EXCLUSIVE: 1961 Imperial Southampton

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  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    Wow, that price is super cheap. If I hadn’t just bought a ’63 Riviera to recommission, I’d grab this one up.

  2. Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

    What a deal! Just by the pound that would be phenomenal!!!

  3. Paul

    Awesome deal too bad it won’t fit in my garage. Well it would but if have to sell some other toys.

    • Mike W H

      I’m pretty sure it would fit in my garage, if I took out the back wall.

  4. Ian C

    What a bargain!!! Wish I had somewhere for it.

  5. John Corey

    People (and interested parties) – my car, my bad – my first listing on Barn Finds, and I messed up. I had $2500 (wife’s idea) in the listing form, and hit send before checking and asking more as I intended. In followup email with Band Finds before publishing, I thought I had mad it clear that I am asking $5,000, but the listing made it here at the wife’s wish price. Please accept my apologies for the confusion. I will reply to those who have responded individually. Hey, it’s still a heck of a good deal! I just gotta let it go.

    • Ken Member

      When I saw the $2,500 I thought, “Man, he’s practically giving this car away!” It looks to be worth more than $5,000 to me.

    • Åke

      Still for sale ?

  6. Rex Kahrs Member

    Hey John, mistakes happen, and at 5K it is still a great deal.

    I’d been looking most of the winter (well, not exactly winter in Tampa) for a new/big/Detroit project car as a change of pace from the little Euro 4-bangers I usually renovate. I’d have been very interested in this Exner-finned beauty had it come along 3 months ago. But I like my Bill Mitchell creation quite a bit. Best of luck.

  7. Pete Kaczmarski

    People will be hard to forget the doubling of the price to 5k. Remember happy wife, happy life.

    • JP

      Hey Pete.Unfortunately some wives are never happy no matter how hard you try!

  8. rod444

    I grew up a GMC/Chev/Olds/Cadillac fan and rarely looked at Chrysler or Imperial products. But as I’ve gotten older and gained appreciation for all cars, I’m quite amazed at what Chrysler and Imperial were doing back in the 60’s. THIS was the brand and caliber of car to aspire to, even more than Cadillac.

    Great car John. I’m sure someone will snap it up at that price!

  9. 71FXSuperGlide

    If anyone has seen the Simpson’s episode where Homer designs his own car, this one is a dead ringer for it. LOL

  10. moosie Member

    When my Dad came home with his new 1959 Imperial I remember my Grandfather being almost angry because he thought my Dad was showing off, in my Grand pa’s mind it was showing off because he (Grand pa) was an immigrant and my Dad was first generation American born.

    • Rex Kahrs Member


      Sounds like your Dad worked hard to get the Imperial, and I’m sure your grandfather worked hard to get to America.

      Shame the way hard working immigrants are viewed these days. My Hungarian great-grandparents came here the week WWI broke out, and worked hard their whole lives. Great-grandma was always worried that the authorities would send her back to Hungary. They were in the US for nearly 40 years before they finally applied for citizenship…it was 1954…remember what happened in 1954?

  11. bog

    I remember these from my teenage years, and thought: “WOW” look at those floating head and tail-lights ! But, on a practical side, I also thought: “WOW those are going to be hard to keep clean ! Especially here in Chicagoland. Snow, ice, freezing rain, and mud…and the inevitable potholes to knock things loose. Hope someone in a better clime picks up this beauty !

  12. John Corey

    Folks, thank you for your positive comments and MANY inquiries. I have a buyer, assuming he comes for it Monday (as I expect he will). I am keeping a list of interested respondents, but its too many! I will try to call back each of them (why do I get only phone numbers, and not emails, too???), but there’s a long line ahead of any new responses.
    Thanks again, jc

    • jmolsn Member

      I’ll be there!! Just need to borrow a bigger truck than I have to pull the big girl home!! Cant wait to get her back on the road!!

  13. JimZ Member

    Nice price. But ohhh! That Color!
    Still missing my blue ’60 Imperial…..

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