EXCLUSIVE: 1962 GMC Suburban

You can add all the technology and performance in the world to a modern SUV, but it still won’t be as cool as Reader Aaron D’s 1962 Suburban! This highly original survivor runs and drives great, has just the right amount of patina and is going to be a conversation starter everywhere it goes. Aaron has decided it’s time to let someone else enjoy it and thought a fellow Barn Finder would love to have it. So be sure to take a closer look at it and send him a message via the form below if you have any questions or would like to make him an offer!

What Makes It Special? Very original and rare unrestored 1962 GMC Suburban in amazing condition.

Body Condition: Body is very nice and rust free (except each fender has small rust spot) underside is rock solid. The paint is original except for the hood that appears to have been replaced at some point. The truck has a few small dents, dings, and small scratches but overall in amazing condition. The chrome, glass, and interior are very nice. This thing is so original that the original window sticker imprinted itself to glass! Placing a white piece of paper against the glass reviles the window sticker.

Mechanical Condition: Has the original 305 V6 and 3 speed on the tree. Runs and drives good. The engine compartment is all original, all there and unrestored.

While there are a few small issues that could be addressed to make this truck nearly perfect, but it looks pretty great as is! Personally, we would leave it as is and just drive the heck out of it. So, what do you think? Would you go ahead and restore it or just hop in as is and go?

  • Asking Price: $20,000
  • Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Title Status: Clean

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  1. Beatnik Bedouin

    Nice looking machine. Hope it finds a loving home…

  2. Art M.

    I like it a lot, and while i wouldn’t want to put that much into it, I have seen much worse for a lot more. Looks to be an honest truck.

  3. Chuckie

    Lovely truck, but that big V6 is a horrific gas-hog. I’d pull the driveline, store it properly, and drop in a more modern engine and transmission.

    • Chris

      My thought exactly, a 5.3 LS with a matching transmission would make this truck outstanding. I have quite a soft spot for these early suburbans.

    • Ken Member

      I’d keep the 305. It’s not the “big” V6; the 351 and up are. If you have to worry about gas mileage, you’ve definitely taken up the wrong hobby.

  4. Camaro Joe

    Beautiful truck, but with the V-6 it probably has at least 4.11 rear end gears so it might be OK around town. But if you get it out on the road, it’s a gas hog. I had a friend who drove a 62 GMC 305/4 speed pickup with a 10′ camper from Western PA to Utah and back. He said he could have flown the family, rented cars, and stayed in five star hotels for what the gas cost.

    I really like it, but it’s going to be a pig to drive. No power steering, power brakes, or A/C. I used to drive 69 Z/28 Camaros with quick ratio manual steering boxes, they were nasty to drive in town. Parallel parking was a real challenge. After a few years I figured out which late 70’s 605 power steering box fit and life has been good since the 1980’s.

    I’d have to give it a better motor, trans, rear end gears and some power options, or it’s a “Drive it a couple miles to the car show and park it vehicle.” I already have a 1943 MB Jeep with a 283 Chevy, 6″ lift kit and 36″ tires that I do that with, so I can’t have another one right now. Even though I want the thing.

  5. Mountainwoodie

    Beautiful truck….Looking in the couch for twenty large!

    Funny enough I saw this in a parking lot last week…..

    • PhiljustPhil

      I’ll contribute the three pennies, two nickels and the quarter I pulled out of mine! I was trying to collect enough for a Loteria ticket but this ‘burban would be a better cause!

  6. Keith

    Cool truck, asking too much for it though. Great truck for a V8 swap.

  7. Rspcharger

    How is it, after all these years, nobody took some solvent to that window?

  8. MotorWinder Member

    Is this correct? A 305 V6 in 1962 ? Something seems off to me…

    • MotorWinder Member

      Well I learnt something today … never heard or seen 305 V6 …
      So fellow Canuks, where these only US available?

  9. Gordy

    Bought a GMC half ton 4×4 in 1961 with the 305 v6, three on tree and 4:56 rear end. Best mileage I could get stock was 5-7 mpg. Added Warn hubs and got one more mpg. Gas then was from .11-..27 a gal.

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