Engine Still Turns: 1974 Porsche 914

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This 1974 Porsche 914 is an intriguing project, equipped with the larger 2.0L engine that supposedly still turns over. You can see here in the lead photo showing its dusty, faded paint that it was once yellow, a desirable factory color is the area beneath the corner reflector is to be believed. Still, rust is a concern underneath. Find it here on craigslist with a $2,600 asking price.

That’s a lot of cheddar for one of these in this kind of condition, but it’s obvious the 914 was once a desirable specimen. Take the color, the engine, the dual exhausts – I’m sure this 914 looked like a much different car before it went into hibernation. The bumper overriders are pretty much gone, but a parts car could give those up – or is this a parts car?

Check out the center console: this 914 has the rare and desirable gauge package, with three auxiliary gauges stacked upright beneath the dashboard. Given how few options were offered on a 914, that three-pod package always stands out to me. Obviously, the southwest has not been kind to the 914 and the interior is absolutely sun-ravaged.

The other (surprising) issue is despite being in El Paso, rust is a concern on this 914. Pictures in the listing show several list this, with rust bubbling in the floors and other areas underneath the car. The body looks quite sound, so it may indicate poor storage lead to the 914 becoming crunchy underneath despite living in a dry climate. Would you restore this 914 or part out?

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  1. bobhess bobhessMember

    That much rust in that small an area tells me this isn’t the only major rust area. That repair alone will take up a bunch of time. Think parts car. With the 2.0 liter, transaxle, front and rear suspension you have the ideal parts to put into a good chassis.

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  2. Kevin Hojnacki

    50 yr anniversary, the rust is not that bad and then parts are cheap. 2.0 L are rare, definitly restore

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    If you go check out the Craigslist ad, that car has a lot of rot.

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      It is not so common thus I would definitely restore that car. In the UK people know fairly well how to deal with rusty floor pans, etc… and they do wonders.

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  4. art

    Yes, lots of structural rust but the seller is being upfront with those pictures. Kudos. Wonder where the car resided before El Paso?

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    By the look of it, Michigan.

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  6. TimM

    Was that a stock color??? I think the rust will make this car a money pit!!

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  7. Scott Marquis

    Artificial-reef bait.

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  8. OhU8one2

    Unfortunately I see parts car. It’s too bad the rust devil got ahold of this one. It has all the right options. But, it’s only fate is to be parted out. If the body were sound, it’s a perfect candidate for building a monster flat 6, flaring the fenders with 916 items. And make it fast, real fast.

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  9. Bruce

    I have been around these since the beginning and I bet there is less rust than you might think. Most of it seems to be from the front trunk and if the rubber seals have deteriorated you will get surface rust there very quickly. Certainly every rubber and plastic part that has been sun exposed with need to be replaced and all the mechanical rubber and plastic bits as well.

    This may be a far better candidate for restoration than you might think at first glance. From what little I know the parts are available from both Porsche and other sources. These tend to be rough riding roller skates but one hell of a lot of fun. Restore.

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  10. DNC

    I wouldn’t want to meet the dog that chewed those bumper over riders off.

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  11. Steve

    My first thought was, it’s a Mary Kay car!

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  12. Jack Quantrill

    Too bad the factory didn’t do a $20 zinc chromate dip on these bodies. Lots of rust buckets sitting around as a result.

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  13. Brakeservo

    I went to look at this car about three years ago . . . I suspect it’s the same seller. I saw a parts car at best. Theoretically it can be restored, but why throw $50,000 at what will be a $15,000 – $20,000 car when done? Unless of course, you like that sort of thing!

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  14. Stilbo

    I agree with Jack. VW/Porsche should have dipped the 914/916 cars. If there’s this much VISIBLE rust one can be 100% guaranteed that all enclosed and boxed in body areas are paper thin.
    All of those enclosed areas were left as bare metal with no paint or corrosion protection whatsoever.
    Unfortunately these little guys would rust out on the moon.
    Way back in my body shop days we took ONE 914 in for what was to be a “light restoration and refinishing”. Gawd that was a huge misteak.
    We never touched another one after that experience.
    Nor did we get too deeply into early Datsun Z cars after the first and only one as the front subframe assemblies had the same issues.
    I know as the engine literally fell out of my otherwise clean ‘73 240Z.
    And BTW don’t forget the “Hell Hole” that was designed into the 914.

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  15. George mattar

    I detailed a 75 914 for a customer 40 yeats ago. It was green. What a thrill to drive. So German cars rot too? Guess what? So do C3 Corvettes.

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    • karl

      Not as badly, though

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  16. Graham Line

    It has all the running gear and a 914/2.0 build plate. That might be enough for someone with a good tub.

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  17. BobinBexley Bob in BexleyMember

    $2,600.00. Arf !

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  18. John

    Let’s face it… the car is an ugly piece of crap. In all my years I’ve never heard a good word about these 914’s.

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    • Jesse Jesse MortensenStaff

      This one may be beyond saving, but if you have never heard a good thing about these cars, it must be because you have never known someone who owned one. We have two in the shop right now and they are great fun!

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  19. Paul

    Was this a Playboy Playmate of the year car???

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  20. Fiete T.

    No. POS…$260

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