EXCLUSIVE: Our 1964 Dodge Dart Hot Rod!

UPDATE – Our Dart sold within a day for full asking price. Thanks Jim!

If you follow the site then this Dart might look familiar. That’s because it’s one of my cars! You can read more about the day we bought it here. Unfortunately, it’s time to thin the herd now. This thing was a base model 170, but it left the factory with a 273 V8, 4-speed manual, and a Hurst shifter! If that doesn’t make it cool enough, the previous owner fitted a 360 V8, suspension, and brakes from a newer Dart. It’s located in Boise, Idaho and I’m asking $4k. Click here to view more photos and please use the form below to ask questions or make offers.

We didn’t have to do much to make this one a driver. Four new tires replaced the cracked front and studded rear rubber. Mechanically everything seemed fine, but it did need some cosmetic attention. After a little cleaning and polishing the paint shines again and the interior is bearable.

It still needs some new seat covers, a dash pad, and the headliner installed. We have a new one, but never got around to installing it. The windshield was badly cracked when we bought it, but luckily we were able to find a replacement here locally. You can see the Hurst shifter, tach, oil pressure gauge in this shot.

As you can see, there is some rust in the rear quarters. We haven’t found any other major cancer though. The paint and body definitely aren’t perfect, but I really hope the next owner leaves the exterior alone. It has an awesome look to it just the way it is. I’ll probably regret letting this one go because it’s not everyday you find an affordable V8-powered manual shift Mopar!

Here’s a short walkaround video of the car. This thing has an awesome presence and I’m sure the next owner will have a lot of fun with it. You might want to that open diff though unless you’re okay with huge one wheel peels…

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  1. Gunner

    I like it Jesse, but I already have 1 Mopar in the garage, and no room or money for another! And I am also here in the beautiful City of Trees! :-)

  2. gerry Member

    Finally one I could afford if it wasn’t for the high shipping cost to Japan .
    I hope the next owner keeps the look going and just does the interior work

  3. Blindmarc

    Wish I could afford it. I have a LD340 intake sitting in my attic gathering dust. The 360 is a very easy build to get 400 hp at the tires. The only hard part is finding a “489” case posi from a junkyard nowadays. Great A- body!!!!!!!

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      With that intake and posi, this thing would be about perfect!

  4. Sam

    Very cool! I was next to a white 4dr “64 today at a stoplight…slant 6…

  5. dgrass

    Very cool, thank you for sharing, and GLWS.

  6. KeithK

    Uh oh Jesse . Thinning the herd may get you tagged as a flipper. Nastier words are spoken here like “patina” and “one owner ” I love it. Here’s a test. If it breaks your heart to sell it you may not be a flipper. Personally, I’m jealous you have a herd.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      I’d like to keep all my cars, but Uncle Sam and the State of Idaho want their fair share by April 15th.

      • Carl Burger

        From Carl Burger. I liked it but you sold it to someone else

  7. Bruce

    oh man… Why can’t I live close to Idaho? I’m on the other side of the damn country. I’d buy that thing in 2 seconds! I’d go thru the engine, put posi in, maybe some slicks on the back, and leave ALL the cosmetics alone.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      You could always have it shipped! Lots of interest, but no one has committed yet.

  8. terry

    Someone please buy this before I make my wife very mad.

  9. olddavid

    Damn. I am heading to Utah via I-84 in a month, too. However, were I to add one more car to the fleet it had better be a motorhome as I will need a new place to sleep. You are a fair man, offering a decent runner at a good price. The Swap Meet in Portland is coming. Park it over at Lowe’s with a phone number and it will leave for cash in 24 hours. For that matter, we have a newly remodeled basement we let out on AirBnB, complete with a fellow gearhead upstairs that you could use for the time, and within 2 miles of the Expo Center.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      That’s really nice of you David! I think it will be sold by the end of the day though. Thanks!

      • Scott

        Jesse, one of the best blank Mopar canvas ever, a car you can do a lot with at a reasonable expense. And a great platform to build on without feeling guilty, and let your imagination go wild and see where this it ended up, talk about the ultimate sleeper. With three years left at the railroad I just can’t put another car into that equation right now.
        But thanks for sharing Jesse.

      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

        Thanks Scott! It’s a really cool car and I had big plans for it. Wish things would have worked out to keep it.

  10. Chuck Foster 55chevy Chuck Foster

    Trade a TR8, TR7 parts car, and $2,000? Very tempting, I don’t remember seeing one around here at the big car shows here on the Gulf coast.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Nice offer Chuck, but I need to cash to pay taxes. Thanks though!

  11. Vince

    Nice ride.I am working on a 65 dart 270 these old darts are really cool

  12. erikj

    Jesse, I,m only in Spokane and a big A body fan, and A very avid b/f follower. I so wish I could at least make a drive to look at this and meet you folks. I think this valiant is a really great car and wish I had decent room for it.Great price as well.
    Is it ever possible to do a meet and greet with you folks! no worries, I just love what you do!! Fellow car dude. erikj

  13. Jake

    The original seats must not have held up well. Those aren’t the 64 buckets. Not sure what they’re from. My 64 didn’t have the original front seats either, mine were out of a Pacer

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      You’re right. I mentioned that in the video. It may have come with a bench? I wanted to source seats out of a Dodge van like the old drag racers used to do.

  14. Scott

    Nothing says Mopar like plaid seats out of a pacer!! Isn’t that against the law? If it’s not it should be!!
    Sorry Jake I couldn’t resist.

  15. Ed Member

    Wow I love it and I have never seen a V8 four speed in one that left the factory that way Great price to I would put a new interior and leave the rest as is

  16. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    SOLD! It went for full price within a day. Thanks Jim!

  17. Blindmarc

    Someone got a great deal on a desirable car!

  18. Shawn Hayes

    Hi, If you don’t mind me asking, How much did the Dart go for? Thank You

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      It sold for fill price as mentioned multiple times above.

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