Estate Auction: 34 Mostly Low Mileage Classics!

Above you’ll see just some of the low mileage and generally great condition treasures that will be offered at auction April 23, 2017 in Allentown, Pennsylvania. You can preview the cars here and there are some real beauties! This is an estate sale, and the collector definitely had particular tastes, with the cars being grouped into some very specific categories. I’ll explore some of those below, but be sure and check out the complete listing for more details. Thanks ever so much to commenter and reader LD71 who sent in this great set of finds!

1970 Malibus

These five 1970 Malibus all seem to be in pretty nice shape! The orange one is a convertible, V8 with a four speed and shows 24,499 miles. The yellow one is modified, with a four speed, cowl induction and some speed parts under the hood. It’s showing 60,102 miles. The dark green car has a small block V8 and an automatic, and is showing 79,493 miles. The lighter green car is showing only 20,447 miles and is another small block V8/automatic car. Finally, the maroon car is showing 11,962 miles (!) and is yet another V8/automatic car. What a set of Malibus!

El Caminos

There are five El Caminos as well, although they are from a range of years. They have a range of mileage showing as well, from 7,217 to 82,095. Highlights include a rare 1987 SS model with less than 13,000 miles and the 1974 showing 7,217 miles. You don’t see many El Caminos with camper tops, either.


If you are into Neoclassics–those cars that are relatively modern cars modifed to look like older ones, there are two Tiffanys and a Zimmer, with the Zimmer having less than 4,000 miles and 1986 Mustang underpinnings. I can definitely believe these odometer readings because this type of car is rarely used as a daily driver.

Other GM Special Cars

Here we have a 1987 Corvette convertible, notable that it has a Paxton supercharger and less than 20,000 miles, a 1969 Pontiac GTO with a Tri-Power V8, less than 69,000 miles but it needs some interior work, a 1998 Corvette Indy Pace Car (unclear whether replica or real) with under 14,000 miles, and a 1997 Camaro with a custom interior.

Transport Help

Finally, it wouldn’t do to win some of these auctions without a way to get the cars home, would it? Both trucks seem well capable of towing, with the 1977 having a 454 V8 and the 1994 having many custom features. The box van is a 1972, and the 40′ racing trailer could hold at least two of the cars! Thanks again to LD71 for sharing these great finds, and please let us know if any of you can attend the auction–we’d love an “on the scene” report, especially if you end up taking one of these vehicles home!

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  1. Blyndgesser

    I notice that all of the Malibus have the Yipes Stripes on the hood. Were those available from the factory as a standalone option? I thought they were SS-only.

    • Trey

      Available on non-SS, but judging by the amount of things that are not stock, I wouldn’t be surprised if the stripes were not stock either.

  2. R. Todd Rothrauff

    Must have the Zimmer ! I love those cars . . .

    • Ikey Heyman

      I was just on the Zimmer Motorcars site, you can order a new one – starting at $237,800.00 based on the model you choose. I had heard they sell pretty well in Saudi Arabia, at those prices I can see why, they have $$ to burn.

  3. Jay M

    That GTO absolutely does it for me.
    Just something about the 68/69…

    • DRV

      It is the one I think of in my head when you say GTO…it also reminds me of the Monkee mobile…

  4. ClassicCarFan

    some neat cars in that selection,

    ….oh and two Tiffanys and a Zimmer too. Never have been able to fathom why anyone ever thought that faux Mercedes SSK look front combined with with cheesy “bustle-back” tail was attractive. The height of pimp-tastic bad taste for me?


      Same thing I thought about the Clenet roadster…and the people who bought the Stutz trademark(s).All three are just sooo “70’s tacky”. The the universe where these cars are desired is small.(thankfully)
      That being said…Speedster Motorcars does a gorgeous job replicating the ’36 Auburn Boattail Speedster.One of the few people who get that art-deco / jazz age design theme so perfect.

  5. Anthony R from RI

    As good as these look at first glance, I am not particularly impressed.. All of these are modified cars, not as factory delivered. I would bet that none of these are actual low mileage but have been around at least once. The maroon Chevelle has a brown steering wheel, the yellow Chevelle SS is the only one that should have stripes and it doesn’t have the blacked out grille that it should. And don’t get me started on the GTO… it may be fast, especially if it really has the 428 indicated by the emblems on the hood, but none of the details are right on the GTO,,, wrong emblem on the trunk, wrong center caps and trim rings on the Rally II wheels for a 69, what’s with the wires hanging out of the dash, looks like its been painted black around the grille, probably to hide the fact that this car should have hidden head light i am sure it will go for a lot more than its really worth

    • Richard Caprio

      I agree ! Anybody paying for “low miles” on a 5 digit mechanical odometer is a fool !!!
      Soooo easy to “clock” or simply disconnect the cable while driving a gazillion miles !

    • Big Len

      I completely agree.

  6. Blindmarc

    Love the 74′ elco, and the 87′. The pace car vette looks authentic to me, a friend had one when I lived in Texas. The 97′ Camaro is a true SS and was very fast for its time, plus everything to tow with is also there.
    if I could buy one car, it would be the Camaro.

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Yep, that Camaro does it for me too.

  7. Art M.

    Stripes were not exclusive to the SS models. I had a 70 Malibu with a flat hood that came with stripes. However, I don’t think you could get the SS or the Cowl Induction hood on the Malibu. It looks as if the majority of these are modified and that doesn’t matter to me in the least, as long as they represented as such.

  8. Mike Williams

    I prefer the Clenet with Cleveland power!

  9. Pete

    This looks like an absolute auction to cover legal costs of someone who got sued for misrepresenting a car as low mileage and or original. I didn’t look but at a few and all of them had been worked over and uncomplete. Somebody is going out of business, not a collector liquidating his collection. Then again the owner could have passed away or gotten very ill. All I know is these cars look suspect.

  10. kenzo

    They could have done a better masking job on the respray of the red el-camino. lots of over spray on the id plates

  11. Alan (Michigan)

    From the Auctioneer’s site:
    Fresh to the Market “One Owner” Lifetime Collection of El Caminos, Malibus, Chevelles, Corvettes, Camaros, 69 GTO, Tiffany Kit Cars & MORE!

    Note the location of parentheses. Caveat Emptor!

  12. Doug Towsley

    I would love an After action report on the sale and a break down on the sales prices. There are no lack of collectors who dont give a crap about originality. They like what they like, Period. This looks like that kind of sale to me.
    I know a local auction house that specializes in fine arts, jewelery and antiques.
    They had a big estate come in where the owner ran a garbage franchise which is a license to print money. His tastes were ,,, shall we say varied. He collected all kinds of stuff. Some of it baffling to me. But he had a lot of Motorcycles and Cars. None were top shelf,, more “average Joe” stuff. Low mileage mid 70s Camaro,. Basic BSA A65, Suzuki Savage, Harley Sportster mid 90s. That kind of stuff. Just on the edge of cool and interesting but nothing super valuable.
    I thought it was a terrible venue to sell at. How wrong I was and apparently others thought so too and expected bargains. It was madness and they raked in unbelievable sums well over fair market value. Nobody could believe it.
    So,., dont turn your nose up at sales like this, Could be the deals of the century but on the other hand could redefine collector car values with B list cars. You never know till its over.

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