26k Original Miles: 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 Hardtop

This 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 is a fantastic survivor. The owner found it hiding in a Canadian barn and has returned it to a roadworthy state. They have also performed a couple of mechanical upgrades that should make it… more»

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79k Original Miles: 1963½ Ford Galaxie 500 XL

This 1963½ Ford Galaxie 500 XL would look stunning if treated to a cosmetic refresh. However, there is no pressing hurry to do this. It is a rust-free classic that wears its original survivor tag like a badge of… more»

Tri-Power/4-Speed: 1961 Ford Galaxie Starliner

Ford offered the Galaxie Starliner during the 1960 and 1961 model years. Buyers could choose to specify their shiny new toy in any way from mild to wild, and this 1961 model fits at the top end of the… more»

390 Equipped: 1968 Ford Galaxie Country Sedan

This 1968 Ford Galaxie Country Sedan is hiding its light under a bushel. Its exterior shows some scars and minor rust issues, but below the surface is a classic wagon with a tidy interior and a drivetrain that has… more»

28k Original Miles: 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL

This 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL has spent most of its life in Texas, so it is no surprise to learn that it is a rust-free survivor. With only 28,000 miles showing on its odometer, it seems that no-one… more»

Tri-Power 406 V8: 1960 Ford Starliner

Ford brought out the Starliner for 1960-61 as the fastback version of their Galaxie line of full-size cars. With its expansive glass and thin roof pillars, Chevy would copy the look in 1961-62 first with the Impala, then the… more»

32K Mile Survivor! 1967 Ford Galaxie 500

I have covered both ’66 and ’68 Ford Galaxies (my favorite) and now today we have an in-betweeny in the form of a ’67 for review. It is listed as a one-owner car but the seller is not identified… more»

Original Survivor: 1964 Ford Galaxie 500

The owner of this 1964 Galaxie 500 says that you will struggle to find a nicer one on the market today. When you look across the entire vehicle, it is hard to argue with this claim. It is said… more»

Single Family Owned 1963 Ford Galaxie

It isn’t unusual to find a classic car that has belonged to the same person for an extended period. However, finding one that has been part of the same family for more than half a century is a bit… more»

1-Of-1,038: 1963 Ford Galaxie Q-Code 427 4-Speed

Horsepower wars began well before the “classic muscle car.” Typified in the 1964 GTO, the Classic Muscle Car can be narrowly defined as a dedicated performance package utilizing the engine from a full-sized car in a mid-sized body. Of… more»

No Reserve: 1967 Ford Galaxie 500 LTD

If the owner’s claim is accurate, then this 1967 Galaxie 500 LTD wears all of its original paint. It has been garage-kept for its whole life and gets used for a spot of weekend cruising. After 5-years of ownership,… more»

No Reserve: 1963 Ford Galaxie 500XL Convertible

I think for most, the prospect of dropping the top in a vintage convertible has allure. It certainly does for me, anyway. This 1963 Ford Galaxie 500XL convertible appears to be an appealing way to do that. It was… more»

Interceptor 390: 1963 1/2 Ford Galaxie P-Code

More than once, Ford updated a model midway through the model year, giving us greats like the ’63½ Falcon, the ’64½ Mustang, and the 1963½ Galaxie like this one. The Galaxie saw a number of changes with this mid-year… more»

390-Powered 1969 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible!

Now a thing of the past, the full-size convertible was a mainstay for American automobile manufacturers for a decade plus. They were the car of choice for many 1960s and 1970s TV dads, so if you’ve ever aspired to… more»

Original Z-Code: 1963 Fords Galaxie 500 XL Hardtop Fastback

Occasionally a classic car will appear and it is hard to determine exactly what its strongest attribute is. That is the case with this 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 XL Hardtop. What you are looking at here is what is… more»

Parked In 1976: 1960 Ford Galaxie Starliner

Cars such as this 1960 Ford Galaxie Starliner offer really interesting styling, with narrow roof pillars and wide expanses of glass. This Starliner is a solid car that needs little more than a cosmetic restoration, and if returned to… more»