354 Hemi V8 Desert Find: 1956 Chrysler Imperial

While the Imperial name had been associated with Chrysler since the 1920s, they spun it off as its own make and division in 1955 to better compete with Cadillac and Lincoln. And the first two model years of the… more»

One-Owner Survivor: 1975 Chrysler Imperial

The Imperial was a long-standing brand at Chrysler, dating back to 1926. As the 1970s wore on – especially after gasoline prices shot up after the 1973 OPEC oil embargo – sales had fallen off to the point that… more»

An Imperial Discovery! 1969 LeBaron Barn Find

An Imperial is usually referred to as a Chrysler Imperial and there was a time when it actually was but that ended in 1955 when the Imperial became a separate brand. Nevertheless, old habits die hard and thus the… more»

Rare Luxury: 1966 Chrysler Imperial Convertible

In 1966, The Green Hornet aired on TV for one season, with Bruce Lee playing the Hornet’s sidekick, Kato. Their car? A heavily modified 1966 Imperial Crown sedan, called Black Beauty. This 1966 Imperial Crown convertible isn’t black, but it is a beauty… more»

Todd’s Rods! What’s in the Garage?

Before reading on, take your best guess to identify each of the vehicles visible here! For my 1000th Barnfinds post (and after multiple requests) I’m sharing a glimpse of the current fleet here on Fitch Mountain aka Todd’s Island… more»

Faded Glory: 1955 Imperial Garage Find

Back in 1955, Chrysler decided they needed a new, separate marque to be truly competitive with both Lincoln and Cadillac. While the name “Imperial” had been used on various Chrysler models since 1926, 1955 was the first year it… more»

No Reserve! 1981 Imperial with EFI

The flagship 1981 Imperial mixed retro styling cues with groundbreaking technology. This low-mileage specimen in Fort Lauderdale, Florida comes to market here on eBay in a No Reserve auction that’s enticed at least eight bidders to bump the price… more»

Garage Find: Little Used 1965 Imperial Crown

The Imperial was Chrysler’s weapon in the luxury car segment dominated by Cadillac and Lincoln. While it once carried Chrysler badging, the Imperial was spun off into its own division in 1955. It would continue in this manner until… more»

No Reserve Rarity: 1959 Imperial LeBaron Southampton

Buying a new Imperial LeBaron Southampton in 1959 indicated one of two things. It told the world that you were a success and that you weren’t afraid to use your money to indulge your passion for luxury. Alternatively, it… more»

Fitch’s Folly! Todd’s 1981 Imperial by Chrysler

Life is too short for boring cars! Having to decide *not* to buy an old car once a week comes with the territory here at Barnfinds, and last week, for the first time in three years, I bought one… more»

Driver Quality: 1957 Imperial 2-Door Hardtop

If you’re looking to make a statement, bright red paint on a finned 1950s car is a good way to do it. Throw in the Imperial marque and I’d expect people to take notice. This 1957 Imperial was found… more»

Space Age Classic: 1959 Imperial Custom Coupe

Two of my favorite yet very cheesy sci-fi movies were made in 1959: Plan 9 From Outer Space and Teenagers From Outer Space. If you’ve ever seen one or both of them you know that there is basically no… more»

One Of 119! 1956 Crown Imperial Limousine

What looks like a cross between a Presidential parade vehicle and a mob staff car? An eight-passenger Crown Imperial, C70, four-door limousine like this 1956 example. One of only 119 produced, I believe this is the first one that… more»

Luxury Barn Find: 1960 Imperial Crown Sedan

This 1960 Imperial Crown Sedan was found sitting in this barn, a spot that it had apparently occupied since 1988. It has now been dragged out of hiding and has revealed a few pleasant surprises. It is structurally sound… more»

Cool Hemi Find! 1956 Imperial

I love it when a Barn Finds reader sends in a classified ad for a car I wish I could buy — especially when the price seems reasonable! You can read more about this 1956 Imperial in the Barn… more»

Parked In 1973: 1956 Imperial 4-Door Sedan

Back in 1973, this 1956 imperial 4-Door Sedan was parked in a garage, and that is where it has remained until now. It has emerged and shown itself to be a solid and complete car that is waiting for… more»