Estate Sale C3: 1977 Chevrolet Corvette

The seller of this 1977 Corvette, found here on eBay in Neosho, Missouri, doesn’t provide too many details about the condition of the car, except to say that you should expect to need to do work on various items as the car is over 40 years old.  But at the opening bid of $3,500, it’s not too much of a gamble even if it does need some repairs.

As classic Corvettes go, the later third-generation cars aren’t often at the top of the list for collectability.  First and second generation cars are perennial favorites, and the chrome-bumpered, early third-generation cars garner some interest as well.  But by the mid-70’s, Chevrolet had reduced the engine offerings to emissions-choked small-block V8’s and replaced the chrome bumpers with federally-compliant urethane pieces, and interest in these cars isn’t as strong as it is for earlier models.  However, except for the engine, this car is mechanically very similar to the earlier C3’s and C2’s, and since stout small-block Chevy engines are easy to come by, upgrading this car’s power output wouldn’t be difficult.

Details on the condition of this car are limited.  The seller says it only has 99,000 miles, which is pretty low considering its age.  Interior photos are also limited, but those that are provided show a center stack that’s missing a radio and some other rough spots.  The body seems to be in decent shape, although a fresh coat of paint and removal of the rear luggage rack would be welcome additions.  The seller doesn’t provide any undercarriage shots, which is where these fiberglass-bodied cars would show rust, so a prospective buyer might want to dig further into that area.  The seller says the ignition key is missing, so running condition is unknown, but the buyer should be able to procure a key from a locksmith or possibly Chevrolet once they have the title in their name.

For someone like myself, who doesn’t have the budget for a ’63 ‘Vette, a car like this would be an easier entry point into Corvette ownership.  While the styling will never compare with a ’63, these later model C3’s have grown on me recently, and parts exist to make this into a great-handling and fast machine.  No one has bid on the car yet, so it’s hard to predict what it will sell for, but if it goes for anywhere near it’s opening bid of $3,500 and there aren’t many hidden issues, this car could be the starting point for a great, low-budget Corvette build.


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  1. Classic St eel

    Radio missing and headlights stuck .
    This is high miles on a vette as most were parked in cold weather and this looks driven hard and prob snow too.

    Check the bird cage and frame and expect on average fifteen grand on Vette paint…

    This pus you in another low mileage working car cheaper unfortunately 🤑

    • Al

      That last line HUH !!! whatcha trying to say

    • Classic St eel

      “Puts” 😜

  2. Mark

    Someone appears to have taken the time to replace some hoses and shine the valve covers and air cleaner, but they won’t spend 25 bucks for a key? Whats up with that?

    • SWells679

      Huh? What? Oh, sorry. I was distracted by the shiny pieces.
      Srsly. I know what you’re saying.

  3. ron

    has this car removable tops?

    • Ike Onick

      Removable tops it has.

  4. Mark

    Looks like the A/C compressor is missing.

    • Ike Onick

      That’s all?

  5. Don Holt

    I had them same jc,Witney valve covers on my old camaro ,

  6. Steve R

    Add the cost of paint to the opening bid and you could put yourself into a running driving corvette from that era.

    To protect yourself as a bidder you would need to price it as a parts car, $1,000-$1,200, at most.

    Steve R

  7. Bob C.

    This car has a much better chance of survival at a grand less than the 64 Chevy convertible on this same post.

  8. Jimmy

    Corvettes seem to be coming up for sale everywhere in the last month.

  9. Spiderider

    I want to like this vette. Maybe at a grand less as said before. .
    However it looks as if it been run recently, some stuff looks too clean, and some too used per description, and also as said before.

    I’ve seen before where a seller has turned a slipping transmission or low compression into “lost keys”.
    Lost keys is not an issue on a car like this, could be fixed with a trip to local parts store or key shop. No chip or electronic keys..

    Not saying that’s what’s going on but, gotta look close right?

    We sell for maximum value, if there’s a pic of you underneath the hood in your ad..
    Come on were all car people here, need I say more..

  10. Shawn

    Weird, all of the gauges are showing values as if the engine were running…

  11. Steverino

    I think the seller made a mistake by starting at 3500. He might eventually get a bid or two but had he started at 4 or 5 hundred or even a dollar he would have generated a lot of bids and some excitement about the car. As it is, it’s just sitting there with no bids and a perceived lack of desirability.

    • Peter

      Cleaning up an estate can be a tiring business and he does not appear too car savvy?

  12. C5 Corvette

    at least it has nice wheels….look like 70’s era Keystone Classics. I had 2 C3’s. They were a lot of fun, but not too fast! Nice, not too expensive, way to get started in Corvette’s. I sometimes wish I had kept my 69 roadster. It was a Bear after transplanting a 454 into it! Now I drive my C5 (345 HP) and just enjoy the ride.

  13. 86 Vette Convertible

    350/auto. Get it cheap enough and it could be lived with. I would not remove the luggage rack if you ever plan to do any traveling with it. Internal space is at a premium in the C3’s & C4’s. Check the birdcage, frame and insure it hasn’t been totally chopped up.

    Anyone else note a Oklahoma title with a Missouri owners address on it?

  14. David Ulrey

    I basically agree with what 86 Vette Convertible said. If things mostly check out in sound condition I honestly could live with it at that price. I’m probably one of few that doesn’t want a collectable Corvette. I like these body styles, I could easily live with this engine if it is still healthy with a few upgrades. I most certainly would NOT put a show quality paint job on it even though I’m capable of it. Just a decent one. I just want one that’s affordable, not collectable, and where I could drive it and enjoy it without worry. Show cars and collector cars have their place just not in my garage or driveway.

  15. Peter

    Did this sell?
    The ebay auction ended still at $3,500 and no bids?


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