EXCLUSIVE: 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge Tribute

From The Seller: This numbers Matching Pontiac was purchased from the estate of the original Texas owner! Body-off Resto & upgrade to Judge and better chassis spec. Original Pontiac 400 stored properly, goes with the car. The engine currently fitted is a Pontiac 455, small stroke, now measures 463 in, turbo 400 trans built up to handle extra torque, Edelbrock aluminum heads, careful balance & blueprint, the motor has MSD 6AL Ignition & MSD Atomic Fuel Injection. Auburn Gear – cone type position-trac fitted to original GM diff. Factory a/c converted to R134a operation & works pretty decent, in the front seat, with top-down. PROBLEM areas – “Endura” ft bumper has paint checking in a couple of areas. Will need tires soon and we have never had the original 14” Rallye wheels. The car had Some pretty decent Craiger SS wheels & bias-ply tires when we bought it. We used 16” ‘99 TransAm take off’s to update, set up and drive the car, but #1 son has smoked a fair amount off them in the approx 6500 miles since we put it back on road. We are fitting new carpets and extra soundproofing right now. We had the original seats out of the car, they were showing their age. unfortunately, the trim shop that had them closed up, so our original seats are gone. I fitted a couple of aftermarket seats from Summit, so we could still drive when we want to. I have located a set of OE seats that need only covers and some of the padding. I have more pictures if need be, first time, in a long time for me to list one of our old cars, for sale or trade. I can reduce my asking price by 10-15K, if I refit the original 400. I would also consider trades – looking for a 69 or 70 Firebird, prefer a rust-free convertible.

  • Asking Price: $56,750
  • Location: Dallas, Texas
  • Mileage: Approx 54,000 since new (6,500 since resto)
  • Title Status: Clean
  • VIN: 242679R187257

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  1. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Now that’s one bright Poncho! Wish all the best on the sale.

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  2. Don H

    The wheels on it look like 💩

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  3. jerry z

    $57K? I guess that’s the not for sale price.

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  4. Djbartu

    FWD wheels?

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    • Ralph

      They’re 4th gen Firebird wheels.

  5. Nick P

    Soooo, the numbers matching engine reduces the price? Yes please. And rally II’s are a dime a dozen. Please someone rescue this car from this guy. No interior pics but I’m guessing the seats from summit are incorrect and hideous as well.

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  6. Sam61

    Don’t want to be too judge-mental but this looks like a tribute to bad judge-ment. The judge rules guilty of bad taste.

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  7. Skorzeny

    What is going on with that right front wheel? Bad ball joint? Bad alignment? AND GET THOSE WHEELS OFF THAT CAR!!

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  8. CCFisher

    This seems like a scam. The pics are all photos of printed photos. Does the car even exist? If so, the seller needs to step it up if he/she expects to get anything close to the asking price.

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  9. Stangalang

    I’m amazed at what some people will put in a for sale ad..asking that kinda money for a car and at least telling the truth about the son rawdoggin the thing..🤔 makes me wonder

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  10. JOHN Member

    Almost $57k? That is the “sure honey, I’ll put the car up for sale” price…

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  11. Mark m.

    Yes dislike old nice cars with new look wheels, never liked and Jeff Foose cars he redid, all lowered and new rims.ruin the look of a true muscle car. In my opinion.

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  12. Steve Bush Member

    Agree with the others about the ugly wheels and the terrible pics. Also, is this even a real GTO? Maybe some of you can help. I put the VIN in the ad (13 characters) into the Pontiac decoder and it said the VIN should have 17 characters.

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  13. Steve R

    VIN`s used 13 digits until 1981, from that point forward 17 digits were used. You would need to contact PHS to find verify how the car was built.

    Steve R

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  14. JOHN Member

    Regarding the VIN, 242 is the model, GTO, 67 is the convertible body, R is the Arlington TX plant, the remaining numbers are the vehicle serial number. It is a real GTO based on the VIN, assuming it hasn’t been cloned. PHS will tell you a wealth of information about the car, including the options that were installed at the factory. The price of this car is way out line, you could find a fairly decent real Judge if you look hard enough for that kind of money. And $10-15k off if he reinstalls the original motor? You can buy a turn-key Butler Performance 461 for $14k brand new. Even $15k off the price puts it at almost $42k, you can easily find a pretty nice original 69 GTO convert for that kind of money.

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  15. Bultaco

    This is just a ‘69 GTO convertible with the nice option of AC, and a bunch of mods of questionable taste that would be appropriate for a resto mod build of an unrestorable hulk, but not for a decent GTO convertible. He basically wants $40k with the original engine. It’ll take another $10k to put the car right (stock wheels and appropriate tires, correct seats, repaint to original color, etc.). This assumes there’s no rust or crash damage or bodged old repairs. Unless you really like this car the way it is, there are plenty of nice, original GTO convertibles for about $20k less.

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  16. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Have to agree with the previous comments regarding this Goat. Way over-priced for what it is, especially when you consider the money needed to put this car right. Also, for the kind of money the seller wants, he should have put a little more effort into the pictures he provided. These crappy images don’t help. Not sure what it’s worth as-is, but I know it’s not worth the ask.

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  17. TimM

    The wheels look like there off a Toyota or some other modern type of cheap alloy wheel!! Ditch that junk!! Overall it’s not a bad looking ride!!

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  18. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    I wouldn’t open my wallet for $50 given just out of focus photos of someone’s project. What the hell does it look like now? I don’t think any of the photos were taken recently. For the ask, a professional photographer and videographer might have been employed to parlay the best buck.

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  19. bikefixr

    Maybe this guy missed Barret. This car need thousands of dollars in work and he’s asking #1 car money. Barret had superior cars for $40K. This is a rolling mistake with bad decisions throughout and some dubious execution. And lets call a spade a spade: Tribute = FAKE. Go print some $100 “tribute” bills and see what that gets you.

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  20. v

    so i guess that a tribute gto with china sheet metal is better than oem original lemans or gto sheet metal. i would like to know how much it would cost to get this car back to factory specs. who ever started tribute cars they are ruining perfectly nice plain cars. i always thought the lemans option was nicer than the gto option. i would love to see a tribute tempest or a tribute lemans. actually i would prefer an original lemans or tempest. and dont forget there were no 65 lemans or 65 tempests, there were only gto’s made that year. sorry for the sarcasm…

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  21. Ralph

    Why does this car look like one of those pieced together Cuban cars that are running around the island with mix and match pars from other cars?

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  22. v

    those are 99 grand prix wheels just like the ones i want to put on my 73 trans am. now thats sarcasm…the front wheel probably needs control arm bushings. the chinese stuff is not to reliable

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  23. v

    doesn’t anyone buy a car just to keep any more. wonder how much they paid. did they nickle and dime the previous owner knowing the guy probably needed the cash? for sale something for nothing. maybe got it for 18,000 being it is a clone and convincing the seller its lesser value. . now its 57,000. for 57,000 this car should need nothing and the underside should be just as pretty. is it that hard to clone a supposed original engine with todays technology?

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  24. Nick P

    Also, I am confused why this is referred to as a judge clone. It doesn’t have a ram air engine, or even badging. It’s not carousel red or even a factory color from 69. It’s just an ugly gto convertible.

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  25. George Mattar

    72,000 GTOs built in 1969. Keep looking. For this money, I can buy a real one.

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    • JOHN Member

      It’s a real one based on the VIN, just not a real good one!

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  26. Bill

    Don’t you just love the trash bins in the background lmbo, curbside pickup Please

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  27. Steve1957

    Every time I see this picture, it looks like it’s got two miniature power plant cooling towers in the back seat. Kinda crazy.

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