Euro-Spec GTS: 1979 DeTomaso Pantera

This 1979 DeTomaso Pantera has been parked in storage since 2000, with the seller noting it will need some level of recommissioning as a result. It is also purported to be a rare Euro-spec GTS model, which would have come with 20 extra b.h.p. from the factory and a few other upgrades. However, some clues to GTS heritage are missing, so it may be worth digging deeper on those claims. Find the Pantera here on eBay with an opening bid of $75K and no action yet. 

Exact production numbers aren’t readily available, but genuine Euro GTS’ are rumored to numbers in the hundreds. They were identifiable not only for having 350 b.h.p. over the standard 330 b.h.p., but also for tacked-on fender flares, slim Euro bumpers and stiffer suspension components. From a visual standpoint, this Pantera doesn’t appear to have any of the cues that confirm it as a genuine GTS. The seller notes the motor spins freely but that the brake calipers need to be rebuilt and the fuel system should be gone through.

The interior presents fairly well, with generally sound and thickly-bolstered bucket seats along with the trademark gated shifter. The aftermarket radio looks sorely out of place, and things could use a cleaning inside. The mileage is noted to be 16,900 and the seller has owned the Pantera since 1989. Speaking of the odometer, the major clue that this is a genuine Euro-spec model appears in the photo gallery as the speedometer is in KMs, a tell-tale sign of this Pantera’s Euro-market origins.

It’s entirely possible this GTS was hit with the offensive U.S.-mandated federalization requirements, which made the park-bench bumpers necessary along with other safety and emissions enhancements. My question is, how did the speedometer escape replacement, as the gauge cluster is one of the few items most consistently swapped out during federalization raids? There’s likely some detective work that can be done via number tags and VIN plates to confirm its history, as a low-mileage, genuine GTS would be a worthwhile investment over a standard Pantera.

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  1. Francisco

    Missing a profile picture. That’s where these cars really shine.

  2. Jim

    Don’t think they ever made a ‘79 model

    • Steve R

      Production ran from 1971-1992 even though Ford ended their involvement in 1974.

      Steve R

  3. Tarek Sharaf

    This is not a euro specs with the big front rubber bumper or the car has been US specked

  4. fahrvergnugen

    If the GTS had “…350 b.h.p. over the standard 330 b.h.p…” does that mean it had what 680 b.h.p?

  5. Jack Quantrill

    In 1972, you could get one at your Ford dealer for $ 10,000!

  6. TouringFordor

    Ended because of an error in the listing.

    Not really Euro spec? Could the KM speedometer be Canadian rather than Euro? Don’t know, just asking.

    • Al Saunders

      As a Canadian, we were still in miles back then.

      • Stevie B

        As a Canadian who actually lived here in the 1970s, I can confirm that Canadian new vehicle odometers were switched over to kilometers in 1975. This vehicle is registered as a 1979 so it’s quite possible that this is a Canadian spec non-Euro Pantera.

  7. Joe Howell

    One of my favorite cars to look at. Local Lincoln -Mercury dealer had a yellow one. Price was $9,999 and some loose change. Oh to take Mr. Peabody’s Way-Back machine to 1971 with 10 grand in hand now, but how to get it back to 2018 might be a problem in the Way-Back. Problem solved, have Marty tow it home behind Doc’s Delorean.

  8. Franimal

    Another fleebay item sold before I get the barn find email!

  9. Andrs

    I doubt it sold as it said ended for a listing error. Then these are also available for about the same price without all the rebuilding required. Why pay 75 when for 5 more you get a nice one that is done?

  10. Wayne

    I worked at a Pontiac store and my buddy worked at the Mercury store across the tracks. I would show up with a Formula 455 4 speed and he would show up with a Pantera. Those were great lunch breaks! ( So were the ones with one of the girls in the office!) The Pantera was fun, but even at a young age after about a half an hour I was ready to get out. (can you say spinal compression? I knew you could!)
    Very pretty , fun and fast. Mot one that I could live with.

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