EXCLUSIVE: Pair Of 1963 Ford Galaxie Country Squire XLs

Asking Price: $15,000.00 both cars
Location: Saint Paul, Kansas
Mileage: A lot
Title Status: Clean
VIN: 63Z code 63C code

Seller’s Description: These are two very rare Galaxie XL wagons ie: factory bucket seats and console. Ford made around 400 of these wagons as nearest as I can tell. One is a 352 the other is a 390. I have most of the parts for both cars. I have owned them for 10 years and just want someone to take them and possibly restore them. They both have rust in all of the usual places. I could sell them for a couple grand each for demo cars but I just can’t stand the thought of that happening to the magnum of the 60’s. Maroon car has power windows.

Body Condition: Rusty and not quite as rusty

Mechanical Condition: Not good

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  1. Ike Onick

    Reminds me of the Driver’s Ed movies from the 1960’s. Hope everybody was OK!

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  2. Money Money

    Oh no two wagons for price of 15k.
    Tell me more ….🤪

    Does one of the two have bearer bonds in the glovebox to offset pricing?

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    • Michael Beachner

      Kansas wheat farmer, hmm I think you need to come look at them you may fall in love.

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    • Michael Beachner

      Both have factory console for instance, $500.00 plus on Ebay. That’s a $1000.00 right there. I have most if not all of the stainless trim as well as the bucket seats. The power windows hardware should also be worth a lot of dow too. Maroon car does run but you have to use a fuel can as I do not know of the fuel line or tanks condition. I also have the 300 horse 390 4 barrel on an engine stand.

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  3. mike D

    sorry, the idea of using these for demo cars would make my blood boil if both are fixable, would do that My boy scout leader owned a 63 Country Squire with the 390, he still had the plastic ( bubble wrap looking type cover) It was a pleasure to ride in it , money, and just plain nostalgia so, maybe if I hit the LOtto lots of potential

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  4. Kenneth Carney

    I agree Mike. Both these wagons are savable. Since you already have the factory bucket seats and console in place, I’d build it as some kind of luxorod using a period correct 401 HP 390 or 405 HP 406 mated to a 4-speed transmission. The factory 9″ rear should be able to deal with the torque that either beast of an engine would put out when running properly. If it’s gonna go, it’s gotta whoa so 4-wheel disc brakes with antilock would be mandatory. To turn all that heft, a quick
    ratio power steering would be a must as well. To keep both car and occupants cool, an HD radiator and A/C system would be the order of the day–at least in the 390 equipped car. The other car would be restored as close to original as safety and comfort would allow. That way, you could have your cake and drive it too.
    If both cars are too far gone, then by all means build ’em both as luxorods–one for you, and one for the wife!

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  5. KSwheatfarmer

    I thought Tom Cotter owned the only bucket seat Ford station wagon ever, wrong again, oh well. Big thanks to the owner for not sending them to the derby. Would have to be the most rare 63 model ever if only 400 originally built. First two I’ve ever seen .

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    • Aaron

      Tom Cotter’s was one of the only Country Squires with the 427-manual-bucket seat option… in a ’66 I think?

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      • John V

        Tom Cotter’s car is a 1967 Country Squire with a 428 and 4-speed. In the ’80’s I saw the car in person at our car show when it was a real nice good looking car.

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    • WR Hall

      Many years ago when my Dad had a Neighborhood SERVICE station we would end up with lots junky old cars to drive or junk. Related to these two 63s we had a junker 65 Ford wagon. It was a special car with all sorts of neat factory accessories including bucket seats. Unfortunately it had some major steering problems that I know how to fix now but didn’t then and it was wrecked.

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    • John V

      In 1963 (and only in 1963) Ford offered bucket seats with console as a regular production option in the Country Squire. (I’ve owned 4)
      Also, in 1963 (and only in 1963) Ford offered a 4-speed in wagons as a regular production option. (I own 2)
      Other years these would have been special order items. I know there was a ’68 Squire with bucket seats as well as Tom Cotter’s ’67.

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  6. Renee smith

    Umm… No “demo guy” I ever heard of would pay anywhere near that, for non running cars… The time and money it would take to get them running, to even have them in the demo derby would be a fortune… To turn around and smash them? I don’t see it happening.

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  7. Tom M

    A couple years ago a black 1963 Country Squire went through Barrett Jackson in immaculate condition. It was stunning! They said the owner spent in excess of $200,000 in restoration costs bringing it up to today’s standards mechanically. The owner had passed away and it was being sold by the estate with no reserve. It sold for only $40,000. I wish I could have been there. I would have paid more. The fact though is that they aren’t as desirable as other vehicles, although I really like the 60’s Ford and Chevrolet station wagons.

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  8. Ramon Milano

    5k. maybe in those conditions. GLWS

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