevenGray

        This is a Morris Minor. The Morris Marina is a (later) car that was manufactured by Austin-Morris division of British Leyland from 1971 until 1980. It was sold in some markets as the Austin Marina,[6] the Leyland Marina and the Morris 1700. Different animal – honest!

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      • CJinSD

        I was replying to Daymo’s suggestion of swapping a Morris Marina 1.8 liter into this Minor. I’m actually aware of pretty much every car BMC and BL made, sadly enough.

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  16. -Nate


    Nine little parts car, too bad about the rust. the 1967’s are a very good year, I’m looking for a Morris Minor driver now in California or nearby.

    -another Nathan

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  17. oilngas

    With a 1275, dual SU’s, and the 3.90 rear gear set. Plenty of power and run 65 mph. On steep boat ramps used a brick on a rope as parking brake back up.

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  18. Raymond Keck

    I bought a garage-find ’61 Morris Minor for $500 when I was in college. Installed front discs from a Sprite and, eventually, swapped the 948 for an 1100cc engine. It was a fun little car, if Spartan as heck.

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  19. ACZ

    Somebody call Tom Cotter. He used to race one and he loves them.

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    • Solosolo UK ken tilly UKMember

      I watched an interview with Tom Cotter on Hagerty Driver last night where he states that he is cutting his collection down to about ten cars, and I think he still has his Minor. What you see on Barn Finder is the same Tom Cotter you get in real life. A very nice fellow.

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  20. Michael n.

    I had a 1960 Morris pick up best little truck I ever had , my wife and I would race it through Malibu canyon California it handled better than a 914-6 that I had but not as fast LOL

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  21. John b

    Any idea if the speedometer works? Looks like the needle is stuck at 50mph….

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  22. 914ShifterMember

    My son drove a Morris Minor Woody Wagon in high school in Oregon. But everytime he turned on the wipers, it would blow a fuse to the fuel pump! In Oregon, that can be a problem!! Lots of fun, though.

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    • ACZ

      Is that a “Lord of Darkness” car?

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  23. Ian

    ..one one of the police camera series on TV a red Minor was stolen. Police car chased it – the Moggie not only outran it..but nipped between two concrete bollards the police could not get through. With a cheerful toot toot it ecaped (and found a mile away) It was amazing how well it handled – even when being chased

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