What The English Weather Does To A Camaro

From Ashley B – Not a barn find but thought you guys might be interested in what thirty years of rainy English weather does to a Camaro. Well guys, if you have ever wondered what sitting out in the English weather can do to a classic, now you know! It’s a sad sight, but there is something strangely fascinating about it. The next time you see a car with a little rust in the rockers, just think about this Camaro and remember, it could be worse!

Special thanks to Ashley for this sighting with us! If you have any interesting roadside sightings, be sure to send them to us at mail@barnfinds.com.


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  1. Dan

    1974 sad camaro….

  2. rmward194 Member

    That just looks like pure neglect. Sad to see.

  3. Derek

    That’s a big lump of catty between the window and where the wing was.

  4. jw454

    The left side picture tells the story… the dreaded plastic tarp of death. It could have a few parts left that it could donate. As hard (expensive) as U.S. parts are to get in the UK it may still be worth something to someone.
    I think this one has been driven it’s last mile.

  5. jrc

    dern ! duct/alum tape or what ?

  6. dgrass

    Is this one trying to free itself from those metal constraints? It would appear the only things holding it up are an old tarp, some twine, and four tires…and even those elements are questionable.

  7. Sam

    Probably owned by an English dentist…

  8. jaymes

    needs naval jelly forsure

  9. Don H

    Nothing a little bondo couldn’t fix!

  10. Bob S

    A Brit will spend a whole winter with a welder and a few trips to the breakers fixing this. Twill be good as new.

  11. Don H

    Better get a tetanus shot first then a shot of Jack Daniels ☠

  12. Dan

    All those years walking by it thinking “Got it all tarped up so that it will be all set when I start to work on it. Tyres are even holding air. All is well”. Then comes the day when you pull off the tarp….

  13. Pfk1106

    Just a scratch…..”black knight”

  14. JagManBill

    I’m thinking an MoT is gonna be out of the question…just maybe?….

  15. Sheffieldcortinacentre

    Problem is over here even without the tarp it wouldn’t be much better.
    Salted winter roads & general damp kills cars fast .
    Anything over 10 years old will need rockers/chassis welding to pass the yearly road worthiness test.
    No pass then your not allowed to use the vehicle,insurance is invalid fines & confiscation possible crushing of vehicle loss of licence ensue.
    Average cost of one rocker replacement plus test fee (no other repairs) $400.
    Labour rates average $100 per hour at an independent workshop.
    Main dealers won’t do this sort of repair its beneath them but will charge $200 plus per hour for service type work.

    • MikeC

      My 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 is well past your 10 year comment & still going strong with no body rot & stays in the path at night – never garaged

      • Ross W. Lovell

        Greetings All,

        Mike C. His comment says more about the UK’s MOT/Ministry Of Transport testing.

        The MOT is a very stringent and comprehensive testing of a vehicular structural and of its mechanical systems functionality. The purpose of this has to do with making the roads safer for everyone by getting unsafe cars off the road.

        That’s the idea anyways. My friends in the UK explain that this keeps bangers off the road, do you don’t have cars driving around like we do in the US.

        The real story is that some of the people who own these cars don’t think long term and the trades the do the repairs have adopted thes same attitudes.

        I’ve personally witnessed, 1/3 of a rocker panel replaced, 1/4 of a trunk floor welded into place to repair a rusted out area.

        Who on earth supply’s a partial panel, and why wouldn’t you replace the whole thing, especially a rocker?

        Bought a MKII Jaguar over there and while the car was structucturally in good shape the doors were a little sketchy. The car had numerous touch ups on paint that were almost imperceptible but are required if there is bare metal or bubbling.

        MOT ain’t al it’s cracked up to be.

  16. Sheffieldcortinacentre

    Unfortunately only a handful of people will want parts & most of us dont have access to a vehicle/trailer capable of moveing a vehicle of this size/ wieght so will have to get a towing company involved.
    They’ll probably want $100-150 to move it 10 miles ($10 plus, per mile above this) with most saying the job will be to much hassle as it won’t winch straight on & off.
    The owner will prob say they want $1000-1500 for it, if someone can get it it will probably be for the engine (if not siezed) box & axle for a rod.
    Unfortunately the mentality over here is that anything old is worth big bucks so sensible offers are usually met with hostility & vehicles end up in this sort of state then go for scrap due to bereavement or orders to remove due to complaints to authorties from neighbours.

    • LAB3

      Considering the cost of hauling, could you get it to a scrap yard without paying anything?

      • Al

        For some reason, I haven’t yet figured out why, living here just 4 years, scrap yards pay very little for junk cars- £50 or so- $75 US.

    • Mike

      Couldn’t agree more, until they find an alternative to salting the roads this is the future of all old vehicles in the U.K. Serious collectors just don’t take their beloved cars out in winter months

      • Al

        BUT- cars are driven much less compared to the US. I’d guess 4,000mi/yr is about the average. I have an 82 Merc with 89K miles and a 97 Merc with 55K miles I use as my daily driver. Engine compartment still looks new. Repairing small rust bubbles on the wheel arches is all that will be needed for a while. Because of rust issues old, low mileage cars sell for a song.

  17. John Ace

    Looks like CLEVELAND !!!!!!

  18. mark

    I like the rope/string holding the door up to the body. Latches are probably rusted away. Sad.

  19. C Carl

    I see good parts. Rear bumper, taillight lenses, glass hand I like turbine wheels. The rest looks like a science experiment. The Camaro script would be a souvenir for the last owner.
    Thanks for the pic Ashley

  20. larry

    Better tackle that rust before it gets out of hand.

  21. Big Al

    If it had been an MG, you wouldn’t see anything at all lo

  22. Snuffy

    Ran when parked!

  23. whippeteer

    That’ll buff right out.

  24. Ken Nichols

    This is very near where I live the story is, the owner died 30 years ago in a accident, the dad just couldn’t let the car go….

  25. Nova Scotian

    Tarp of death…Motor vehicle laws of shame…skyrocketing insurance, equals cost of ownership/drivability out of reach for any “normal” car guru. The breed is dying all around us. Enjoy it while it lasts…

  26. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    Does it even have a V8 in it?

  27. Sheffieldcortinacentre

    According to our version of the dmv its a 250 so straight 6 so even Rodders won’t be interested.

  28. Ken Martin

    This is your classic ’74 Camaro, sitting right outside your door. You see, and look at it every day. You watch it be reclaimed to mother earth. It becomes less, and less valuable every day, to the point it’s worthless. It will cost money to have it hauled away as scrap. Your friends, family, and neighbors ask about it. You don’t sell it to someone who really loves, and wants it. You do nothing to restore it either. Why do people do this? Why do people let things go beyond repair, rather than selling it to make money? I’m at a loss to understand the mentality of people.

    • O'Dee

      Please read Ken Nichols’ comment above….sometimes sentimental value far outweighs fiscal value!

      • Ken Martin

        I see, and get it. Thanks.

  29. Mike Williams

    Salted before put away

  30. Eddy D. Smith

    I’ve heard about the affects of “Acid rain”,but that poor Camaro looks like there must be sulfuric acid rain where ever this poor Chevy was left exposed to the elements? And people complain about the use of salt on winter roads here in Utah. I have literally never in my 59 years seen ANY vehicle rusted out,and rotted out this badly. The owner should be brought up on charges of criminal neglect (if that was possible?) for this one. To a car guy,this is almost as bad as child neglect. And yes,I do realize how that statement will sit with some of those politically correct “whiners” out there. Then again,I have never been accused of being “politically correct”

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