European Triplets: Mercury Capris

Mercury Capris

I’ve had a soft spot for Capri’s ever since they first appeared. Even the ads were cool! I’ve test driven several and almost bought two, but have never actually pulled the trigger. These three, found by Jim S, are a rare opportunity to acquire not just a project but a bunch of spare parts at the same time. The cars are located in Junction City, Kansas, and are offered here on eBay with a Buy-It-Now of $3,500 but the seller is taking offers as well. It’s pretty obvious that the major issue with all three cars is rust, but there’s some good news: the blue 1973 V6 already has new rocker panels, lower quarter patches and rear wheel well panels. It also runs well, has air conditioning and a four-speed manual. Yes, there’s a lot of work to be done, and I’m guessing that price will have to be negotiated down a bit for this to work for someone, especially if storage space is an issue like it is for me. Have you got the room for these “Sexy Europeans?” (that’s the original US ad campaign slogan)


WANTED 1964 Ford Fairlane 500 2 dr HT I need both rear quarters Contact

WANTED 66 or 67 Chevrolet chevelle would like a strong big block and 4 speed Contact

WANTED 1966 Buick Riviera GS Ready to buy now!!!….. 66, Riviera GS. Jerry: 303 663 3963 Contact

WANTED 1971-1975 Ford Stroppe BAJA Bronco Looking for a 1971-75 BAJA Bronco. Prefer nice restoration or rust free original but any considered Contact

WANTED 1960-1964 Chevrolet corvair WTB Gen1 Chevrolet Corvair Contact

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  1. David C

    I had a friend that owned one years ago and it was a blast to drive with the V6 and handled very well. This seems like a realistic price for the 3 but where would you put 3 cars?

  2. DanaPointJohn

    Assuming you really, really, really had to have a Capri, here is the offer:

    1) Strip the useable parts from the two brown cars and leave their carcasses.
    2) Haul away the blue car and the salvaged parts.
    3) Pay the guy $1,000.

    That’s how you handle the question of who has room for three cars and you don’t overpay in the process.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      @DanaPointJohn; Agreed, as long as you have the time, especially if you happen to have a 115V plasma cutter. Someone bought 3 non-running Stags from me like that once; they didn’t allow themselves enough time to strip the cars, though…we cleared over $750 on what they left :-)

  3. David

    I bought a brand new 1974 Capri for $3,550 cash. It had the 4 cyl 2000 cc engine with a four speed. It had no options. Not even a radio. I loved that car though. It was fun to drive and looked great. I drove it daily for the next 12 years before someone ran into me on Christmas day 1986. Totaled it. I would like to get another one. I would buy one ready to go, but the work these need are beyond my ability. I really hope someone saves these from the crusher.

  4. Rod (Jimmy Jeranty on facebook)

    This one was mine, running a 351 Clevo and a 350 big shot nitros kit…needless to say it was a pants filling experience sometimes

  5. Rod (Jimmy Jeranty on facebook)

    Filled the engine bay a bit

  6. Rancho Bella

    Don’t look now but on the West Coast there are folks looking for these. Ford running gear, German made, they corner well but can be made to corner like stink.

    They are getting hard to find. Frankly not that great looking but the handling is nice.

    Did I get my facts right?

  7. Jason

    Euro-stangs! Weird to find three in the middle of the American heartland.

  8. cliffyc

    Well back in the late sixties-early seventies,Ford UK’s ads ran the tagline “The Car You Always Promised Yourself”!…,just sayin, Nice looking, practical daily driver.

  9. Karld

    Learned to drive on my parents rusty ’71 2000. Great car until the body fell off in the salty roads of the north. Yes, I want one! Love the 1976 Black Cat version

  10. Jasper

    My first favorite car, my favorite Matchbox die cast too. My sister had a series of these in my tottler years. Studied these at length when waste high. Her first was A ’71 1600 that was traded on a new, late ’74 V6, 4 speed in that same blue with the rusty red interior. Still remember looking out the driveway side door down on it. The looks and sound left me impressed to this day.

  11. azsnake

    I also ordered a brand new ’74 Capri 4cy 2000 cc engine with a 4 on the floor, power steering and air conditioning. White with tan interior. REALLY fun to drive, but the 4cyl needed a little more muscle.

    Funny thing was I had to keep asking when it would come in and the salesman kept checking. He apologized because he was new to the car sales business and would try again and again. Finally he called and said my car arrived. When I got to the dealership there were 3 identical Capri’s lined up out front and he told me to pick one!

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