Estate Cleanout: Chevy Tow Rigs and Hudson Hornet

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Every now and again, a seller pops up on eBay who is unloading a backyard of old cars and trucks, or a shop that’s entombed with gasoline cans and vintage service station signage. While not always terribly exciting, it does give you a glimpse into what other people collect – like this 1956 Hudson Hornet Special here on eBay, which occupies a backyard with some old tow rigs. The Hornet sits on four flat tires with a repaint of unknown quality, and has some rust in the doors. 

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This is probably my favorite vehicle that the seller currently has for sale. It’s a 1970 Chevy C30 truck with a Holmes wrecker body here on eBay. The truck has been parked for 11 years and a tree has begun growing up through the tow attachments, which the seller said he’ll try and cut away before the next owner takes possession. Interestingly, the deceased owner bought this truck in 2005, had it delivered and then never used it. The body looks solid enough that this rig could have more working years left. The opening bid is $500 and there’s no action at the moment.

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Here’s the other wrecker, a 1967 50 Series tilt-bed car hauler here on eBay. Like the other truck, it was purchased in 2003 and then driven three miles before being parked. The seller offers more information on the previous owner, and as you might expect, the story goes as follows: guy buys random cars and trucks that he likes, has them delivered and then leaves them in the yard (or barn, garage, etc.) It’s an odd habit, especially since this truck was in good working order when it was delivered. There’s one bid for $700 and the reserve is unmet.

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So, which one would you choose? The Hornet has two bids at the moment, but every listing has a reserve price – which seems odd to me given the mechanical condition is generally unknown and these aren’t desirable vehicles to begin with. So, fingers crossed the reserve prices are low. While we all hope to find a hidden trove of Hemi-equipped Mopars or matching-numbers SS cars, a batch of projects such as this one is more likely – but still looks like fun to crawl through and hopefully make a few bucks in the process. Which would you choose?

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  1. MH

    I would take the Hudson. They all need lots of work. We would get the most enjoyment out of the car. Me and my family love to go to car shows, so might as well go in a car that can be in the show too.

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  2. Fred

    The Hornet looks like it was very nice when first parked. A cryin’ shame it has been outside so long.

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  3. TomMember

    Hope they don’t throw in the spiders at no extra charge ! It would need a full resto just to be sure some nasty bug doesn’t come crawling up your leg or over your shoulder on a “fun time” at the cruise night !! Just imagine some nasty 8 legged guy repelling down from under the dash to join the fun! Last time your girl sits next to you in the ride.

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  4. That Guy

    The Hudson looks like it was a pretty nice car 23 years ago. Sad to see it so neglected now, but it definitely seems savable. I’m actually surprised it looks as good as it does.

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  5. Nessy

    If anyone looked close at the photo of the trees coming up through the tow truck body, it takes alot longer than only 11 years for that to happen. The owner is gone so he can’t tell us and whoever is selling the stuff is off on the time. You can just tell it’s been parked longer than 11 years. I used to be an Arborist. Still am a bit.

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  6. geomechs geomechsMember

    Being a truck fan first I would definitely go for the trucks. Don’t know exactly what I’d do with them other than attempt to regain what was lost all those years of sitting. Kind of interesting seeing that 292 in the ramp truck. But then, back in ’67 probably half the big trucks were powered by sixes, more likely 292s. Not the easiest to work on in that body style but it isn’t impossible either. It’s a real shame leaving that good iron out in the boonies. It could’ve all been used years ago…

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  7. jim s

    both the trucks are interesting but i would want them without the wildlife and trees. nice finds.

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  8. Bill Wine

    I purchased the Hudson yesterday. Gonna clean er up and see if I can get it running.

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    • John Drobycki



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  9. Bob C.

    I would go for the HASH (hudson nash), underrated yet unique.

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  10. Bill Wine

    I saved this car from the farm where it had been sitting for several years. I did manage to get it running. You can watch it on this link:

    I do want to sell it because I have another car I’m restoring.

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