Epic Rust! 1960 Austin-Healey 3000


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I can honestly say I’ve never seen a rustier Austin-Healey! Thanks to Robert R for this entertaining find. Honestly, that’s what it is, because I don’t think anyone in either their right or wrong mind would attempt a restoration of this pile of iron oxide. At least the seller has the right attitude and treats the auction as such. This sad looking former car is in two large chunks, located in Oxford, Massachusetts and listed here on eBay where bidding will start at $750 should anyone need a Healey title, rear axle, front suspension or oxidized front and rear shrouds.


The seller puts it better than I can: “The skeletonized rusted frame is actually quite an interesting thing to look at, if you are in the frame of mind of an archeologist who is appreciating shards of some ancient vase that was smashed on the rocks of the Aegean sea 2000 years ago.” Wow. It’s worth your time to read the ad purely for the entertainment value!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Clay Bryant

    Absolutely the perfect candidate for what I always wanted to do.Transplant a Chevy C10 cab in the middle of something like this.

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  2. Jason

    It looks two thousand years old not fifty!

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  3. sir mike

    oh god….probably only good for the vin tag…

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  4. Dan h

    It’s just surface rust……..uh-huh.

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  5. jim s

    if it was a P car it would bring good money but as an AH no bids. has VIN but no title. interesting find.

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  6. Randy Forbes

    Amazingly little electrolysis (galvanic corrosion) on the aluminum shroud flanges!

    I’ve seen cars that were in far, FAR better condition__even driving and presentable__that those flanges were already lace-like, or practically non-existent.

    Funny, every car has a different story…

    Here’s a picture of my own Healey BN6, taken right after blasting and priming sometime during the last week of December, 1987. You can see what their chassis/superstructure is supposed to look like (this is all one-piece welded construction)…

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  7. DolphinMember

    Maybe $750 in parts there, but I doubt it. Those ‘shrouds’ (hood and trunklid surrounds) are aluminum and look pretty thin and so oxidized they might disappear if anyone takes a torch to them. The rear bumper and rear end unit might be salvageable, but I wouldn’t trust my life to the suspension parts.

    Funny ad, tho. I guess a guy has to try to put it out there and see what happens. +

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  8. Chris

    Love the plate that says “when ordering replacements quote XZY” You’re going to be doing a lot of ordering here.

    Amusing ad. And articulate too.

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  9. erik

    A Delage in similar state did 1,7 million in Paris a month ago……………
    I like the humor of the seller

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  10. Denis

    If you enjoy barn finds yourself, you need a strong stomach and a sense of humor which this guy definitely has….I always think there is SOMETHING on there I can use, even as a MAN CAVE DECO. Thanks for the chuckle…

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