The British Are Coming: 1976 Chevy Custom Cloud

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Ah, the 70s were an interesting time. From the outfits to the music, there was no limt to the manner in which you could express yourself. Some automotive customizers felt the same way, and I present to you Exhibit A: A 1976 Chevy Custom Cloud here on eBay, which is for all intents and purposes is a gussied-up Monte Carlo beneath that bodacious bodywork. 

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This was a short-lived vehicle, since the creators of the Custom Cloud didn’t work all that hard to not look like they were ripping off Rolls-Royce. While the underpinnings may have been pure Monte Carlo, the exterior worked damn hard to convince onlookers you were driving an overweight and confused lovechild of a Stutz Blackhawk and a Silver Cloud. Surprisingly (or not, given the era), the Custom Cloud was fairly popular and Chevy dealers enjoyed the hoped-for increase in foot traffic as a result of the unusual creation.

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But like so many joyrides, the silliness had to end. The long arm of the law and intellectual property attorneys who preferred afternoon teas to morning coffee stormed the premises and politely asked the Custom Cloud Motors company to stop embarrassing the British Royal Family. They still owned a few Rolls, you know. In the case of this example, you can feel free to burn rubber in front of Parliament, since there’s under 90,000 miles on the clock and plenty of tread on the tires.

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Fun fact, the Custom Cloud wore genuine Rolls-Royce tail lights. That’s where the genuineness ends, however, as everything else was a fairly blatant rip-off. From the knock-off flying ladies to the uncanny resemblance the company’s double C logo bore to the double R’s of the British automaker, Custom Cloud Motors shuttered with far fewer identity crisis-stricken Montes running around than they had hoped. Original projections called for 700 cars, but today, only about 100 are believed to exist. The reserve is unmet and bids are over $5K – is someone coming home with a Monte Royce today?


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  1. JW

    Rare maybe, different yes, for my taste NO !!!

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  2. sir mike

    70’s pimp mobile….

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  3. Nighttrainx03

    I am sorry but that thing is one of the ugliest customs I have ever seen. Id rather be seen driving in a AMC matador. Sorry AMC guys but my dad went from a 67 corvette Stingray to a orange 74 matador when I was 12 in 1975 that I felt so embarrassed that when I my friends seen me in it I lied and said it was a loaner.

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  4. hhaleblian

    For the past 10 years there’s a two tone white over red daily driver in a Elk Grove Village manufacturer’s parking lot. I just want to see the guy who owns this and ask. Why?

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  5. Joe Gotts

    Most pimp mobile’s have the “diamond in the back”, how did they forget that?

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  6. SRT8

    Ummmm, no, nope, not a chance, hell no.

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  7. Steven C

    I love it! Looks a lot like the car from the movie “The Car”, which was a customized Lincoln, but this looks close. Flat black, slot mags, and airhorns is all it needs.

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  8. Neil

    May not be the prettiest car on the road but sure beats the heck out of my neighbors VW beetle conversion with Roll Royce grill.

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  9. Gary I

    Tastes be as they may be this was an expensive car new, and someone is probably getting a deal. Should be unique at the local car shows!

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  10. grant


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  11. Charles

    They ruined a perfectly good Monte Carlo, which was not a bad car in it’s day.

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  12. Kieron

    I looked at the pictures as I couldn’t read the print without my glasses I remembered going to school in England in one like these back in the 70 s. Then I reached for my specs and realised my error !!!!
    I’ve seen something similar in a museum in a hotel in Vegas though

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  13. Paul R.

    Looks like a Stutz knockoff attempt to me.

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  14. JW454

    Anybody else notice it’s missing it’s big catalytic converter? In emission controlled states… buyer beware. No license plates for you!

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  15. JimmyinTEXAS

    Pull off the purple landau top and purple interior and paint it an ominous gray molt, add suspension, brakes and a high horse engine and call it a storm cloud… It is raining here today..

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  16. Alan (Michigan)

    “The British Are Coming”?

    More like: “The British Are Running” (in the other direction….)

    There was one on here a year ago…

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  17. Woodie Man

    More velour!

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  18. brakesevo

    I do sorta, kinda remember 40+ years ago reading about these in an American car mag, maybe Road & Track or Car & Driver?? They took one to London to see what the reaction was . . . actually fooled some Brits who shoulda been used to seeing real Rollers on the road . . .

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  19. Richie Rich

    There are a few around and if in safe running condition could be worth upwards of 5k but it is basically a 1974 Monte Carlo built by GM in a mediocre decade with a body from a kit installed by a dealer or an enthusiast.

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