EXCLUSIVE: 1967 Pontiac GTO Sport Coupe

Update 9/17/2018 – Amie has let me know that they have decided to drop the price of her Father’s GTO to $30,000!

For many muscle car enthusiasts, the Pontiac GTO is the holy grail of finds. While there are lots of clones and fully restored examples on the market, you don’t find many unrestored examples that still run. Well, Holly K was left with her late husband’s 1967 GTO Sports Coupe and the time has come to let it go. This 400 cui V8 4-speed car has seen one repaint, but is otherwise original and looks great! It’s located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is ready to head to its next owner. Her daughter Amie is helping her with communications, so if you are interested, be sure to message Amie via the form below.

Price: $30,000
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mileage: 85,900
Title Status: Clean
VIN: 242177P310338

Seller’s Description: My dad was only the 2nd owner. He bought it when he was around 20 years old. His joke was always “I’ve had that car longer than both my wives!” Haha. It’s always been garage kept, didn’t get much use. He only took it out a couple times a year in nice weather. Everything is original besides the paint. He got it painted after he bought it. It’s a little more gold than the original color. My dad died a few years ago and my mom doesn’t want it just sitting. She’d rather have someone enjoy it and take it to car cruises and what not.

Body Condition: The body is excellent and has received one quality repaint in its past. It has minor surface rust around the tail lights but is otherwise rust free.

Mechanical Condition: The 400 cui V8 and 4-speed are the matching numbers originals. It runs fine and has new tires, so it’s driveable.

Here’s a breakdown of the VIN.
1st digit – Division – 2 = Pontiac
2nd & 3rd digits – Series: 42 = GTO (1966-71)
4th & 5th digits – Body Code: 17 = 2-door coupe
6th digit – Model Year: 7 = 1967
7th digit – Assembly plant P = Pontiac, MI
Last 6 digits – Production sequence starting at 600001
at all plants, except V8 models which started at 100001 = 310338

The body style code of 17 makes this car one of just 7,062 GTO Sport Coupes built. It looks fantastic and could be ready to enjoy with minimal work. If you have any questions or want to make an offer, be sure to message Amie!

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  1. Dean

    50K…I dunno, but the body and interior look good AND no red heater hoses..GLWS

    • Steve R

      Unfortunately it looks like sentimentality is a factor in this cars price. The rust in the taillight panel throws into question the quality of the cars previous bodywork. It’s missing the heater hoses, which suggests maintenance might not have been a top priority. This car would need to be perfect to justify the asking price. I hope they can eventually sell the car, but it’s priced well above market.

      Steve R

  2. JeffM

    FIFTY GRAND?? Sorry, it’s a cool old car, but no. It’s not worth even half that to me.

    • Ace

      I’m sure the if you are really in the market for a nice 4 speed GTO you would throw out an offer I contacted seller to find out how they came up with price that is insured value so I have a bid in hopefully mine will be best offer.


    I have a nut and bolt rotisserie restored 65′ GTO you could eat chocolate cake off the frame and it would be delicious. 50K would be a lot for it. 20k for this one is too much. GTO’s are great, and this car is cool, but the price on this one is way out in left field.

  4. JimmyJ

    Another way overpriced BFexclusive
    I agree with Steve MAYBE if it was perfect.

  5. Max

    Very Stupid asking prices lately !!

    • Superdessucke

      And many stupid buyers to go with it! The market will cool because I have just a minor hunch that Millennials currently using Uber, rented scooters, and fixed gear bicycles to tool around various big cities are probably not going to pay the same prices for these cars that Boomers with fat 401ks are paying. Again, just a hunch here.

      Hopefully this seller finds one of our flush elders looking for a last hurrah and can be rid of it before the crash. GLWTS.

  6. Jimmy

    Nice but not 50K nice and this is one of my favorite years of GTOs.

  7. Miguel

    Have GTOs really reached the 50K mark?

    • Brian K

      For a pristine show car possibly. 35K can get you a nice driver that’s better than this one listed.

    • Barzini

      Ram Air III/VI and Judges break $50K all the time. For a 1967, it would usually have to have a HO engine and nearly perfect body.

  8. jw454

    I bought one in triple black when it was 7 years old with the same drive train. It ran out of gas twice on the seven mile trip home the day I bought it. It had issues to say the least. This one is a nice looking car but, the price is about 20K too high. Definitely has the sentimental value stirred in to it.

  9. 86 Vette Convertible

    Sorry, even with a 4 speed it’s not a $50K car IMO. Best of luck is the best I can do here, it’s a nice looking car but not worth that kind of $$ in the current condition.

  10. Robert Sabatini

    I watched a ’66 GTO go for 76K at Barrett-Jackson, and a ’67 go for 72K as well…

    • Superdessucke

      BJ auctions are a different ball of wax. More showboating, generally more pristine cars than this.

      • Rod444

        Barrett Jackson has a rich old guy’s ‘pissing contest’ + ‘my trophy wife is younger than yours’ 33% buyers premium added in to the final price.

  11. Bill

    Manual Brakes, no A/C or heat the way it sits. If it has rust aroung tail lights it more than likely has rust around rear window and others also. The car is from Pennsylvania. Lots of winter salts.
    Way over priced for market.

  12. Mike

    Exactly. These aren’t selling for that price fully restored. In very rare instances are muscle car selling very high. The market is gone now for these cars. It’s now moved toward early European cars. And specific ones at that.

  13. Jimmy

    A fellow car cruise buddy just bought a 67 GTO 389 / 4 speed from the original owner in Kansas with mid 50K miles and all it needed was a repaint which he is doing now. He paid 17K for it.

    • Brian K

      That’s not the original motor but 17k is a damn good price even if it’s not matching numbers.

      • Jimmy

        @Brian, yes I was mistaken on the whole motor thing. I talked to him last night and he said it was a 455 and that didn’t concern him as he just wanted it because he had one in high school. He already has a restored 67 Camaro and a Prowler he bought new.

    • Rick Rothermel

      Worst issue I see is in the VIN decoding. Explanation says it’s a sedan when clearly its a hardtop.

      • Thomas Labbie

        That’s the first thing that caught my eye is that there was no pillar between the front and rear side windows which makes it a Sport Coupe.

    • Utes

      @ Jimmy…..
      Too bad your bud’s ’67 doesn’t have its original motor. NO 389’s in ’67….or 421’s for that matter.

  14. Chris Kennedy

    First, this is just my opinion, a seller can ask whatever they want. As mentioned, some people have more money then sense!
    This car sports an original interior, the engine looks like it hasn’t been touched.

    The paint looks decent except for the incorrect gold ( too gold in my opinion for the car’s body lines) and I wouldn’t discredit the body works quality, simply for the rust around the tail lights.

    As a retired bodyman with a 40+ year carrier, back in the day, it was very common to mask all the chrome, not like today where a full paint job requires that the car be blown apart.

    True, sentiment may be the reason for the high price tag BUT, try not to fault the son. Maybe if it doesn’t sell, he will be the one enjoying it!

    Maybe the 50K is the number, that justifies his letting it go?


    • wuzjeepnowsaab

      Well said, sir. That aside, seller should expect to get some heat posting it into the internet pool at that price…’course my hat’s off to him because I think he really wants to keep it and drive it and that’s why it’s listed at a non-selling number

  15. Patrick

    I would be willing to bet they would take a best offer.


    Read the ad guys. It’s the daughter selling the car not a son.

  17. Brian K

    I’d respectfully pass. Paint isnt correct plus I see rust. White is hit or miss for interior colors. Love the 4 speed though. You can easily find a 35k car in cleaner shape. Look around. They are out there.

  18. Alexander

    Rusty car in Pittsburg? I’d run a magnet up and down that car and put it on a lift. No way to avoid it after this much time has passed unless, of course, the body man was thorough or the car was Ziebarted. Even then, the price of entry for this ol’ Goat seems a tad dreamy.

  19. Bill

    Stationed out in Southern California in early 70s a buddy had almost identical car and it overheated right: that’s what that one engine picture reminds me of plus for 50k it should have air conditioning… I’m sorry for their loss and good luck.
    Bill in Florida

  20. Tom

    67 s came with the 400 not a 389. Bought mine off the floor in May 67 😁W/ factory air. $3914.00 P/S P/B. My re-enlistment bonus. Still have it in the family. Oldest son born in 67 claimed it. Before the others had a chance

    • Brian K.

      What color Tom? Sounds like a nice car.

  21. cragar78

    Something doesn’t seem right here. The VIN on the data plate indicates this should be a Sports Coupe(17), but the car in the pictures is a Hardtop(37). A Sports Coupe would have a B pillar and a thick chrome frame around the door windows. There should be a VIN place in the left door hinge area to compare to.

    • Mike Cortes

      That’s the first thing I noticed because I have a 67 sports coupe. As soon as I saw the pics I was thinking , that’s no sport Coupe.

  22. Darren

    50k ?? Nice car but if this is 50 k what does a royal bobcat or something of that GTO variety go for then??

  23. Eric_13cars Eric_10cars Member

    I’m curious. My mom had a 1967 LeMans convertible (red, black top, buckets, woodgrain console, replacement 400ci engine). The rear tail lights on her 67 were 3 small squares on each side. I thought that the lights on the instance car above were from the 66 models. Did Pontiac really provide different rear metal for the LeMans and GTO? I thought that the differences were purely mechanical with minor cosmetic changes. Anyone know?

  24. Jimmy

    I know on the 66 & 67 model years the Lemans were the taillights your mom had and the 67 GTO had taillights such as these and 66 had ones similar to these but I think they didn’t have the split of metal in the middle of each taillight.

    • Brian Konon

      67 had 4 defined slits on each side. The 66 GTO had rear edges that rolled up. The taillights were 3 long slits on each side that were less defined if I remember.

  25. Hk

    This was put on the site from advice to not try to sell to friends or local. Yes we are partial and don’t really want to sell but like my daughter said we don’t want it to sit. Someone should be fixing it up more and enjoying it. I appreciate the feedback . I thought maybe, the price was alittle high but they suggested , on here , to list for that.

    • Steve R

      Good luck with the sale. I hope it goes to a good home.

      Steve R

    • cragar78

      I would still be curious to find out what’s going on the with VIN indicating this is Sports Coupe, but the car appears to be a Hardtop. Were you able to compare to the VIN that is located in the driver’s door hinge area? The following website has some excellent information and pictures that would be helpful.


  26. Suttree

    Price dropped to $30,000. Is that more like it?

    • Jimmy

      I think so for a second owner 67 GTO with a non factory paint job. Fix or replace the tail panel and repaint to original color if you wish and you have a nice factory GTO.

  27. Bill

    This is a Hard Top not a Sport Coupe. Sport Coupes have a “B” pillar or so often called “2 Door Post”! Just saying!
    Way over priced for condition!

    • Hk

      Thank you for the info . My daughter and her friend searched and we weren’t sure of the model. Just going with what we thought. We listed on here to see what interest there may be. And then site said to start there. We dropped price to the $30,000. And appreciate the feed back . We will consider offers if thete is an interest. Thanks HK


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