EXCLUSIVE: 1967 Ford Mustang Survivor!

This pretty 1967 Ford Mustang was purchased by the seller to use as a classic cruiser, with its ideal blend of steady six-cylinder power, excellent colors, and documented history among two previous owners from the same family. The Mustang is unexpectedly up for sale as the seller has set his sights on a track car project and space and cash are needed. The Mustang comes with its original Protect-O-Plate and virtually no rust, even on the frame rails – damn impressive for an Ohio vehicle. The asking price is $14,250 and mileage is noted as 57,119.

The irony for me about six-cylinder Mustangs is the most recent models tend to catch flack from enthusiasts, being labeled hair stylist’s cars and want not. But then when you realize how few vintage six-cylinder models remain in condition like this one, it dawns on you that not nearly as many people are preserving and restoring these things as there are highly preserved Mach 1s and other V8 models. And look, I get it, everyone wants a screamer, but there’s a ton of enjoyment to be gleaned from a classic coupe that’s just a great cruiser. This one fits the bill, with excellent paint and a body that shows no evidence of major cosmetic flaws. Wire hubcaps and mudflaps complete the cruiser look.

The interior looks like a very nice place to spend time, with clean carpets, un-ripped upholstery, and a beautiful dash. The aftermarket radio is a distraction, but it’s not currently hooked up and could be an easy swap back to a more period correct unit. The interior colors are noted as light ivory gold which contrasts nicely with the dark moss green exterior. I love the simplicity in Mustang interiors of this era, with no console going down the middle floor – just your shifter assembly, two buckets, and the road in front of you. The seller notes the gas gauge isn’t working, which occurred after the old fuel was drained out of the tank.

The engine bay appears quite clean and neat, and while some may be disappointed to not see a big, honkin’ V8 under the hood, that would defeat the purpose of a car that’s this well-preserved. This Mustang should be enjoyed at a light simmer, not a full boil, and as an added bonus, look at all that space to work in! The seller has addressed a few helpful maintenance items, including a recent tune-up, refreshed brakes including repacked bearings, and the carburetor has been rebuilt. Likely due to it being sold new in a region with a winter season, the Mustang is equipped with the cold weather intake in which the water pumps through the base of the carburetor then into the heater core.

The underbody shots really tell the story here, as the Mustang looks impressively clean for a non-restored car. The gallery photos below show a variety of different angles of the frame rails and underbody shots, and there’s not even any significant surface rust to note. My daily driver is 44 years newer and has way more surface rust on the suspension components than this Mustang does. While the Mach 1s and 289s will always thrill, this classic six-cylinder cruiser is sure to spark plenty of enjoyment – so leave comments or questions below for the seller if you would like to learn more.

  • Asking Price: $14,250
  • Location: Elyria, OH
  • Mileage: 57,119
  • Title Status: Clean

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  1. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    Very nice car, very reasonable price!
    I’d own it in a minute if I’d been born a little rich instead of maybe good-looking…and that’s always been a point to debate according to an ex or 3..


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  2. KSwheatfarmer

    Clean and green,beautiful car, just some thing inherently so right about a properly tuned six cylinder, the sound is so distinctly different than a v-8.Agree with Jeff,these could end up being more rare than the big engine fast back models.So original,hope it stays that way.

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  3. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Thanks Jeff for a good write-up. I agree, this is a nice car which makes for a perfectly good cruiser. The period-correct colors are particularly attractive. I get the desire for the high-performance models, but if you are looking for a more (now) rare and unique car, and a car which more average folks remember and can relate to, go for a base model.

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  4. Del

    Nice car. Well cared for.

    Too bad about the engine.

    For my tastes a pony needs a few more horses , if you see my point 🐎🐴

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  5. Mark S.

    My brother had a ’67 like this he bought from Colorado. It was a very solid car, a blast to drive. Had a 302 w/ a slush bucket tho.
    This car is beautiful, a rare find indeed up here in the rust belt. I don’t know if a three-speed manual was ever an option for these but would have been lot more fun. I even love the color.

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    • Dusty Rider

      I think they made a 3 and a 4 speed for the 6 cylinder models.

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  6. JoeNYWF64

    I would think there would be even more scorn if it was a FASTBACK with a 6 cyl, especially the rare ’69-73s!

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  7. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Nicely preserved car with an attractive color combination. I don’t know if I’d agree with Jeff on the six cylinder models being scarce. I see quite a few offered for sale on various sites and clean ones in similar condition are priced in the $12,000 to $15,000 range. This gem is just like a ’66 Mustang I had; same drivetrain with a similar interior, the only difference being mine had the semi-bucket seat bench. It was my daily driver back in the early ’80s, dependable with reasonable performance and pretty good mpg (27 mpg highway). I liked it a lot and it has the honor of being the only car I ever got a speeding ticket in (so far!). Considering I had more than my fair share of fast cars, that tells me it’s better to be lucky than good.

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  8. TimM

    Very nice, super clean and there are plenty of pictures!!! Take note sellers on the proper way to list your car for sale!!!! Price isn’t bad either!!!

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  9. David Ulrey

    This is a real question and undoubtedly the answer is somewhere on the internet but I had this question come to mind while reading about this one. Would a 4.9 aka the 300 straight 6 go in one of these or would it be just as much work as transplanting a sbf in? Nothing against the small 6’s these had but I really like the 300 much better.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      I know the 292 chevy straight 6 is taller than the 194/230/250 & the 292 would not clear the factory camaro hood. & it still has the silly 1 barrel carb & ridiculous intake & exhaust manifolds.
      Not sure about the ford 300 & the mustang hood.
      Any mustang or chevy strait 6 would benefit from an aftermarket 4 barrel intake, & headers, though an offenhauser intake would be approx $350. Yet then the exhaust might be too noisy & possibly annoying & you might kill the mpg. I would just 1st try fitting a turbo muffler in place of the factory one. & a taller air filter & electronic ignItion & Platinum plugs. & maybe a rear end gear change.

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      • David Ulrey

        I had an 84 F250 4×4 with a 300 6cyl in it and a 4spd granny tranny. Pretty decent power and not bad on gas for what it was. My son had a 77 F100 2wd with the 300 and a 3spd. It too was nice and had good power. That’s why I’m curious about it in a car like this. I don’t for one second think everything has to have a V8, it’s just that I really like and am impressed with the 300. Also in 1976 I had a 66 Mustang coupe with the factory 6 and automatic like this one’s drive train. The car was clean, only had 56k miles and ran smooth as silk but it was just way to lackluster for me. I don’t need a car to do burnouts at the drop of a hat or rule the road, I just wasn’t impressed with it. Had it a year and never warmed up to it.

      • TimM

        My 82 ford van had a 300 six in it!! I also had an 84 with a 302 in it at the same time!! Both were three speed manual transmissions!! Anyone that worked for me always wanted to take the 82 over the 84!! I asked a couple of guys why they liked the six better they both said it handled better and was better in the snow!!!

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  10. Bob C.

    Big deal if it’s a six banger. When was the last time you saw the underside of a Mustang of this vintage looking that good?

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  11. Jay E.

    I’d go day 2. A 305hp v6 from a 2012 would slot right in for around 2k. A nice set of Crager ss and BFG T/a would be a wonderful period car on a budget and could be switched back. Yea, its a 6 cylinder…

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    • David Ulrey

      I love your idea just too much work for my tastes. Lol. I’ve helped a friend do a newer into older swap. I have absolutely nothing against fuel injection, love it actually but the stuff he went through with wiring and sensors and this, that, and the other thing didn’t ring my bell. If you have the ability then cool. If you have money to have a good shop do it right then cool. I unfortunately do not have either. A 300 six I could put in, probably be some hassle and fabrication involved but I’m pretty sure I could do it, a sbf I could put in. Even a stand alone fuel injection unit I can do on an old school engine. I love your idea and truthfully it would be a really cool and unique car. But sadly it would be out of my league. :(

  12. Matt ivancic

    I am the owner of the car. With the holiday weekend I did not know it posted till a few hours ago. First off I would like to thank the site for their write up and providing a forum for me to sell my car. Also thank you, to everyone who has posted comments about the car. As I said before, I am selling this car due to racing and only having time for one or the other so cruising lost. The car is a very good car and would like to see it go to a good home with someone who will have the time to drive and appreciate this vehicle. Any questions please feel free to post them here or send them through the site directly to me. Also letting everyone know the price is an (or best offer).

  13. Johnny

    I,d leave it like it is. My uncle bought one new. At Kraft Ford in Richwood,W.Va. It had the 390 hp -4 speed and teal green in and out. Geared for 200 mph. Only one I seen with a 200 mph. Has anyone else seen one?

  14. John

    Is this Mustang still available? If yes, couldowner email a short video of interior/exterior with engine running thanx email: ires88888@gmail.com

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