Engine Work Needed: 1976 Peugeot 504

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AutoWeek quoted a Peugeot 504 sales brochure by saying that they had, “Italian style, a French soul and international muscle.” As a lover of all things unusual, especially vehicles, I think that this 1976 Peugeot 504 wagon would be a fun car to have. It needs work but it can be found here on Craigslist in New Braunfels, Texas, just northeast of San Antonio. The seller is asking $1,300 for this Peugeot project. Thanks to Roger for submitting this 504 wagon tip!

The quote in question was actually from a 1970 Peugeot 504 brochure from the 504’s first year in the U.S. market but they debuted on the world stage in the fall of 1968. Ahhh.. 1968.. it seems like not that long ago, doesn’t it? Of course, half of you weren’t even born yet but that’s beside the point. 504 production was scaled back due to Peugeot’s introduction of the 505 in 1979 but they remained in production until 1983. There was a pickup version that stayed in production in European markets until the early-1990s. The 504 was available in parts of Africa until 2006.

This example looks pretty solid to me but we don’t see one single photo of the driver’s side at all, not even a tiny nugget or detail shot. Nothing. That’s just weird to me but such is the Craigslist world. The seller says that “this one was purchased new in America and I am the second owner with a clean title in hand. I was given a lot of extra parts when I purchased this and they will be included when purchased from myself. Everything is there to complete this car”.

The interior looks fairly good other than a few of the soft bits and pieces. The dash looks uncracked from what I can see of it. It must have been used as a mini storage facility because of the indents in the back seat, but at least it was cleaned out for the most part when they took photos. There is a good amount of storage space in the cargo area and it looks good other than having some heavy surface rust. They say that the “roof lining is in great condition and the entire body is solid minus trunk hatch, a few rust spots in the engine bay, one dent in the back of the passenger side and the rocker panels. Chrome trim pieces are perfect, all windows roll up and down, all doors and hood open and close with no issues, 3 tires hold air very well and one does not. Spare tire is included under the vehicle however I don’t think it will hold air.”

D’oh! Here’s where the ol’ French fries hit the fan. You can see that this small block V8.. er.. no wait, this should be Peugeot’s 2.0L inline-four with a whopping 88 hp, or it would have had 88 hp when it was running. It’s torn apart as you can see and that’s why this car is so cheap. The seller says that when they got the car “most of the engine was gutted (still have parts).” Bummer, big time bummer. Parts should still be available to get this car back on the road again and they’re known for being almost bullet-proof and tough. Although, why is this one apart? Have any of you owned a Peugeot 504 wagon? Can this one be saved?

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  1. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    Now, what’s a fully operational 504 go for these days?

    I like a 504, and I like French cars, but the low entry price of this car is as seductive as a French hooker on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg. The “entry” price is cheap, but it’ll cost you at the back end.

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  2. Ben T. Spanner

    I just saw a Peugeot in a grocery store parking lot. It was a small hatchback, about the size of a Yaris. It had Canadian license plates. I live in Southwest Florida. Good luck on finding someone here to repair a Peugeot. Same situation with the long trip to and fro.

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  3. Booya

    Good part: it’s not a diesel.
    Bad part: it’s not a diesel.

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  4. Redwagon

    Calling Paul Niedermeyer.
    Calling Paul Niedermeyer.
    Your next project has arrived.

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  5. Solosolo UK ken TILLYMember

    I owned a 504 sedan with an auto box a long time ago. A great car apart from the underside rust. My stepfather had a puncture and when he jacked the car up the jack went straight through the rocker.

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  6. Jay B

    I always thought you Americans had so much nicer cars than us in the UK, I’ve always been jealous of them, but really, this is the second rotbox oops I mean Peugeot I’ve seen on here today lol

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  7. Jeanod

    My father owned a 504 sedan and wagon in the 80’s. Both were manuals. They were very comfortable and dependable.

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  8. Classics & Cabrios

    Hi all, this is one 1975 version of the 504 with more Italian flair in design, all the French leathered comfort with the rare V6 carb engine with a manual box, its the same engine as used in the Volvo, Renaults of that time, that we found in Rome Italy on one of our trips over there.

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  9. Classics & Cabrios

    Another view

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  10. Classics & Cabrios

    French comfort

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  11. Adriaan Bendeler

    In typical Peugeot strong engineering emphasis, the rear axle on these has 2 coil springs on either side (ie, total of 4 at the rear), arranged I think to work progressively, so even with a full load of passengers (and don’t forget most 504 wagons have 3 rows of seats, so maybe up to 7 people) the ride and handling remains just as good as unloaded.

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  12. local_sheriff

    Another one of those weird Frenchmen I’d never found their way to the US.Years pass between each time they’re spotted. However both then and now these were EXTREMELY rugged and I believe most remaining cars around here were exported to Africa when they lost their plates mostly due to rust issues!
    Produced in several 3rd world countries;and were built locally from CKD kits in Africa up to 06.They seem to pop up in the background on most every TV report from the continent, filled to the rim (or more)with people,cattle,grain bags or whatever. Can’t imagine any car-based vehicle of today could withstand such prolonged abuse…
    Pug engines are usually bulletproof, but I know some 504s had issues with head gaskets and cylinder sleeves coming loose ;might be the case here…

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    • Concinnity

      This particular car is likely to end up in Africa with all the others, specially with such low mileage and good condition in comparison to the cars over there at the moment. Peugeot 504s and 505s sem to have been largely supplanted by Toyota Hi Luxes and used JDM Corolla wagons and Chinese Cherys now.

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  13. Mitch RossMember

    I had a ’75 wagon with a 4 speed. Drove it as a car service (Uber before Uber) never let me down. Drove 12 hours per night around Brooklyn.

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  14. Pete Phillips

    Doesn’t run, engine is apart, front seat upholstery is bad, has some rust. I think the seller is way too optimistic in his price. Yes, it’s a rare car and worth fixing by someone who knows these cars, but I think the price should be current salvage value because that’s all it is until someone knowledgeable fixes it.

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